Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 6 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Disney Plus Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 6. Se-Gi brings the food Go-Jin liked to him. Go-Jin tells Se-Gi that he wants to see Kang Min. The colleagues talk about Go-Jin. Michelle Lee thinks Go-Jin is changed because of love.

Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 6 Recap

Crazy Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Disney Plus Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 6.

Yang-Tae visits Soo-Young and gives her the invitation card. She accepts the invitation card. He feels happy when he’s on the way home. Because Soo-Young joined him. He calls Eun-Jung and tells her to let Shin-A join them because she told him that she’s Shin-A’s best friend.

Go-Jin arrives at the company. He’s surprised that the employees are nice to him. He’s confused. He gets a message from Se-Gi who praises him. Go-Jin visits Kang Min in the jail. He tells Se-Gi to leave because he wants to have a talk with Kang Min alone.

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Go-Jin asks Kang Min if Shin-A helped him hit him. Kang Min is confused because he doesn’t know Shin-A. Go-Jin reminds Kang Min that Shin-A is his secretary. Eun-Jung asks Shin-A for a meeting up. But she doesn’t come when Shin-A waits for her at the cafe. Yang-Tae shows up behind Shin-A. He greets her.

Go-Jin studies the relationship of Shin-A and Kang Min. He wonders why she did it. He receives a photo from Joon-Pal. He finds out that Shin-A is meeting with Yang-Tae. Yang-Tae takes Shin-A to the clothing store. He tells her that he knows she’s Go-Jin’s fiancee. He asks her to choose the bags she likes.

Yang-Tae’s wife shows up. She mistakes that Shin-A is the woman her husband is seeing. She grabs her hair. Yang-Tae bites his wife’s hand to stop her. She’s furious and she tries to slap Shin-A. But Go-Jin hugs Shin-A from her back. He carries her away. He makes the woman slap her husband.

Go-Jin tells Yang-Tae’s wife that Shin-A is his fiancee. He asks her to buy Shin-A all of the bags. He ruins the bag. Go-Jin takes Shin-A to the elevator. But he realizes that he’s holding her hand. He releases her hand and sees Soo-Young. He takes Shin-A aside to avoid Soo-Young.

But Soo-Young returns because she forgot to take her phone. Go-Jin has to hug Shin-A in the elevator so that Soo-Young doesn’t see him. Shin-A drives home after her uncle told her that her father’s tractor rolled off. But she finds out that her father Yong-Gu is fine.

Yong-Gu sees Go-Jin vomiting. He asks Shin-A about it. She realizes that she just gave up Go-Jin. Yong-Gu tells Go-Jin that his daughter is outstanding. Go-Jin agrees to what Yong-Gu said. He reveals he and Shin-A are engaged. Shin-A puts the apple into Go-Jin’s mouth. She wants to leave with him.

But Shin-A finds out that Soo-Ho is taking photos of Go-Jin’s car. She runs to slap him from his back. Go-Jin tries to open the door of his car. But he sees a ghost who’s acted by Ok-Hee. He passes out. Shin-A takes care of Go-Jin. She walks out of the room, telling Ok-Hee that Go-Jin is fine.

Ok-Hee laughs because she didn’t expect that Go-Jin would pass out. She leaks that Go-Jin is Shin-A’s fiance. Shin-A wonders why Soo-Ho returned home. He reveals it’s their mom’s death anniversary. But she forgot it. Shin-A pays her respect to her mom. She tells Yong-Gu to buy pancakes in the next death anniversary. But he rejects it because he wants to cook for his wife in person.

Soo-Ho wants to give up the job. But Yong-Gu tells his son not to give up. Shin-A yells at Yong-Gu. She thinks his brother will die if he puts up everything. She walks out of the house. She sighs. Go-Jin shows up. He tells her that he wants to leave on his own. But he’s startled to step back after he ran into Ok-Hee.

Go-Jin catches Shin-A to protect himself. He’s surprised that Ok-Hee welcomed him. Moon-Sik introduces Go-Jin to his friends as Yong-Gu’s son-in-law. Go-Jin has to get back to the house. The friends ask Go-Jin to drink with them. Shin-A replaces the wine with the water. He runs out of the house after the men are drunk.

Go-Jin tries to drive his car away. But he’s stop by the cop because he thinks Go-Jin drove after he drank. Go-Jin is taken to the police station. The cop finds out that he didn’t drink after he got the test. Shin-A gets a call from the cop who tells her that Go-Jin is at the police station.

Shin-A arrives at the police station. She sees Go-Jin having a fight with the cop. She stops him and tells the cop that she’s Go-Jin’s guardian. Go-Jin walks out of the police station. He complains that the people in the countryside are evil. Shin-A tells him to leave.

Go-Jin gets into his car. He finds out that he’s out of gas. Shin-A takes him home with the tractor. Yong-Gu smiles after he saw them. Shin-A tells Go-Jin to sleep with her. She adds that her father’s friends are good persons. She reveals it’s her mom’s death anniversary.

Go-Jin remembers he cried at his grandmother’s funeral. He learns that Shin-A lost her mom when she was young. He walks out the house, finding out that his car is stuffed with potatoes. Shin-A gets a call from Ok-Hee who tells her that she put her father’s gifts into Go-Jin’s car. Shin-A explains to Go-Jin that she put the potatoes into his car. She tells him to get into the car.

Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 6 Ending

Go-Jin doesn’t want to keep the potatoes into his car. Shin-A carries the potatoes out of his car. She refuses to driver him, selling the potatoes on the street. He goes to look for her, seeing a potato on the ground. She sees a guy getting hit. The potatoes drop.

Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 6 stars Kim Jae-Wook, Krystal, Ha-Joon and Yu In-Young.

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