The Mythical Realm: Chapter 1 Unwilling Part 2

“Liu Daolie! Although I was not satisfied with you before, tolerating it and didn’t say anything, I just didn’t lip your shoes like others, you did this on me. I swears letting you pay it back once I can surpass you.”

The Mythical Realm: Chapter 1 Unwilling Part 2

Ye Yun’s heart beats violently, each breathing is going to burn his chest gotten pain. But, he knows he has to pass the test first.

There are many monsters and grasses in Yun Long mountain which belongs to Sword of Heaven Sect. Sword of Heaven Sect drove those monsters into the deepest place of Yun Long mountain and named it monster valley to avoid student gotten attacking while digging many years ago. However, Sword of Heaven Sect didn’t put all of monsters in one place, they separated them according to their level, sealing the way of advanced monsters so that monster valley become student’s training site.

There are many Huayu grasses in monster valley. The low level monster lives in the initial 2 floors and can be killed easily by outer door students. But, the initial 2 floors are danger to rookie student who doesn’t practice any martial art.

“I almost searched all of regions in the past half a month, there isn’t any Huayu grass now in those places. I have to bet it entering second floor, gathering enough Huayu grasses in such short time.”

There is a huge tree reaching into clouds, it’s sign of monster valley’s entrance. Passing the tree will enter monster valley’s region.

Ye Yun stands under the tree with sweating. He looks at ahead, then enters monster valley. The view is changed while passing the high tree. The blue sky and white clouds were disappeared, the while world became dark and dark. He heard monster’s yells from deepest region.

This is monster valley which trains Sword of Heaven Sect’s students.

Ye Yun looks up. A soft lighting casts on his body fixing on his head, lighting space around ten miles. The soft lighting is called soft light chanting. All of rookie students must study it. The soft light chanting can light the darkness. The outer door student can chant advanced soft light chanting and use talisman to light around ten miles.

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