Coulee Nazha Got Second Glances from Western Guys

Coulee Nazha appeared at airport on October 20. She wore a sunglasses to cover her face, dressing yellow sweater. She looked pretty, and is tall and slim. However, she didn’t realizes she got second glances from two western guys while walking.

Coulee Nazha is one of top Chinese beauties. She has stunning feet and flawless complexion. As a famous Chinese actress, she and Lu Han starred ‘Fighter of the Destiny’ which is hot drama in 2017.

Coulee Nazha’s boyfriend Zhang Han is famous Chinese actor who and Zanilia Zhao starred ‘Boss & Me’ in 2014. His current drama is ‘The Legendary Tycoon’.

Coulee Nazha

Fighter of the Destiny Episode 3

Tang Sanshiliu asks Chen Changshen about the flaw of his wing. Chen Changshen takes a look at Tang Sanshiliu’s wing. He tells him to improve his wing. Tang Sanshiliu gets Chen Changshen’s point. He thinks he’s smart like him. He thinks his name is very simple after Chen Changshen told his name to him.

Chen Changshen reveals his master wished him to live longer. He thinks Tang Sanshiliu is called the name because he’s the 36th son of Tang family. He thinks his mom is too sharp. Tang Sanshiliu is furious to tell Chen Changshen that he’s called the name because he was 36th place in Qingyun List.

Chen Changshen learns that the list was designed by Mr. Tianji. He thinks Tang Sanshiliu is outstanding. Tang Sanshiliu reveals he changed the name because he’s not better than the phoenix.

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