“Eternal Love of Dream” (2020 Drama)

Eternal Love of Dream (Three Lives, Three Worlds: The Pillow Book) is a most popular 2020 Chinese drama which tells the story about princess of Qinqiu Bai Fengjiu and the god Dong Hua’s love.

Eternal Love of Dream is starred by Gao Weiguang, Dilraba Dilmurat. Yang Me also casts the tv show.

Eternal Love of Dream: Episode 9

Bai Fengjiu is saved by Dong Hua once, and she decides to repay his kindness. But she doesn’t know she will fall for him, and he will fall for her back.

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Eternal Love of Dream Episodes

Eternal Love of Dream Episode 1

The man notes that Zhe Yan is making immortal restraint strap, and asks him who he makes for. Zhe Yan says that it’s Feng Jiu, and complains that she always brings troubles. The man is surprised that Feng Jiu likes Dong Hua, and Zhe Yan thinks Feng Jiu will give up after she knowing the pain of love.

Eternal Love of Dream Episode 2

Chief Maid asks Feng Jiu to send the wind butterfly inside, and Feng Jiu heard that the butterfly dances in the wind and creates hurricane once it touches water.

Eternal Love of Dream Episode 3

Chi Wu realizes that he masters nothing Ji Heng likes, and the maid tells Chi Wu that the kitchen cooked the braised demon beast. He asks her to tell the kitchen not to cook it anymore as he thinks Ji Heng won’t like it. He tells her that he will braise them if he cannot marry Ji Heng. Chi Wu thinks Ji Heng will fall for him if he defeats Dong Hua.

Eternal Love of Dream Episode 4

Dong Hua asks Ji Heng why she is there, and she explains that she came to stop Chi Wu but fell into the realm. He thinks she shouldn’t be there as the realm was turned into by soul locking jade. She says that she got him involved it, but he says that he takes the chance to get rid of evils in the realm.

Eternal Love of Dream Episode 5

Dong Hua carries Min Su to demon palace, and Xun Yang asks Dong Hua to marry Ji Heng. But Dong Hua is against it as he doesn’t intend to get married. Xun Yang tells Dong Hua that he does it for the peace of demons and gods, and it’s Dong Hua’s wish.

Eternal Love of Dream Episode 6

Ji Heng steps in and wants to leave a note to Dong Hua because she doesn’t understand the Buddhist scriptures. Dong Hua shows up and mistakes that Ji Heng fixed the design, and tells her to aid him when he makes the knife.

Eternal Love of Dream Episode 7

The maid walks Zhi He and worries how should Taichen palace explain to the guests when they come to congratulate Dong Hua tomorrow. Zhi He points out that Ji Heng should explain to her first, and complains that Ji Heng takes away Dong Hua and humiliates her. Ji Heng kicks off the door. Dong Hua sees the sweet potatoes, and takes them away.

Eternal Love of Dream Episode 8

Fox King asks Feng Jiu if she has ever thought about her mother if anything happens to her. Feng Jiu promises to be a qualified queen of Qingqiu. Fox King forgives her. Feng Jiu and A Li go to pick loquats.

Eternal Love of Dream Episode 9

Cheng Yu invites Feng Jiu to drink at her place, but Feng Jiu rejects it. Cheng Yu thinks Feng Jiu is still sad for Dong Hua. Feng Jiu denies, and she still wants to repay kindness. Cheng Yu reveals Si Ming told her that Dong Hua went to the mortal realm.

Eternal Love of Dream Episode 10

Chu Yin tells Emperor to get Lingbi stone through beauty. Ji Heng walks in the palace, and Emperor is stunned by her beauty. He asks her if she agrees to take the imperial matrimony for Chongan kingdom. She says yes.

Eternal Love of Dream Episode 11

Qing Ti takes the spear to break the crossbow carts, and he fights with enemies. But more archers show up. Ling Xiang catches the arrow which shoots Chu Wan. Chu Wan tells Ling Xiang not to show her martial arts so that they can steal Lingbi stone.

Eternal Love of Dream Episode 12

Cheng Yu tells Feng Jiu not to be silly. Feng Jiu disagrees and reveals she bit Ji Heng for the short knife drawing. Cheng Yu asks Feng Jiu if Ji Heng was harmful to her. Feng Jiu denies and thinks Ji Heng lost her memories. Because Ji Heng doesn’t have any reaction when Feng Jiu calls her name.

Eternal Love of Dream Episode 13

Mu Yun adds that the girl saved her life in the dream. Feng Jiu realizes that Mu Yun was the Mufeng butterfly, and gives her the hairpin. Feng Jiu asks Mu Yun to prepare a basin of water, and Mu Yun mistakes that Feng Jiu intends to take bath with Xuan Ren.

Eternal Love of Dream Episode 14

Xuan Ren blames Feng Jiu for not letting him taste the cake first, and thinks he doesn’t have any position in her mind. He tells her to leave, but he regrets it soon after finding out that the cake is so delicious.

Eternal Love of Dream Episode 15

Qing Ti helps Feng Jiu out of the jail.

Eternal Love of Dream Episode 16

Xuan Ren takes Xiao Jiu to see Lingbi stone.

Eternal Love of Dream Episode 17

Ling Xiang is caught for stealing Lingbi stone.

Eternal Love of Dream Episode 18

Song Xuanren finds out that Xiao Jiu cheated on him.

Eternal Love of Dream Episode 19

Xiao Jiu becomes the empress. But she doesn’t feel happy and asks Qing Ti to take her to leave the palace.

Eternal Love of Dream Episode 20

Qing Ti takes Xiao Jiu to run away from the palace. But they’re caught by the men of Xuan Ren. Xiao Jiu gets back to the palace again, and she feels sorry to Xuan Ren. He is cold to her, but his heart is soft when she vomits blood. Queen reminds Xuan Ren that the woman betrayed him, and asks him if he wants to get betrayed again.

Xuan Ren visits Ting Ti and knows that Qing Ti isn’t the man Xiao Jiu likes. He thinks he is too silly. Chu Yin provokes Ying Prince to attack the palace when Qing Ti is in jail. Xuan Ren has to release Qing Ti. Xiao Jiu reminds Xuan Ren that what the enemies want is Lingbi stone. Xuan Ren catches Ying Prince before he gets Lingbi stone.

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