Chu Wang Fei: Chapter 2 Reborn Beauty Part 1

Yun Meng tries her best to open her eyes and finds her right eye is red. While opening her eyes, she got pains in her head. She finds she lies in bed and there are sweet and bloody smell in the room.

Chu Wang Fei: Chapter 2 Reborn Beauty Part 1

Yun Meng recalls she was in a task and caught drug sellers with her colleagues. Why I am here? At this time, her head flashes a few scenes.

The body’s owner is Yun Qianmeng, she is right prime minister Yun Xuanzhi’s oldest daughter. Her mother Qu Shi was dead while she was 1 year old. The house is managed by his concubine Su Qin. Yun Qianmeng is cowardly and bullied by her younger sister as she lost her mother while childhood. Fortunately, Qu Shi’s older sister is emperor’s mother. She betrothed her to prince Chen. But, prince Chen didn’t accepts the marriage and canceled it in the palace, so that she hit the dragon pillar.

The scene is fixed in the moment of her hitting. She gets headache and cries.

“What’s the matter?” A angry voice arrives following people’s footsteps.

“Qiu Lian older sister, master didn’t…die…” The frightened slave stands up while seeing someone arrives. She whispers in her face, her voice gets lower while saying the last word.

“What!” Qiu Lian opens her eyes and looks at Yun Qianmeng. She suspects it while seeing her not moving.

“Older sister, it’s true! I don’t lie!” She has to move to the bed and point at Yun Qianmeng tremblingly while seeing Qiu Lian’s doubt.

Qiu Lian touches Yun Qianmeng’s nose via her finger. Her breathing makes Quau Lian nervously. She asks herself. “Why dead person could come back to live?” She just reported Yun Qianmeng’s death to queen, but she is alive now. How can I deal with this situation?

She glances at the slave girl and stares at sleeping Yun Qianmeng, and is going to cover her face with quilt. The pretending to be asleep’s Yun Qianmeng grasps her fist and opens her eyes suddenly and stops Qiao Lian’s actions while feeling the danger.

“Young, young master!” Qiao Lian says with guilty since she doesn’t recover from young master’s coming back to live.

Yun meng opens her eyes calmly and gets Qiu Lian’s guilty emotion gathering all of information regarding Qiu Lian.

Qiu Lian is sent by Su Qin to serve Yun Qianmeng. The slave girls died and left one by one since she arrived. Yun Qianmeng is afraid of Su Qin so that she is silent while Qiu Lian didn’t respect her and dominate her money.

Yun Meng inferred from what she saw that Qiu Lian was going to murder her, otherwise she wasn’t fear while she knew she was awake.

“How long did I fall asleep?” Yun Meng stops her suspect gazing and hides her drive sitting up in bed in slaver girl’s help.

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