Kokdu: Season of Deity K-Drama: Episodes 5-6 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Kokdu: Season of Deity K-Drama: Episodes 5-6. Gye-Jeol passes out after she kissed Kok-Du. He realizes that she’s Seol-Hui. But he doesn’t have feelings for Seol-Hui anymore. Gye-Jeol wakes up. She mistakes that she passed away. She cries to ask Kok-Du if he’s her downfall.

Kokdu: Season of Deity K-Drama: Episode 5 Recap & Ending

Kokdu: Season of Deity

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Kokdu: Season of Deity K-Drama: Episodes 5-6.

Kok-Du yells at Gye-Jeol. He thinks she’s not a doctor because she fears her death. She strokes his face. He’s surprised that he still has feelings for her. He shakes off her hand and asks her if she has feelings for him. She denies it.

Kok-Du tells Gye-Jeol that it proves that she’s alive. She thanks him for saving her. He tells her to leave with him. He carries her. She realizes that the one who saved her from the stairs was him. She holds his ring. She explains to him that she didn’t want to know it because she didn’t want to be related to him. But he tells her that she cannot avoid the fate.

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Kok-Du tells Gye-Jeol to give their fate a try. He carries her to walk. She notes that the people are looking at them. She asks him to drop her. But he tells her not to care for the people. He wants to take her to go to eat something delicious.

But Gye-Jeol worries that she will gain weight. She puts her hand on Kok-Du’s chest. She finds out that he’s beating fast. They return to the hospital. Kok-Du asks Gye-Jeol why she fell into the water. She reveals she was hurt by someone.

Kok-Du is shocked to ask Gye-Jeol if she saw the guy’s face. But she tells him that the guy wore a mask. He tells her that he can beat the guy if she saw the guy’s face. He blames her for going to the lighthouse since she knew there was a danger. He thinks she had no fear.

Gye-Jeol is furious to tell Kok-Du that he made her be like that. She wishes him to beat the guy. She blames him for breaking his promise. He’s surprised. She shows the message to him. He finds out that he asked her to come to the lighthouse.

Kok-Du shows up after Ok Shin and Gak Shin had dinner. He casts the knives to them. Ok Shin is scared to ask Kok-Du why he did it to them. He reveals Gye-Jeol had a accident. Gak Shin is shocked. Kok-Du realizes that the person was Gak Shin. He asks her why she touched his phone. He tries to kill her when she doesn’t answer his question.

Ok Shin confesses to Kok-Du that he did it. He explains to him that Gye-Jeol tangled him when she’s not Seol-Hui. He blames him for killing them. Gak Shin agrees to what Ok Shin said. She mentions Kok-Du wished Gye-Jeol to disappear.

Kok-Du drops the knives. Ok Shin asks Kok-Du if he has feelings for the girl. Kok-Du denies it. He tells Ok Shin that Gye-Jeol is Seol-Hui. Ok Shin laughs. He tells Kok-Du to go to date Gye-Jeol. Kok-Du reveals he saw their previous life when he kissed Gye-Jeol.

Ok Shin takes Kok-Du to the restaurant. He tells him to make a proposal to Gye-Jeol. But Kok-Du thinks the one who should confess is Gye-Jeol. Ok Shin points out that women never confessed. He tells Kok-Du to confesses his feelings to Gye-Jeol and make the girl cry.

Ok Shin believes that Kok-Du isn’t confident. Kok-Du scolds Ok Shin. He walks away. Guk-Hwa recognizes Kok-Du. She reports it to Jung-Won. She tells her that Jin-Woo is very rich. He remembers she saw the photo of Gye-Jeol and Jin-Woo.

Jung-Won tries to call Gye-Jeol to ask her if she saw Jin-Woo. But Guk-Hwa stops Jung-Won. She worries that Gye-Jeol wants to get Jin-Woo. Jung-Won laughs. She doesn’t believe that a nobody like Gye-Jeol can get Jin-Woo. She asks her for returning the phone to her. But Guk-Hwa yells at Jung-Won. She thinks she’s going to lose her boyfriend.

Episode 5 of Kokdu: Season of Deity K-Drama ends with Gye-Jeol drinking with Kok-Du at the lighthouse. He asks her if she felt shame that he cannot pull his own weight. She admits it. She tells him that she accepted him as Kok-Du because she worried that he would run away. She cries to complain to him that she gets used to him as Kok-Du.

Kokdu: Season of Deity K-Drama: Episode 6 Recap & Ending

Gye-Jeol tells Kok-Du to disappear. He passes out. She cries when she tries to wake him up. He finds out that he returns to his afterlife. She tells him that she won’t scold no matter who he is. He wakes up and asks her to keep the promise.

Gye-Jeol cries to tell Kok-Du that she worried that he was killed. He hugs her and lets her cry in his arms. She hugs him to walk. He reminds her that his leg wasn’t hurt. He asks her if she intended to touch him. He tells her that he passed out because her words. She apologizes to him. She explains to him that she did it because of her hard time.

Kok-Du tells Gye-Jeol not to wish him to disappear. Because he will disappear if she has the wish. She promises not to say the words to him. Ok Shin walks into the ward when Gye-Jeol is giving a treatment to Kok-Du. Gye-Jeol recognizes Ok Shin as a president. She wonders why he came to the ward since he’s very busy.

Kok-Du points out that Ok Shin came to escort him. Gye-Jeol wonders why Ok Shin knows Kok-Du. Ok Shin tells Gye-Jeol that Kok-Du is one of the employees of him. He tells Kok-Du to leave with him. But Gye-Jeol is against it because she thinks Kok-Du needs to be taken care of. She tells him to go to sleep.

Ok Shin reports to Gak Shin that Gye-Jeol treated Kok-Du like a dog. Kok-Du explains to the two deities that he did it for Gye-Jeol’s mother. But Gak Shin points out that Gye-Jeol sent Kok-Du to afterlife. Ok Shin thinks it’s very funny if Gye-Jeol tells Kok-Du to disappear. Kok-Du ties Ok Shin up. He complains to the two deities that it’s hard to make Gye-Jeol confess his feelings to him.

Ok Shin tells Kok-Du to pretend to be Jin-Woo. Kok-Du is against it because his pride as a king. But he goes to Jin-Woo’s house. He reads his book. Gye-Jeol complains to Kok-Du that there’s no patient coming to their hospital. He tells her to do the commercial. He thinks she’s very beautiful.

It makes Gye-Jeol happy. Gak Shin hands over the flyers to Gye-Jeol. She tells her to go to give out the flyers. Kok-Du joins Gye-Jeol. Gak Shin thinks Kok-Du did it because he likes Gye-Jeol. She gets the feelings as a mother-in-law.

Jung-Won shows up. She asks Gak Shin if Jin-Woo is in the hospital. Gak Shin denies it. She tells Jung-Won to leave. Jung-Won asks Gak Shin about Gye-Jeol. She tells her that she wants to see Gye-Jeol. She calls Gye-Jeol. She finds out that Gye-Jeol left her phone on the table.

Kok-Du helps Gye-Jeol post the poster. She thinks he didn’t have to help her. But he thinks he has duty to do so because he thinks he’s her boyfriend. He mentions she called him boyfriend. She explains to him that she did it because she was in anger. She reveals she got angry because of someone.

Kok-Du remembers he saw Yi-Deun in the hospital. He wonders why Yi-Deun made Gye-Jeol get angry. Gye-Jeol tells Kok-Du not to care for her business. He complains to her that he became her boyfriend because of her battle. She learns that he doesn’t want to be her boyfriend. She’s going to tell the elders the truth.

Kok-Du wonders why he wishes Gye-Jeol to do so. She thinks he worries that his girlfriend Jung-Won will hear the rumor. He laughs to claim that he’s not the deity who will fall for a mortal girl. He mentions Gye-Jeol had feelings for many men.

Gye-Jeol thinks Kok-Du is jealous. He denies it. She’s furious to walk away. He asks her about her first kiss when she’s posting the posters. He tells her that he wants to check her past and her present. But she thinks he does it because he’s jealous.

Hong-Geun helps Gye-Jeol give out the flyers. He mentions she is living Kok-Du. Kok-Du tries to deny it. Gye-Jeol stops Kok-Du. He realizes that she wants to use him to get profit. She tells him that she will pay him. Kyung-Seung tells Gye-Jeol that her husband was shy like Kok-Du when he got together with her.

Episode 6 of Kokdu: Season of Deity K-Drama ends with Gye-Jeol wondering why the doctors and the nurses didn’t come. The broadcasting tells her that there’s a guy setting a fire in the hospital. He tells her to leave the hospital.

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