Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 10 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Disney Plus Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 10. Go-Jin carries Shin-A to the hospital. The doctor tells Go-Jin that Shin-A after he treated her. Go-Jin shows Shin-A’s burned hand to the doctor. He drives her to the company, helping her get off his car.

Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 10 Recap

Crazy Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Disney Plus Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 10.

Go-Jin gets into the elevator with Shin-A. He tells her to go to his house to clean up the mess she made. He apologizes to her for thinking she stole his earrings. He takes a look at her. But the door of the elevator opens. The people get into the elevator.

Pil-Sun visits the secretaries. She reveals Shin-A saved Go-Jin. She tells them that she won’t let it go if they hurt Go-Jin. Shin-A drives Go-Jin to the company. She notes that he’s staring at her. He avoids her gaze and gets a call from someone.

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Shin-A walks into the building alone. Shin-A runs into the colleagues in front of the elevator. Cha-Bae praises Shin-A for her singing skills. It makes her laugh. Go-Jin spots it and he gets angry after he got into the elevator with the people. He tells them that he will fire them if they don’t work hard.

Cha-Bae complains to Hee-Cheol that he doesn’t like Go-Jin. Hee-Cheol gets a call from Baek Education. He’s furious to tell her to come to his company. Cha-Bae learns that he’s the only one who didn’t get a call from Baek Education. He’s nervous.

Hee-Cheol walks out of the office. He sees Soo-Young. She smiles to walk to him. She introduces herself as the president of Baek Education to him. He tells her that he won’t leave Gotop Education because the company gave him what he wants. But she tells him that she will let the world knows him if he joins her.

Go-Jin runs into Soo-Young. He asks her why she came to his company. She confesses that she came to hire his employees. She tells him that she will tell Shin-A that she was his first love if he doesn’t go out with her. Shin-A shows up. Go-Jin turns around and sees her.

Shin-A walks out of the cafe. She gets a call from Soo-Young who tells her that she wants to buy her a dinner. Shin-A agrees to it. Shin-A runs into Go-Jin’s fans who ask her to stay away from Go-Jin. Shin-A tries to explain it. But she gets hit by the fan from her back.

Go-Jin protects Shin-A when the fan throws the powder ball to her. He tells the fans to go to study if they want to get him. Yang-Tae meets with Eun-Jung. He asks her if she takes Go-Jin’s side. He’s furious to throw the straws to her. She spits out the straw and tells him that everyone changes. He shows the paper to her. But she tells him that she doesn’t want to see him anymore.

Yang-Tae’s wife shows up. She’s furious to grab Eun-Jung’s hair. Yang-Tae bites his wife. Yang-Tae’s wife tries to slap Eun-Jung. But Joon-Pal hugs Eun-Jung to avoid the slap. Joon-Pal points at the camera. He takes away the paper from Yang-Tae. He tears up the paper and takes Eun-Jung away.

Who Helps Go-Jin Do the Lecture?

Shin-A sees Ok-Hee wearing the earrings. She scolds her. Shin-A doesn’t know how to explain it to Go-Jin when she sees the earrings on the table. He texts her and tells her to go to the company. But she finds out that he’s not in the office. He doesn’t pick up her phone after she called him.

Shin-A takes a look at the calendar. She finds out that it’s Go-Jin’s grandmother’s death anniversary. He sees the meal she prepared. She tells him that the meal is for the earrings. She asks him about his grandmother. He reveals his grandmother always cried when she peeled the onions.

Go-Jin tells Shin-A that he used to hate onions. But he confesses that the onions remind him someone else when he looks at them. He takes a look at her. The guys break into the office. They chief of the guys tells the employees of Gotop Education that they came to look into the study guides case.

Eun-Jung gives the food to her colleagues. She tells them to fight it back. Go-Jin arrives at the company. He finds out that the employees strike. Se-Gi returns to his office. He finds out that Go-Jin is waiting for him. Go-Jin asks Se-Gi why he looked into the employees.

Se-Gi tells Go-Jin not to do the presentation. Go-Jin thinks Se-Gi is changed. He tells him that he wants to do the presentation because he promised it. Shin-A helps Go-Jin to do the lecture because nobody wants to help him. He helps her carry the stuff after the lecture. He praises her. She smiles.

Se-Gi meets with Yang-Tae. He tells him that Go-Jin won’t take care of the study guides case. Because Go-Jin loses his memories. Yang-Tae is furious to tell Se-Gi that Go-Jin told him that he put the wrong study guides into the material.

Go-Jin wants to have dinner with Shin-A. But he gets a message from Soo-Young who asks for a meeting up. So he tells Shin-A to go home. Soo-Young dresses up. She walks out of the building. She finds out that Go-Jin is waiting for her. She smiles.

Go-Jin takes Soo-Young to a small restaurant. He wants to leave after he had dinner. She stops him and tells him to respect their love. Because she has the memories. He asks her who they broke up. He thinks she dumped him. He tells her that it’s the last meal. He walks out of the memories. It makes her sad.

Go-Jin returns home. Se-Gi visits him. Se-Gi asks Go-Jin if he put the wrong study guides into the material. Go-Jin admits it. Se-Gi tells Go-Jin to eat the peach. Go-Jin remembers Se-Gi told him that he knows he’s allergic to peaches.

Go-Jin eats up the peach. He feels uncomfortable. Shin-A returns home. Ok-Hee tells Soo-Ho to hide. Shin-A brings to sushi to Ok-Hee. She tells her that she was very happy. Shin-A gets a call from Se-Gi who asks her to come to the hospital.

Shin-A runs into Go-Jin’s ward. Se-Gi tells her that Go-Jin is sick because he ate a peach. He leaves because he has a business. Go-Jin wakes up. He finds out that Shin-A falls asleep in front of him. He thinks she has taken care of him last night.

Go-Jin tries to touch Shin-A’s hair. But he remembers his families left him and Se-Gi betrayed him. He takes back his hand because he believes that Shin-A will leave him in the end. Se-Gi hits Soo-Young’s car. He takes her to the cafe. He leaks that Shin-A isn’t Go-Jin’s fiancee.

Go-Jin walks out his office. He tells Shin-A that he wants to have dinner with her. She arrives at the restaurant. She eats the food he ordered. She likes the food. He hands over the contract to her. He tells her to tear it up. But he tells her that the contract she just tore is the hostage contract. He adds that she’s fired. He leaves the restaurant.

Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 10 Ending

Shin-A leaves the restaurant. Go-Jin shows up. He sees her off. She walks on the street. She laughs and thinks it’s a good news that he fired her. But she has the feelings that she got dumped. Go-Jin wants to drink coffee. But he realizes that he fired Shin-A. He opens the door and finds out that her seat is empty.

Go-Jin eats alone. He returns to his room. He sees Shin-A’s photo on the wall. He takes the photo off. He goes to sleep. But he sees her lying next to him. He takes a look their group photo. He laughs and sees the potato. He walks into Shin-A’s room. He picks up her diary. He reads the diary and finds out that she’s sick.

Go-Jin throws away the diary. He visits Shin-A. Ok-Hee opens the door. She tells Go-Jin that Shin-A isn’t at home. He goes to see Joon-Pal. He asks him to look for Shin-A. Shin-A decides to leave the company after she packed her stuff. But she runs into Go-Jin. He blocks her way and asks her out.

Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 10 stars Kim Jae-Wook, Krystal, Ha-Joon and Yu In-Young.

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