Doctor Cha K-Drama: Episode 9 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Doctor Cha K-Drama: Episode 9. Jeong-Suk walks into the restaurant. In-Ho prepares a seat for her. She sits down. Ae-Sim mentions she saw a lady who was very beautiful. She finds out that the beautiful lady is Jeong-Suk.

Jeong-Suk Decides to Leave her House

Doctor Cha

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Doctor Cha K-Drama: Episode 9.

The waiter brings a cake to Jeong-Suk. She takes a look at the cake. She finds out that In-Ho treats her as his beloved wife. The waiter lights the candles. The families sing birthday song for Jeong-Suk. Jung-Min films Jeong-Suk.

Seung-Hi watches the scene. She wishes herself to be the leading role. She gets a message from her daughter who wishes her to come home. Every family gives Jeong-Suk a present except In-Ho. Seung-Hi tears up in the car. In-Ho gives the flowers to Jeong-Suk because he has given a present to her before.

Jeong-Suk accepts the flowers from In-Ho. She doesn’t expect that she would get flowers from him. She presses his hand into the cake when he thinks about how to cut the cake. She laughs to tell him that it’s a birthday present. She wipes the cream off his face.

In-Ho washes himself face in the restroom. He thinks about something. He gives his families a ride. He turns on the radio. He thinks Jeong-Suk liked the song when she was in the school. But she points out that the one who liked the song was his ex-girlfriend.

But Jeong-Suk tells In-Ho that she liked the song as well. She thinks his ex-girlfriend liked same man like her. I-Rang asks Jeong-Suk about her and In-Ho’s wedding. Jeong-Suk remembers In-Ho’s ex-girlfriend sang a love song in front of them at the wedding.

Ae-Sim tells I-Rang that she didn’t like the wedding as well. Jeong-Suk cries. She asks In-Ho to drop her. She walks alone on the street. Ae-Sim worries that Jeong-Suk found out that her husband cheated on her. Jung-Min comforts Ae-Sim that it was just a joke.

But I-Rang thinks Jeong-Suk did it for looking for the evidence. Seung-Hi returns home. She sees the fried chicken Eun-Seo left. She walks into Eun-Seo’s room. She finds out that she falls asleep. She sleeps with her and hugs her. Eun-Seo asks Seung-Hi if something happened.

Seung-Hi denies it. She tells Eun-Seo that she wishes to sleep with her. She tears up. In-Ho asks Jeong-Suk about his black tie. He reveals he’s going to attend the funeral of his teacher’s wife. She asks him when he will pass away.

In-Ho asks Jeong-Suk if she will be happy if he answers her. She tells him that she hopes him to die before her so that he won’t feel sad like his teacher. She tells him to come home early. Jeong-Suk goes to see a lawyer. The lawyer tells Jeong-Suk to collect the evidence.

But Jeong-Suk wishes to get a clean divorce. But the lawyer tells Jeong-Suk that there’s no clean divorce in the world. Jeong-Suk runs with Roy Kim. She stops. He wonders why she didn’t run. She tells him that the running won’t help her.

It makes Roy Kim believe that something happened to Jeong-Suk. He asks her if she wishes to be a medical volunteer. He tells her to join him. Jeong-Suk has a meeting with her families. She tells them that she’s going to leave the house. Jeong-Suk asks I-Rang to understand her decision. She tells In-Ho and Ae-Sim that she doesn’t care for their opinions. I-Rang tells Jeong-Suk not to think about her.

Ae-Sim tells Jeong-Suk that she cannot do the housework on her own. Jeong-Suk tells Ae-Sim that she’s tired as well. She tells her to lower her standard when she hires the housekeeper. She packs her stuff. She tells In-Ho that she’s going to be the medical volunteer.

In-Ho wants to help Jeong-Suk. But she rejects it because she thinks she can call a cab. She tells Ae-Sim to take care of I-Rang before she leaves. Ae-Sim believes that Jeong-Suk won’t come back. Jung-Min calls So-Ra. He tells her that he wishes to drink coffee with her. It makes her realize that he has feelings for her.

So-Ra walks out of her dormitory. She runs into Jeong-Suk. She’s surprised that she lives in the dormitory as well. Jung-Min sees So-Ra. He tries to greet her. But he sees his mother. Jeong-Suk sees the two. She thinks the two have a date.

Jung-Min is rude to So-Ra in front of Jeong-Suk. He runs away. Jeong-Suk smiles when So-Ra gets angry. In-Ho walks into Jeong-Suk’s room to ask her about his stuff. But he finds out that she’s not in the room. He sees her and greets her. But she walks away.

Deok-Rye calls Jeong-Suk. She tells her that she’s going to pick some mugwort. Jeong-Suk worries about her mother because Deok-Rye’s shoulder was hurt. In-Ho leaves a seat for Jeong-Suk on the bus. But she chooses to sit with Roy Kim.

Seung-Hi sees the group photo. She calls In-Ho. But he doesn’t pick up her phone. Deok-Rye runs into Seung-Hi and greets her. She mentions she gave her a treatment on her back. Seung-Hi wonders why Deok-Rye’s daughter didn’t accompany her to the hospital.

Deok-Rye explains to Seung-Hi that she doesn’t wish her daughter to worry about her. Seung-Hi is envy of Deok-Rye because she’s close to her daughter. She reveals her mother passed away when she was in high school. Deok-Rye grabs Seung-Hi’s hand. She comforts her that her mother didn’t leave her.

Seung-Hi is moved by Deok-Rye’s words. She thinks her daughter is very lucky. Deok-Rye reveals her daughter is a doctor as well. She denies it when Seung-Hi asks her if her daughter works in the hospital as well. Seung-Hi returns to her office. Ae-Sim is waiting for her.

Doctor Cha K-Drama: Episode 9 Ending

Episode 9 of Doctor Cha K-Drama ends with So-Ra asking Jung-Min for his phone because she wishes to watch the footage he mentioned. He hands over his phone to her. He goes to the restroom because he drank too much. She sees Jeong-Suk’s footage.

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