Call It Love K-Drama: Episode 2 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Call It Love K-Drama: Episode 2. Sun-Woo chases Dong-Jin when Dong-Jin drives. He stops the car and asks him to let him park the car. Because he thinks his car is very shy. He finds out that he drove his car to a dirt road after he got off the car.

Does Woo-Joo Become a Spy for Taking Revenge?

Call It Love K-Drama

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Call It Love K-Drama: Episode 2.

Sun-Woo tells Dong-Jin that he wishes to take a pay cut. Dong-Jin agrees to it. He walks away. Sun-Woo is furious to blame Dong-Jin. Woo-Joo walks away. She learns that Dong-Jin has a good life. She throws away his business card. She gets a interview from Soo-Hee who cares for Woo-Joo’s age.

Woo-Joo asks Soo-Hee to give her a chance. Soo-Hee takes Woo-Joo to see Dong-Jin. She introduces Woo-Joo as the new assistant to Dong-Jin. Woo-Joo stares at Dong-Jin. She leaves his office with Soo-Hee. The waiter asks Dong-Jin if he knows Woo-Joo when she watches him outside. Dong-Jin admits it.

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Woo-Joo tails Dong-Jin. He tells his house number to her when she’s looking at his letters. She wonders how did he know it. He asks her why she tailed him. She tells him that she’s interested in him. But she claims that she doesn’t have feelings for him.

Dong-Jin thinks Woo-Joo wants to have a fight with him according to her looks. He tries to leave. But she stops him and thinks he’s petty. She follows him to the elevator. She asks him if he owns the house. He tells her not to ask him any personal question. It makes her believe that he has many secrets.

Dong-Jin takes a look at Woo-Joo. She decides to leave. But she tells him to lock his door. Because she thinks thieves will visit his house. Someone knocks at the door when Dong-Jin takes a shower. He walks out of the bathroom. He thinks it’s Woo-Joo.

Woo-Joo asks Yoon Joon for the rice when she’s eating. He reminds her that it’s her third serving. She ignores him and goes to take the rice. He thinks her belly is going to explode.

It flashes back. Yoon Joon eats with Woo-Joo at the restaurant. He asks her why she gave up on college. She tells him that she needs a job. He wonders why she studied hard since she didn’t want to get in any college. He tells her to tell her father that her mother is sick.

Woo-Joo gets angry. She tells Yoon Joon that she doesn’t have a father because her father took away all of the money of her family and ran away with a woman. He apologizes to her and orders dishes for her. Woo-Joo sells off her bow. Yoon Joon passes by. He finds out that Woo-Joo is crying. She claims that she cries because her tongue was hurt.

Yoon Joon opens the fridge. He finds out that the ice cream is missing. Hye-Sung gets up from the couch. She confesses that she ate the ice cream. He tells her to return to her room. She’s happy to tell him about her dream. But he walks away.

Hee-Ja walks out of her house. She meets with her friends. One of her friends thinks Hee-Ja took money from her son. Hee-Ja gets angry. Woo-Joo goes shopping at the supermarket. The seller mistakes Woo-Joo as a housewife. She scolds him.

Woo-Joo runs into Dong-Jin. She tells him that she didn’t tail him. She reveals she was kicked out from her house. She wants to tell her story to him. But he’s not interested in it. She goes to the office. She finds out that nobody is in the office. She tries to get into Dong-Jin’s office.

Soo-Hee stops Woo-Joo. She asks her what she wants to do. She tells her not to come to the office early. Woo-Joo hears the colleagues talking about Sung-Man. She helps Yu-Ri wash cup. She asks her about Sung-Man’s company. Yu-Ri wonders why Woo-Joo is interested in Sung-Man. Woo-Joo explains to Yu-Ri that she wanted to learn something.

Woo-Joo shows up behind Min-Soo. It startles him. She reports to him that the receipts are missing. He promises to give it to her later. She returns to her seat. Dong-Jin gets a call from Sun-Woo who blames him for not attending the gathering. Sun-Woo reveals everyone thinks their company went bankrupt.

Sun-Woo tells Dong-Jin to wears a nice clothes to show up. The guy teases Sun-Woo that he thinks he’s star. The guy’s friend explains to Sun-Woo that the guy was dumped. The guy denies it. Sun-Woo laughs to remind the guy that he’s single.

The guy asks Sun-Woo why Dong-Jin broke up with Min-Young. He mentions Chang-Soo thought Dong-Jin had broken up with Min-Young because Min-Young’s rich family hadn’t accepted Dong-Jin. Dong-Jin wonders why the guy wants to know it when he shows up.

Dong-Jin asks the guy for the wedding invitation. He explains to him that he broke up with Min-Young because she wanted to go to study. He walks out of the restaurant. The guy’s friend reveals he ran into Min-Young. Dong-Jin remembers Min-Young was heartless to dump him.

It flashes back. Min-Young tells Dong-Jin that she cannot go camping with him. She tells him not to pack. He explains to her that he does it because she liked it.

Dong-Jin sees Min-Young. He tails her. But she’s missing. He leaves. The girl reports to Min-Young that Dong-Jin left. Woo-Joo sneaks into the office. She opens Min-Soo’s laptop. Hye-Sung brings the breakfast to Yoon Joon. She tells him to open the door.

Yoon Joon is surprised that the one who gives breakfast to him is Hye-Sung. She claims that she’s a morning angel. She asks him if she’s very beautiful. But he tells her that there’s gunk on her eye. He takes off the gunk. He takes over the breakfast from her. He tells her to wash her face before she sees him. Because they’re not families. He walks away with the breakfast.

Hye-Sung laughs. She thinks she should brushed her teeth. Ji-Gu tastes the soup. He complains that it’s salty. He thinks it was cooked by Hye-Sung. Hye-Sung explains to Yoon Joon that she cannot cook noodles well. He asks her where Woo-Joo went. But she doesn’t know it.

Hye-Sung reveals Woo-Joo acted weird. Ji-Gu thinks there should be a ordinary person in his family. It makes Hye-Sung wants to beat Ji-Gu. She leaks that Woo-Joo wore mismatching shoes. Soo-Hee walks Dong-Jin. She reports to him that the the companies got the information about prices through the email. They run into Min-Soo.

Soo-Hee tells Dong-Jin that the email was sent by Min-Soo. But Min-Soo denied it when she asked him if he had sent the email. Min-Soo tells Dong-Jin the the email was sent by someone else. Yu-Ri tells Dong-Jin that there’s a spy in the company. She takes a look at Woo-Joo.

Sun-Woo tells the people to grill Min-Soo to find the person who’s behind the case. But Dong-Jin thinks there’s no person who’s behind Min-Soo. Sun-Woo wonders if Min-Soo sent the email on his own. He intends to let the police arrest Min-Soo.

Soo-Hee wants to wait a while. But Sun-Woo scolds Soo-Hee. Dong-Jin stops Sun-Woo. Young-Min tells Dong-Jin that he doesn’t believe that Min-Soo did so. Because Min-Soo was a good employee. Sun-Woo asks Young-Min if he’s going to take the duty when Min-Soo did it. Young-Min promises to take the duty.

Dong-Jin decides to give the discount to the booths. He reminds Young-Min that he was betrayed by someone before. Min-Soo asks Woo-Joo if she used his laptop to send the email. He mentions Yu-Ri saw it. Min-Soo thinks Woo-Joo was paid by someone to do so. But she points out that Yu-Ri didn’t see her sending the email. Min-Soo has a fight with Woo-Joo. Dong-Jin sees it. He tells Yu-Ri and Min-Soo to come to his office. Sun-Woo wonders why Dong-Jin doesn’t question Woo-Joo.

Yoon Joon walks out of the pharmacy. The girl asks him if he has a girlfriend. Woo-Joo runs to return to the pharmacy. Yoon Joon confesses his feelings to Woo-Joo. The girl walks away. Woo-Joo tells Yoon Joon that she found out that Dong-Jin drove a nice car when she intended to ask him to return her house to her.

Woo-Joo admits to Yoon Joon that she wanted to take revenge. But she tells him that she’s not a spy. Yu-Ri reports to Dong-Jin that Woo-Joo asked her about Sung-Man. He tells Woo-Joo to leave with him. He gives her a ride. She tells him to scold her when he’s driving.

Woo-Joo thinks Dong-Jin treats her as a spy even if he doesn’t say anything. He takes her to arrive at the building. He tells her that it’s Sung-Man’s company. She realizes that she wants to take her to do the face-to-face meeting with Sung-Man.

Call It Love K-Drama: Episode 2 Ending

Episode 2 of Call It Love K-Drama ends with Dong-Jin reading Woo-Joo’s letter. He learns that she lived hard because of him. He meets with her at the convenience store. He tells her that Young-Min was the spy. He apologizes to her for being rude to her. He asks her to come back to the company.

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