Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 9 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Disney Plus Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 9. Go-Jin thinks it wasn’t Shin-A’s first kiss. He promises to reduce some of her debts to compensate for the kiss. He claims that he didn’t do anything wrong according to the contract. He lowers his head as an apology.

Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 9 Recap

Crazy Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Disney Plus Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 9.

Shin-A is furious to get off Go-Jin’s car. She tells him that it’s not an apology. He bows to her and he apologizes to her. Soo-Young remembers Go-Jin kissed Shin-A in front of her. She blames Secretary Jo for not telling it to her.

It flashes back. Soo-Young gets a call from the cop. She learns that Go-Jin is at the police station. Chairman Baek’s follower stops her before she leaves. He tells her that her father wants to kill Go-Jin. Soo-Young picks Go-Jin up at the police station.

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Go-Jin tells Soo-Young that he didn’t do that. She believes what he said. But she tells him that she’s going to get married. She adds that she doesn’t want to get involved in his trouble. She tries to leave. But he stops her and hugs her. She cries to walk away.

Soo-Young takes a look at her and Go-Jin’s love photo. She thinks he will fall for her in the end. Shin-A thinks about the kiss. She tells herself that it was just a show. She wonders why she gets angry. She remembers Go-Jin told her that it was just a mistake.

Go-Jin watches the Korean drama “Jugglers”. He sees him kissing Shin-A in the drama. He has feelings for her. Shin-A packs her stuff. She tells Ok-Hee that she’s going to return them to someone. She goes to the bathroom. Ok-Hee opens the box. She finds a pair of earrings. She keeps the earrings.

Go-Jin arrives at the company. He finds out that Shin-A’s seat is empty. He goes to look for her. He gets startled when she shows up behind him. She brings the box which contains the stuff he bought her. But he tells her to carry the box to his house. He adds some books on the box.

Shin-A is furious to be close to Go-Jin. He mistakes that she wants to kiss him. He closes his eyes. But she just takes off the hair from his suits. Hee-Cheol tells the colleagues that Go-Jin will catch the spy from them. Michelle Lee notes that Eun-Jung is upset. She teases her. Eun-Jung is furious to leave the meeting room.

Se-Gi visits Go-Jin. He asks him if he knew what would happen in the party. Go-Jin denies and claims that he loses his memories. Se-Gi leaves his office. Go-Jin wonders why Se-Gi betrayed him. Because he was the only one who supported him. He cries and grabs Shin-A’s hand.

Eun-Jung is startled. She tries to leave the office. But Se-Gi stops her and asks her for a talk. He tells her that he knows she did it for her families. She cries to confess that Yang-Tae told her that he will let her be a teacher. Se-Gi reminds Eun-Jung that Go-Jin won’t forgive her. He grabs her hand, asking her to help him.

Yang-Tae gets angry after he saw the mess Eun-Jung made. He wants to see the woman. Eun-Jung walks into his office. She brings Se-Gi to him. She runs away. Se-Gi tells Yang-Tae that he knew he got Eun-Jung to steal the study material. He adds that he wants to work with him.

Shin-A goes to buy coffee. The secretary notes that Shin-A becomes beautiful. Shin-A runs into Soo-Young on the street. They go to the cafe. Soo-Young tells Shin-A that she encountered her first love. But she found out that he has a fiancee. Shin-A tells Soo-Young not to give up.

Go-Jin wakes up. He finds the medicine Shin-A left to him. He smiles when he remembers she grabbed his hand. He takes a look at his phone. He finds out that Se-Gi is meeting with Yang-Tae. Yang-Tae tells Se-Gi that he doesn’t trust him. Se-Gi hands over the paper to Yang-Tae.

Go-Jin notes that the box is too heavy to Shin-A. He puts his finger under the box to help her. She carries the box into his house. She tells him that she wants to leave. But he asks her to cook for him. It’s midnight after she completed the tasks he asked her to do.

Go-Jin pretends to go to buy drinks. He returns home after he saw her getting into the cab. He works out in the gym. Soo-Young hands over the water to him. She tells him that she’s waited for him. He tells her to call him instead of waiting for him. Because he thinks Shin-A will feel uncomfortable.

Soo-Young tells Go-Jin that Shin-A is her friend. She reveals she lent the dress to Shin-A. She invites him to attend her birthday dinner with Shin-A. Go-Jin tells Shin-A that he wants her to go to Soo-Young’s dinner with him. But she rejects it. So he mentions the contract she signed.

Soo-Young finds out that the chef added the onions into the food. Go-Jin eats up the onions. He mentions Shin-A asked him to eat the food he dislikes. He feeds her the meat. Soo-Young asks Go-Jin why he loves Shin-A. He mentions Shin-A never gave up him when he holds her hand.

The chef brings the coffee to Shin-A. But he burns her. Go-Jin throws a fit to the chef. Shin-A goes to the restroom. She wonders why he threw a fit at the chef. She remembers he confessed that he’s lonely. Soo-Young reminds Go-Jin that he came to the restaurant with her before. But he forgets it.

Why Shin-A Has A Pillow Fight With Go-Jin?

Go-Jin tells Soo-Young that he will forget the woman he loved after he gets his memories back. He tries to go to look for Shin-A. But Soo-Young stops him. She’s sad to tell him that she wishes that she was the one who got burned. She tells him that her heart was hurt by him. Soo-Young returns home. There’s nobody at the house except her. She sits on the couch. She feels lonely. She cries.

It flashes back. Go-Jin brings the gift to Soo-Young in the classroom. He tells her that it’s for the handkerchief. She smiles to open the gift. She finds out that it’s one piece of clothing. She likes the clothes. She wears it and runs into him in the hallway. She shows the clothes to him. It makes him laugh.

Go-Jin waits for Soo-Young at the parking lot. She joins him and holds his hand. They walk alone the street, walking into the Jewelry Store. He shows the earrings to her. She smiles. He takes her to the restaurant. He applauds and sings a birthday song for her. She blows out the candles.

Go-Jin sighs. He goes to open the door. He sees Shin-A carrying a box. The box drops after they had a fight. She finds out that the earrings are missing. He thinks she stole his earrings. She’s furious to grab his hair. She beats him in the bed.

Go-Jin fights it back with the pillow. Shin-A beats Go-Jin with the pillow. She yells at him that he’s fired. She reminds him that his nose is bleeding. She leaves his house. He arrives at the company. He finds out that she doesn’t come.

Eun-Jung calls Go-Jin. She informs him that he needs to do the shoot. Shin-A takes the resignation letter to knock at the door of Go-Jin’s office. But he doesn’t reply her. So she opens the door and walks into his office. She finds out that he’s not in the office.

Beom-Gyu calls Shin-A. He asks her to bring the paper to her. Someone touches the light when others are working in the studio. Go-Jin arrives. He sees Shin-A giving the paper to Beom-Gyu.

Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 9 Ending

Go-Jin goes to the stage. He’s going to give a speech. But the light falls. Shin-A runs to protect him. He gets up and finds out that he’s in pain after her leg was hurt by the light.

Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 9 stars Kim Jae-Wook, Krystal, Ha-Joon and Yu In-Young.

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