Eternal Love of Dream: Episode 20 Recap

This is the recap for Eternal Love of Dream: Episode 20. Yang Shun reports to Queen that Xiao Jiu fled with Qing Ti and Xuan Ren got men to catch them. He reveals the two’s letters were found out, and thinks they love each other. Queen is furious.

Eternal Love of Dream: Episode 20 Recap

Eternal Love of Dream: Episode 20

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Eternal Love of Dream: Episode 20.

Eternal Love of Dream begins with Prince telling Chu Yin to stop their plan as the wedding is ended. But Chu Yin thinks heaven helped him as Xuan Ren doesn’t trust Qing Ti anymore.

Qing Ti and Xiao Jiu rest in the woods. He tells her that they will take two days and two nights to leave Chengyu nation, and asks if she feels regret. She denies and feels sorry for getting him involved.

The enemies arrive. Qing Ti tells Xiao Jiu to flee, and he puts his sword on the neck of the General. General tells Qing Ti that he cannot break Xuan Ren’s order. Xiao Jiu stops Qing Ti and thinks she shouldn’t see him dying. Xiao Jiu tells General that she will return with him. Qing Ti throws off his sword and wants to die with Xiao Jiu.

Yang Shun brings Xiao Jiu to Xuan Ren, and she sees the incense burner broken by him. She gets on knees. He tells her that he prepared a trip for them, and feels regret for not seeing it. He asks her when she and Qing Ti began, and reveals he knew that she cheated him as there wasn’t any storyteller telling the story of emperor and beauty.

Xuan Ren asks Xiao Jiu if she stayed with Qing Ti that night. She is in tear and admits that she asked Qing Ti to take her away. Xuan Ren is in pain and asks Xiao Jiu why she didn’t leave that time.

Xiao Jiu says that it’s because she likes money and power. Xuan Ren mentions what Xiao Jiu said that her love is real even if she’s forced. He is furious to grab her cheek and blames her for repaying him like this.

Xiao Jiu feels sorry. Xuan Ren admires her that she makes him think that he cannot get a woman. He says that his position of empress didn’t exchange with her true heart. He asks her if he is a joke to her.

Xuan Ren asks Xiao Jiu if he still misses Qing Ti. She thinks it was a mistake from the beginning. He asks her if she regrets for meeting him. She cries and tells him that she never regrets for meeting him. But he doesn’t want to see her. She kowtows to her and leaves.

Xiao Jiu vomits blood and passes out. Xuan Ren runs to hug her. But Queen tells Xuan Ren not to touch Xiao Jiu, and sends her to jail.

The ministers tell Xuan Ren to kill Xiao Jiu and Qing Ti. But he leaves the court. Xuan Ren visits Qing Ti, and Qing Ti gets on knees. Xuan Ren tells Qing Ti to have a seat. But Qing Ti doesn’t dare to do that.

Xuan Ren thinks Qing Ti is with big guts as he ran away with his empress. He asks him when he began with Xiao Jiu. Qing Ti says that he fell for her when he knew that she is a girl, but she became empress soon.

Qing Ti doesn’t know if Xiao Jiu loves him, and she just said that she doesn’t want to stay in the palace. So he took her away from the palace. Xuan Ren blames Qing Ti for bringing trouble to Chengyu nation.

Chun Yin gives the demon blade Blue Rain to Ying Prince, and tells him to chop him when he blocks him. Cheng Yu visits Xiao Jiu and thinks she is silly. Xiao Jiu thinks the love disaster she must experience. But she felt pain when she took it. You can also check out Eternal Love of Dream: Episode 19.

Cheng Yu thinks Xiao Jiu shouldn’t come to mortal world. Xiao Jiu says that Xuan Ren still loves her even if she steps on him, and she disappointed Xuan Ren and Qing Ti. Cheng Yu points out that Xiao Jiu disappointed Xuan Ren for heavenly emperor, and it’s the disaster of Qing Ti. Cheng Yu gives the stuff to Xiao Jiu, and tells her that she will feel comfortable after returning to nine heaven if Xuan Ren gives the death to her.

Xuan Ren kowtows to Queen and asks her to forgive Xiao Jiu. She thinks he is insane, and asks how he will deal with the two. Xuan Ren says that he will let Xiao Jiu and Qing Ti leave. Queen thinks he is too cowardly, and wants to kill Xiao Jiu. He tells her that he will keep on knees if she doesn’t forgive Xiao Jiu. Queen is furious to leave.

The man kills the bodyguard and opens the door. The enemies run into the city. Yang Shun reports it to Xuan Ren. Xuan Ren tells the General to command Jinwei army. But the General points out that the army is commanded by Qing Ti, and Xuan Ren tells him to release Qing Ti. The follower reports to Xuan Ren that Xiao Jiu wants to see him after hearing something happened in the city.

Xuan Ren visits Xiao Jiu, and she asks him to release Qing Ti for the people. Qing Ti takes his followers to fight with enemies. Ying Prince arrives at the Emperor’s Tomb and kills the bodyguards.

Xuan Ren takes Xiao Jiu to the room and intends to send her out of the palace. But she stops him and thinks the enemies are for Lingbi stone. Xuan Ren tells Qing Ti to go to Emperor’s Tomb with his men.

When Ying Prince is going to take Lingbi stone, Xuan Ren arrives. Xuan Ren thinks Ying Prince wants the stone and his throne. Eternal Love of Dream ends with Ying Prince saying that the stone and the throne belong to him, and thinks Xuan Ren’s birth brings back luck to Chengyu nation.

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