Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 4 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Disney Plus Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 4. Dae-Seok walks into the ward and takes out his phone. Go-Jin wakes up and fights with Dae-Seok. Shin-A hits Dae-Seok. Se-Gi shows up. The nurse treats Dae-Seok’s wound. She leaves.

Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 4 Recap

Crazy Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Disney Plus Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 4.

Dae-Seok scolds Shin-A and tells her that he wants to sue her. But Go-Jin shows his photo in Dae-Seok’s phone to him. He asks him to explain it. Dae-Seok admits that he came to take photos of Go-Jin. Go-Jin takes a photo of him. He returns the phone to Dae-Seok.

Se-Gi deletes all of Go-Jin’s photos from Dae-Seok’s phone. He returns the phone to him. He tells him that he will take him to the police station if he does it again. Shin-A shows up after Dae-Seok left. Se-Gi tells her to take Go-Jin home.

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Shin-A returns home when Ok-Hee just cooked meal. Shin-A is surprised to see her brother when she’s going to taste the noodles. She thinks her brother is dating her best friend. The two deny. Shin-A thinks Soo-Ho asked Ok-Hee to help him become a star. She tells him to give up the dream. But he denies. She pinches his ear and drives him out of the house.

Soo-Ho gets a message from Ok-Hee who tells him that she worries about him. He texts back that he worries about her as well. Shin-A asks Ok-Hee for a spell. She wants to bring the bad luck to Go-Jin. Shin-A and Ok-Hee sneak into Go-Jin’s house.

Se-Gi is on the way to Go-Jin’s house. He tells Go-Jin that he’s an outstanding man. He reveals he’s going to get an interview. He promises to help him. Soo-Young arrives at the company. The follower tells her that Go-Jin lost his memories. Soo-Young thinks it’s a good thing for her that Go-Jin forgot their breakup. She wants to go to the house.

Shin-A welcomes Go-Jin and shows the talisman to him. He suddenly has a headache. Se-Gi takes Go-Jin to his house. Shin-A massages Go-Jin’s arm. Se-Gi leaves since Shin-A took care of Go-Jin so well. Go-Jin is startled to fall off his bed after he saw Shin-A’s photo from the wall.

Go-Jin goes to the kitchen. He finds out that Shin-A is cutting fish in the evening. He’s startled to return to his room. She brings the fish to him. She tells him to eat it. But he wants to vomit after he saw the raw fish. He goes to the bathroom. She laughs.

Shin-A laughs after she drank the drinks. But she remembers what the doctor said that she’s going to die. She cries to tell the seller that she doesn’t want to die. Shin-A drives Go-Jin to the company. She tells him that she wants to cook the fish for him again. It makes him want to vomit.

Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 4 Ending

Go-Jin walks into the room. He sees the flowers from the table. He finds a knife from the flowers. Soo-Young runs into Shin-A. She tells her that she has children. Kang Min walks into the room and sees Go-Jin. Kang Min tries to leave. But Go-Jin stops him. He tells him that he doesn’t lose memories. He smiles at him.

Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 4 stars Kim Jae-Wook, Krystal, Ha-Joon and Yu In-Young.

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