Bo Ra! Deborah K-Drama: Episode 13 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Bo Ra! Deborah K-Drama: Episode 13. Bo-Ra takes a look at the group photo. She finds out that Su-Hyeok was in the photo with her. Su-Hyeok calls Bo-Ra. She tells him that she has known they met before.

Bo-Mi Is Pregnant

Bo Ra! Deborah

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Bo Ra! Deborah K-Drama: Episode 13.

Bo-Ra asks Su-Hyeok why he called her. He tells her to call him when she needs a hug. She calls him when she’s going to on the air. She asks him to comfort her because she’s nervous. But he thinks she can resolve the problem on her own.

Bo-Ra receives the flowers. She feels happy because she thinks the flowers were given by Su-Hyeok. She thinks he didn’t forget his promise. Ju-Wan tells Bo-Ra that he won’t give up her girlfriend when she’s on the air. She gets off the elevator. He’s waiting for her.

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Bo-Ra tries to leave with the flowers. Ju-Wan stops her. He asks her to get together with him. She leaves with him. Su-Hyeok sees Bo-Ra getting in Ju-Wan’s car when he arrives at PNB Radio. He takes a look at the flowers in his car.

Bo-Ra meets with Ju-Wan at the cafe. He asks her if she likes his flowers. She’s surprised that the flowers were given by him. He claims that he’s her number one fan. He admits that he was a terrible boyfriend. She tells him not to put what she said into his mind because she was in anger.

But Ju-Wan thinks he should apologize to Bo-Ra. She tells him that nobody is perfect. He tells her that she’s a perfect woman in his mind. He asks her for a chance because he wishes to know her more. Su-Hyeok walks into Sang-Jin’s office. Sang-Jin thinks Bo-Ra did a great job on the air.

Sang-Jin mentions Ju-Wan wished to get together with Bo-Ra. He thinks it will be perfect storytelling marketing. He blames Su-Hyeok for not giving flowers to Bo-Ra. Su-Hyeok returns home. He throws the flowers to the bed. Bo-Ra takes a look at her phone. She complains that Su-Hyeok didn’t call her.

Bo-Ra gets a call from Ju-Wan who asks for having lunch together. But she rejects it because she needs to work. So he tells her to have dinner with him. He hangs up. Bo-Ra meets with Su-Hyeok at the cafe. She mentions the radio. She thinks he didn’t hear the radio because he was busy.

But Su-Hyeok tells Bo-Ra that he heard the radio. He tells her that he was moved when she thanked someone. She blames him for not letting her know it. Because she has waited for him. She asks him if he heard the live phone call as well. He admits it.

Su-Hyeok wonders if Bo-Ra talked with Ju-Wan. She admits it and sees Ju-Wan through the window. Ju-Wan walks into the cafe. He’s surprised that Bo-Mi works at the cafe. Jin-Ho sees Ju-Wan flirting with Bo-Mi. He mistakes Ju-Wan is Bo-Mi’s ex-boyfriend.

Jin-Ho walk to Ju-Wan. He tells him to give up since he has broken up with his girlfriend. He claims that he’s Bo-Mi’s boyfriend. But Bo-Mi tells Jin-Ho that Ju-Wan is Bo-Ra’s ex-boyfriend. She admits that she’s going out with Jin-Ho.

Ju-Wan joins Bo-Ra. He wonders why she didn’t tell him about the meeting. He introduces himself to Su-Hyeok. He shakes hands with him. Bo-Ra reminds Ju-Wan that she’s talking about work with Su-Hyeok. Su-Hyeok leaves the cafe. Bo-Ra tells Ju-Wan to leave as well. He goes to see Jin-Woo.

Jin-Woo wonders if Ju-Wan wishes to get together with Bo-Ra. Ju-Wan sees Su-Hyeok who’s outside. Ju-Wan walks to Su-Hyeok. He asks him if he likes Bo-Ra. Su-Hyeok refuses to answer the question. He thinks Ju-Wan doesn’t have the right to do so because he’s just Bo-Ra’s ex-boyfriend.

Ju-Wan tells Su-Hyeok not to flirt with Bo-Ra because he plans to get married with Bo-Ra. Su-Hyeok returns to his car to take the flowers. He takes away the rose photo from the flowers. He walks to Bo-Ra with the flowers. She explains to him that she doesn’t plan to get together with Ju-Wan.

Su-Hyeok thinks Bo-Ra doesn’t have to explain it to him because it’s her business. He hands over the flowers to her. He leaves the cafe. Ju-Wan walks to Bo-Ra. He tells her that he wishes to watch a movie with her after they have dinner.

Bo-Ra blames Ju-Wan for messing up her meeting. She tells him that she knows he intended to let Su-Hyeok misunderstand their relationship. It makes him realize that she likes Su-Hyeok. He mentions Su-Hyeok didn’t answer him when he asked him if he likes Bo-Ra. He thinks he doesn’t have to worry about it. But Bo-Ra refuses to have dinner with Ju-Wan.

Ju-Wan follows Bo-Ra to walk out of the cafe. He mentions he ignored his pride and flattered her. She points out that he chases her just because he’s jealous. He tells her that he cannot stand it when he thinks about that she’s staying with another man.

Ju-Wan tells Bo-Ra not to like the man who doesn’t like her. He regrets for not marrying her. She reminds him that she cannot be friends with him if he continues to do so. But he tells her that he doesn’t wish to be her friend. Su-Hyeok returns to the company. He reports to Sang-Jin that Bo-Ra got together with Ju-Wan.

Sang-Jin feels happy because he thinks he’s going to make it. Su-Hyeok points out that they planned for the open ending. But Sang-Jin wishes to get happy ending. The colleagues tell U-Ri that they have known she flirted with Sang-Jin for the full-time employee position. She tries to explain it to them. But they don’t believe what she said.

Su-Hyeok reports it to Sang-Jin. Sang-Jin doesn’t wish U-Ri to be hurt. U-Ri tells the colleagues that she got into the company because she likes books very much. Su-Hyeok reminds the employees that they bullied U-Ri. He tells them to apologize to U-Ri.

Bo-Mi goes to the convenience store to buy the pregnancy test. Jin-Ho is excited to hug Bo-Mi after he found out that he became a father. Yoo-Jung finds Bo-Mi from her house. Jin-Ho worries about Bo-Mi because she’s pregnant. Bo-Ra calls Yoo-Jung at that time.

Yoo-Jung intends to pick up the phone. Bo-Mi stops Yoo-Jung. She worries that her older sister will kill her if she knows she’s pregnant. She threatens Jin-Woo that she’s going to break his expensive stuff. Jin-Woo begs Yoo-Jung not to pick up Bo-Ra’s phone. Yoo-Jung promises not to tell the truth to Bo-Ra.

But Yoo-Jung tells Bo-Ra that Bo-Mi is pregnant. Bo-Ra goes to Yoo-Jung’s house to pick up Bo-Mi. She learns that her younger sister is pregnant. She tells Bo-Mi to go home with her. Bo-Mi returns home. She’s furious to walk into her room. She closes the door.

Jin-Woo tells Yoo-Jung that he was shocked after he knew Bo-Mi is pregnant. But she tells him to go to sleep downstairs. She blames him for telling a lie to her. She thinks he doesn’t like her because she made a proposal to him.

Bo Ra! Deborah K-Drama: Episode 13 Ending

Episode 13 of Bo Ra! Deborah K-Drama ends with Yoo-Jung telling Jin-Woo that she thinks he has changed. He points out that she’s changed as well. He complains to her that she kept asking him not to do the things he likes to do. He claims that he needs alone time. He goes downstairs. He sleeps on the couch. Jin-Ho apologizes to Jin-Woo for bringing the trouble to him. He turns off the light and sleeps under the TV.

Bo-Ra arrives at Sang-Jin’s company. U-Ri reports to Sang-Jin that Bo-Ra came. He asks her if she’s fine. He tells her that he worried about her. She reveals the colleagues have apologized to her. She thinks she needs to apologize to him because she thinks she made him uncomfortable when she had feelings for him.

U-Ri tells Sang-Jin that she doesn’t have feelings for him anymore. She leaves his office. Su-Hyeok meets with Bo-Ra. He tells her that he wishes her to share her plan with him. But she tells him that she doesn’t complete the ending.

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