Ever Night Season 2: Episode 5 Recap

This is the recap for Ever Night Season 2: Episode 5. Bao Shu tells Qu Ni that hades will bring eternal night to world and it needs the son of hades. She says that son of hades comes when Ning Que shows up with Sang Sang.

Ever Night Season 2: Episode 5 Recap

Ever Night Season 2: Episode 5

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Ever Night Season 2: Episode 5.

Cheng Jia greets Sang Sang, and Ning Que tells Cheng Jia that her aunt believe the rumor of the son of hades. She tells him to ask Qu Ni about it directly.

Ning Que threatens to do something if anyone mentions son of hades. Cheng Jia points out that nobody will call him that to his face if he doesn’t bring it up himself. Qu Ni is furious to take Cheng Jia back.

Guang Hai tells Qi Shan that Qu Ni snatched the Yulan bell away, and Qi Shan asks Guan Hai to take him to the hall. Shan Shan tells Ning Que that she worries about him, and Qi Shan arrives.

Bao Shu tells people that there was an unexplained celestial phenomenon appearing in wilderness sixteen years ago, and ambassadors gathered together there from different sects. Because they realized that the son of hades had come to the world.

Qu Ni asks if son of hades is a rumor. Qi Shan says that the signs of eternal night has come, and Man Man found the length of night was gradually getting longer.

Qi Shan adds that the warm sea has shown signs of freezing. Bao Shu thinks the barbarians moving southward proves that what Man Man saw is true. He offers to get a way to deal with eternal night.

Qu Ni thinks they need to find the son of hades and kill him. She asks Ning Que if he wants to say something, and thinks he is the son of hades. Ning Que tells Sang Sang that her dream comes true that she dreamt an old witch.

Ning Que tells Qu Ni not to say anything if she doesn’t have evidence. She mentions what Guang Ming said that the son of hades was born in Tianwei General Manor, and Ning Que is the only survivor.

Ning Que thinks Guang Ming cannot testify it because he was dead, and he was jailed in west palace for it over ten years. He tells Qu Ni not to say if she doesn’t want to bring disaster to moon ring state.

Qu Ni wonders why there is a shameless person in academy like Ning Que. Ning Que admits it and tells Qu Ni not to do meaningless things. She thinks the people of academy are as arrogant as before.

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Bao Shu holds the Yulan bell and tells Ning Que it’s called pure bell. Cheng Jia reveals Yulan flower is best at detecting and suppressing evil auras, and the bronze in the bell has been in a Yulan magnolia field for millions of years.

Ning Que thinks what they will say is that the broken bell can find the location of son of hades. He wonders why west palace killed so many people to find the son of hades since the bell is so good.

Bao Shu explains that the son of hades wasn’t yet awakened, and Ning Que thinks the bell was stolen by Bao Shu from somewhere. Qi Shan tells Sang Sang to leave before someone rings the bell.

Sang Sang tells Ning Que that she is tired, and he intends to leave with her. Qu Ni provokes Ning Que that it’s a reason if he doesn’t dare to hear the bell ring. Qi Shan tells Ning Que to leave the place even though he kills Bao Shu.

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Fu Zi asks Jun Mo what he thinks he lacks the most. Jun Mo says that he isn’t brave like Hao Ran to go against the whole world. Fu Zi tells Jun Mo that the most difficult stage comes from love.

Bao Shu rings the bell, and the crows show up around Sang Sang. She feels painful and vomits blood. Ning Que is shocked and cuts down Bao Shu. He casts the black umbrella to Sang Sang, and protects her from the attacks of crows.

Qi Shan tells Bao Shu not to ring the bell since Ning Que and Sang Sang cannot run away. But Qu Ni asks Qi Shan to give people an explanation. Qi Shan tells people that Ning Que isn’t the son of hades and Sang Sang is the daughter of hades.

Ning Que takes his blade and cannot accept the truth. Qi Shan says that he knew Sang Sang is the daughter of hades when she put her hand on his palm and he felt the chill. He tells people it’s the unique stamp hades left within her body.

Qi Shan says that it can not be normal illness since Fu Zi and West Palace Healers couldn’t cure it. Ning Que thinks Fu Zi couldn’t have been unable to see since he can do anything. Qi Shan says that Fu Zi couldn’t do it so that he sent Sang Sang to Lan Ke.

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Qi Shan tells Ning Que that the three chess games prove Sang Sang is the daughter of hades. Ning Que doesn’t believe it. Qi Shan asks Ning Que if he sensed the abnormal things of Sang Sang, and points out that the big black umbrella isn’t the stuff of mortal world.

Qi Shan reveals the big black umbrella is a piece of darkness, and the baby was Sang Sang when General Lin’s families were killed. He adds that Sang Sang’s families should be killed if Guang Ming didn’t make mistake.

Bao Shu asks Ning Que to leave Sang Sang, but Ning Que goes to see Sang Sang when she calls him young master. She tears up and tells him to leave as she doesn’t want to be his burden.

But Ning Que doesn’t want Sang Sang to die. Qu Ni reminds Ning Que that academy won’t come to save him. He helps Sang Sang get up, and she holds the big black umbrella. Ning Que claims that it’s not related to academy, and tells Qi Shan that he must take Sang Sang away.

Qi Shan tells Ning Que that Sang Sang is his disciple, and holds out his hand. But he passes out. Qu Ni tells Sang Sang that she must die. Ning Que tells people that he can only fight with them if they’re all against Sang Sang.

The people attack Sang Sang, and Ning Que takes her to run away. Shan Shan blocks the people’s way.

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