Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 5 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Disney Plus Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 5. Kang Min gets on knees to Go-Jin. He asks him for his mercy. Go-Jin picks up the knife from the table. He asks Kang Min to confess to him who got him to do that.

Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 5 Recap

Crazy Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Disney Plus Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 5.

Shin-A runs into Kang Min. She recognizes him. Go-Jin sees Kang Min off. He smiles and thinks the guy cannot run from him. He pretends to be silly when Shin-A brings the drinks to him. He thinks her even if what she gave him isn’t the right drinks.

Se-Gi shows up. He worries about the interview. But Go-Jin tells Se-Gi that he’s fine. Se-Gi prepares the wheelchair for Go-Jin. Go-Jin gives a perfect speech. Soo-Young smiles when she thinks about his speech. She thinks he looks like a star.

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Shin-A wonders why Go-Jin did a great job after he lost his memories. She is upset and she finds the knife from the flowers. The guy breaks into the room when she holds the knife. He’s startled to run away. Se-Gi has a business. He lets Eun-Jung take Go-Jin to the waiting room.

Go-Jin asks Shin-A if she watched his speech. She doesn’t answer the question. Eun-Jung reveals she was moved when Go-Jin stood up. She thinks he was like a star. She asks him if he wants to attend the company gathering. He rejects it.

Eun-Jung bumps the waitress and makes her pour the noodles to Shin-A. Cha-Bae protects Shin-A. He tries to tell people that she’s Go-Jin’s fiancee. But she stops him. She smiles and offers to do second round. The colleagues agree to her plan. But Go-Jin worry about it.

Go-Jin is drunk to sing a song. But his voice makes the employees uncomfortable. Shin-A cannot stand it. She stops the music. Hee-Cheol tells Shin-A to sing a song as a punishment. Go-Jin is surprised that Shin-A’s voice is so beautiful.

Eun-Jung hands over the wine to Shin-A. She asks her to drink it up. Cha-Bae tells Eun-Jung to be nice to Shin-A. He leaks that Shin-A is Go-Jin’s fiancee. Shin-A vomits to Go-Jin. She leans her head on his shoulder when they’re in the cab. The driver tells Go-Jin that it’s true love.

Go-Jin returns home. He’s furious to take off his suit. He returns to the living room. He sees Shin-A falling asleep on the couch. He remembers what she said that she’s his fiancee. He pinches her face, thinking he won’t get married with her.

Yang-Tae meets with Eun-Jung in the car. He’s told that Shin-A is Go-Jin’s fiancee. She gives him Go-Jin’s papers. He laughs. Shin-A wakes up. She finds out that she slept on the street last night. Joon-Pal gives his coat to her. He runs away.

Soo-Young visits Go-Jin when he’s cleaning up the couch. She hands over the rice cakes to him. But the rice cakes drop when he takes it. He goes to pick the rice cakes up. But it hurts his finger. She helps him stop the bleeding with her handkerchief. She thinks it looks like their first meeting.

Does Kang Min Get Arrested?

It flashes back. Go-Jin hurts his hand when he works. She dresses the wound for him, telling him to be careful. He panics to take back his hand. He tells her that he’s not a kid. She smiles and gives her handkerchief to him. He sees her off.

Go-Jin panics to take back his hand like he did before. He tells Soo-Young that he doesn’t remember it. She introduces herself to him. She tells him that she wants to be his friend. Ok-Hee walks out of her house. She sees Shin-A. She finds out that she vomited. She laughs because she believes that Go-Jin kissed Shin-A. She tells her to go to wash up.

Shin-A goes to the bathroom. She’s shocked after she saw herself in the mirror. She wonders why she forgot what happened. She worries that she loses her memories like Go-Jin. Shin-A wakes Go-Jin up. She tells him that she’s going to take him to the hospital. But he finds out that she took him to the mall.

Go-Jin asks Shin-A why she took him to the women clothing store. She explains that she needs to wear good dresses because she’s his fiancee. She buys many dresses, paying the bill with company card. He tells her not to use the company card to buy dresses. She makes her believe that he doesn’t want to spend money on her. She throws a fit to him in front of the sellers.

Go-Jin tells Shin-A that he doesn’t intend to do that. She’s happy to pinch his face, thinking he cares for her very much. She walks away after she saw the beautiful dress. Someone takes a photo of Go-Jin. Shin-A goes to the company. The employees bow to her. Pil-Sun spots it. She’s confused.

Shin-A tells Se-Gi that Cha-Bae leaked her identity to the employees. She reveals Go-Jin went to the company dinner. Se-Gi is surprised. He cheers Shin-A up. The seller brings many dresses to Go-Jin. She tells him that it was purchased by Shin-A. He’s furious to call Joon-Pal.

Shin-A is looking at something from Go-Jin’s desk. Joon-Pal hides under the couch to turn on the TV with the remote. It startles Shin-A. She watches the news about Kang Min. So-Ra breaks into the cafe. She tells Hye-Sun and Eun-Hee that Kang Min got arrested.

Pil-Sun shows up. She tries to tell something to the girls. Eun-Hee stops Pil-Sun. Because she thinks what she wants to say is about Kang Min. But Pil-Sun tells Eun-Hee that Shin-A is Go-Jin’s wife. Kang Min gets off the police car. The reporter asks Kang Min to say something to Go-Jin when he faces the camera. But Kang Min refuses to say anything.

Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 5 Ending

Go-Jin watches the news that Kang Min is taken away by the police. Se-Gi shows up. He asks Go-Jin if he’s fine. Go-Jin admits it. He remembers Kang Min drove the car to hit him. He saw someone walking to him. The person wore a watch.

Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 5 stars Kim Jae-Wook, Krystal, Ha-Joon and Yu In-Young.

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