Misty K-Drama: Episode 6 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Netflix Misty K-Drama: Episode 6. The doctor tells Ki-Joon that Jae-Young was killed by someone. But there’s no evidence. Jae-Young gets buried. Eun-Joo doesn’t believe that his husband is dead. Hye-Ran comforts Eun-Joo and tries to take her home. But someone stops Hye-Ran and he takes Eun-Joo to leave.

Misty K-Drama: Episode 6 Recap


Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix Misty K-Drama: Episode 6.

Ki-Chan hands over the autopsy results to Tae-Wook. Tae-Wook finds out that the police treat the case as a traffic accident. Hye-Ran brings the tea to Eun-Joo. She tells her that she will stop the media covering the case. Eun-Joo remembers she told Ki-Joon that she wants to cover up the case. Because it’s related to Hye-Ran.

Eun-Joo tears up when she thinks about her baby. She tells Hye-Ran that she decided to leave Korea. Hye-Ran drives car to the parking lot. She sighs and sees the camera. She remembers Jae-Young kissed her in the car. She gets a message from someone who tells her that he knows she killed Jae-Young.

Hye-Ran looks around. She sees nobody. Gyu-Seok tells the chief that Hye-Ran boosted the ratings. He wants to let her be the anchor. But the chief worries about the risk. Hye-Ran runs into Gyu-Seok. She leaks that Eun-Joo is going to leave Korea. She thinks everything will be fine. She asks him to let her be the anchor. But he rejects it because he got a message like she did.

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Song-Yi meets with Hye-Ran at the bar. She asks her if she killed Jae-Young. Hye-Ran denies and she doesn’t know what to do. Song-Yi tells Hye-Ran to use Tae-Wook. Myung-Woo takes a look at Hye-Ran. He walks out of the bar and enjoys the snow outside. Eun-Joo takes a look at her wedding ring. She notes the snow as well. She sees herself packing her stuff.

It flashes back. Jae-Young returns home and sees Eun-Joo packing. She tells him that she wants to take him to leave Korea for the game. But he tells her that he doesn’t want to do the game. He takes out the beer from the fridge. She takes the beer away from him.

Jae-Young tells Eun-Joo that he wants to rest. He tries to drink the wine. But she stops him again. He’s furious to throw the wine to the floor. He tells her that he cannot bear it. She blames him for sleeping with her friend. She cries. He tries to leave the house after he got a call from someone. She stops him and takes off her wedding ring.

Eun-Joo holds the wedding ring. She tells Jae-Young that their marriage will end if he leaves the house. But he takes off his wedding ring and puts it on the table. He leaves their house. She’s sad and her wedding ring drops to the floor. She tears up when she takes a look at their marriage photo.

Eun-Joo tries to put Jae-Young’s stuff into the bag. She wants to throw them away. But the memory card drops from his clothes. She picks it up. Tae-Wook returns home and he turns on the lights. He finds out that Hye-Ran is drinking.

Hye-Ran tells Tae-Wook that she has many enemies. He takes away the wine from her. He drinks it and hands over the invitation card to her. He tells her that he wants to use his connections to persuade the Vice President to keep her. She’s surprised that he wants to the thing for her.

Hye-Ran returns the invitation card to Tae-Wook. She tells him that she doesn’t want him to do the thing for her. Because she thinks it’s her problem. But he tells her that he wants to protect her as her husband. She’s moved to hug him. She tears up. He hugs her back and comforts her that everything will be fine. He kisses her and sleeps with her. Eun-Joo watches the footage. She sees Hye-Ran.

Yeon-Jung attends the party with Woo-Hyun. She thinks his husband is going to work for In-Han. But Hye-Ran shows up with Tae-Wook. In-Han shakes hands with Hye-Ran after knowing she’s Tae-Wook’s wife. Woo-Hyun spots it. He’s furious to drink up his wine. He walks away.

In-Han takes Tae-Wook to get into the club. He introduces him to Vice President. Tae-Wook tells Vice President that Hye-Ran is his wife. Hye-Ran remembers what Song-Yi told her that Tae-Wook has the power to convince the club members.

Hye-Ran gets the message again. She takes a look at the second floor. She spots the man in the mask. He sees her as well. He flees and she follows him. Tae-Wook reminds Vice President that he helped his son many years ago. He asks him for helping his wife this time.

Misty K-Drama: Episode 6 Ending

Ji-Won returns to the TV station. Dae-Woong feels happy. Ji-Won takes a look at Hye-Ran. Hye-Ran gets a message from Eun-Joo who asks her for a meeting up. She sees Ji-Won walking into Gyu-Seok’s office. Eun-Joo drops her phone. She takes a look at the memory card.

Hye-Ran arrives at the cafe. She sees Eun-Joo. She walks to her and she has a seat. Eun-Joo tells Hye-Ran that she doesn’t want to leave Korea. She adds that she wants to repay her for what she did for her. She waves to Tae-Wook when he shows up. She smiles at Hye-Ran.

Misty K-Drama: Episode 6 stars Kim Nam-Joo, Ji Jin-Hee, Jeon Hye-Jin, Ko Jun and Jin Ki-Joo.

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