Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 7 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Disney Plus Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 7. Go-Jin stares at the potato. He remembers he was happy after he ate the potato his grandmother cooked for him. He picks up the grandmother. He remembers Yong-Gu told him to eat the potato after he drank.

Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 7 Recap

Crazy Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Disney Plus Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 7.

Go-Jin smiles. But he remembers he told Shin-A to throw away those potatoes. He thinks he was mean. But he convinces himself that he didn’t do anything wrong. He throws away the potato. Shin-A walks out of the building. She sees a guy passing by.

Shin-A remembers she saw the guy dying in front of her. Go-Jin is waiting for Shin-A’s phone. He tries to call her. But he gives up the mind. Because he thinks she’s the one who should apologize to him. Shin-A cries on the bus when she thinks about she’s going to die.

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Shin-A sees Go-Jin laughing when he watches the movie. She thinks he’s a human like her. She decides to forgive him because he didn’t do anything wrong. Go-Jin mistakes that Shin-A doesn’t come back. He’s furious to throw away the pillow.

Go-Jin doesn’t sleep well because of Shin-A. He goes to the kitchen. He sees the breakfast. She shows up from his back. He yells at her. She thinks he has waited for her. He claims that he didn’t do that. He doesn’t want to taste the dish. Because he worries that she added poison into the dish. But he’s hungry.

Shin-A asks Go-Jin why he dislikes onions. He remembers he told his grandmother that he doesn’t want to eat onions. Because he was called onion boy. Shin-A tells Go-Jin to do the things he hates because life is short. Go-Jin arrives at the company. He ignores the guard when he bows to him. The guard thinks the real Go-Jin came back.

The secretary bumps Go-Jin in front of the elevator. He apologizes to her. The secretary Hye-Sun tells other two secretaries that Go-Jin just apologized to her. Go-Jin wants to know what made Shin-A changed. He calls Joon-Pal and asks for a meeting up.

Joon-Pal breaks into Go-Jin’s office with the looks of the cleaner. Go-Jin thinks Joon-Pal did a great job on looking into Shin-A. He wants to sign a contract with him. Joon-Pal takes out the contract he prepared. Go-Jin signs the contract. Joon-Pal finds the holes on Go-Jin’s suit.

Se-Gi breaks into Go-Jin’s office. He wonders why the cleaner is there. Go-Jin explains that he spilled the coffee. Se-Gi tells Go-Jin that Kang Min cannot get the bail. He thinks what Kang Min needs is Go-Jin’s forgiveness. Shin-A hands over the breakfast to the guard Mr. Hwang. She tails Pil-Sun.

Se-Gi calls the lawyer. He tells him that he doesn’t wish Kang Min to get released. He tells him not to let Go-Jin know it. Shin-A hands over the breakfast to Eun-Jung. Eun-Jung explains that she didn’t come because she had a business.

Eun-Jung wants to buy Shin-A a meal. But Shin-A rejects. It makes Eun-Jung unhappy. Michelle Lee shows up. She thinks Eun-Jung is jealous of Shin-A. She points out that the shoes she wears are knockoffs. Eun-Jung cries. She complains that Shin-A used to be her follower. She takes a look at the photo that she’s teaching. She gets a call from the loan shark. She promises to repay him the money.

Does Shin-A Resign?

Go-Jin goes to the clothing room. He finds out that all of his suits were ruined by Shin-A. He’s shocked after he found the holes on his artwork. Shin-A also didn’t forgive his cactus. Shin-A packs her stuff and she decides to leave the company. She wonders why she’s not happy.

Shin-A calls Se-Gi. She meets with him at the cafe. She hands over the resignation letter to him. Secretary Jo tells Soo-Young to hire teachers from other companies. She thinks it’s a great idea. She tells him to run the plan. He reminds her that she needs to go to see her father.

Soo-Young visits her father Chairman Baek in the hospital. She tries to leave because she has nothing to say to him. But he stops her and tells her to take over Go-Jin’s company. But she rejects it and tells him that she won’t be like him.

Chairman Baek points out that Soo-Young got married for money. But she claims that she did that for love. Go-Jin goes to the parking lot. He finds out that the car he likes got ruined by Shin-A. He feels uncomfortable. He sees Soo-Young. She ignores him and walks away. But she returns and leans her head on his back.

It flashes back. Go-Jin wants to return the handkerchief to Soo-Young. But he avoids her after he saw her. She walks to him, asking him to return the handkerchief to her. He tells her that he threw it away. He promises to buy her a new one. She stops him and leans her head on his back.

Yang-Tae watches Go-Jin’s news. He’s furious to turn off the TV. The follower brings the broken bags to Yang-Tae. Yang-Tae gets angry. Shin-A walks on the street. She sees the couple hugging each other. She remembers Go-Jin hugged her. She panics to walk away.

Shin-A returns home. She’s startled by Ok-Hee who dresses up to be an old woman. She asks her if she likes her counterpart when she acts. She reveals her heart just beating faster. It makes Ok-Hee believe that Shin-A has feelings for Go-Jin.

Shin-A panics to deny. She walks out of her house. Ok-Hee wonders why Shin-A did that. She smiles after she realized something. Hee-Cheol talks with someone over the phone. Cha-Bae shows up behind him. It startles Hee-Cheol. Hee-Cheol has a fight with Cha-Bae.

Hee-Cheol gets a call from Baek Education. Cha-Bae thinks Baek Education is trying to steal the teachers from other companies. Cha-Bae claims that he got a call from Baek Education as well. But Hee-Cheol doesn’t believe what Cha-Bae said. He leaves the office. Cha-Bae yells at Hee-Cheol. He thinks he will regret for what he acted one day.

Go-Jin sees the new secretary. He’s confused. Shin-A takes the train to see Soo-Ho. He thinks she got fired. She gets angry but she still gives the money to him. He’s surprised that she gave him so much money. She tells him to use the money to do acting.

Shin-A walks out of the house. Yong-Gu is surprised to see her. She asks him why he gave the potatoes to them. He thinks it’s nothing because he believes that Go-Jin will become his son-in-law. Shin-A cooks for her father. She tells him to get married because she worries that he’s lonely.

Yong-Gu tells Shin-A not to worry about him. He notes that she has a trouble. He tells her to hang in there. She agrees to what he said. She tells him not to blame anyone. He promises and he’s happy to eat the food she cooked for him. She stares at him with worry. Because she believes she will pass away before him.

Go-Jin visits Joon-Pal. Joon-Pal shows the photo of Shin-A’s room to Go-Jin. He tells him that there’s nothing weird. But Go-Jin finds the suitcase from the photo. He believes that the girl wants to flee. Shin-A looks at the outside. She finds out that the city is very beautiful. She tells the driver that she’s going to leave.

The doctor wonders why Shin-A doesn’t come back to see him. He thinks she needs his medicine. The old man breaks into the doctor’s office. He blames him for misdiagnosing his daughter. The doctor finds out that he mistook Shin-A as another cancer patient. He tells the nurse to go to summon Shin-A.

Shin-A goes to the film studio. She tells the photographer to take a photo for her. She gets a call from the hospital. She runs to the hospital, breaking into the doctor’s office. She yells at the doctor.

Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 7 Ending

The doctor tells Shin-A that she doesn’t have a cancer. She’s happy to dance at the bus stop. But she sees Go-Jin’s photo from the bus. She returns to his house, finding out that he falls asleep. She returns to her room. She turns on the light. She packs her stuff and decides to flee.

Crazy Love K-Drama: Episode 7 stars Kim Jae-Wook, Krystal, Ha-Joon and Yu In-Young.

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