Everyone Loves Me: Episode 10 Recap

This is the recap for Everyone Loves Me: Episode 10. Xiao Cao thinks the guy likes Yue Qianling. He volunteers to be Yue Qianling’s boyfriend for rejecting the guy. The guy learns that Yue Qianling’s boyfriend was nice to her when they played games together. He wonders if her boyfriend was nice to her in the reality.

Everyone Loves Me Episode 10 Recap: Fan Xing Gives Yue Qianling A Hard Time

Everyone Loves Me Episode 10

Yue Qianling reports to Gu Xun that the guy likes someone else. She reveals the guy is going to return home with her. He plans to go to her house. But he doesn’t know the location of her house. Yue Qianling returns home with the guy Tang Xin.

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He reveals they have a gathering. He promises to come to pick her up. He leaves. Yue Qianling’s mother persuades Yue Qianling to go to dress up. Gu Xun plays game with Jiang Junnan at home. He’s not happy because he thinks Tang Xin isn’t a good person.

He texts Yue Qianling and he invites her to play game with him. She rejects it because she’s having meal with Tang Xin. He’s jealous when he thinks the guy is doing two-timing. He lets her test Tang Xin. She finds out that Tang Xin actually has a crush on her.

Gu Xun also finds out that he has a crush on Yue Qianling. He opens his social media for letting Yue Qianling know him. Tang Xin gives Yue Qianling a ride after the dinner. Gu Xun calls Yue Qianling. He asks her to come home early.

Tang Xin agrees to what Yue Qianling said that her boyfriend should worry about her. He lets her call her boyfriend. But Gu Xun doesn’t pick up the phone because he doesn’t wish her to know that he’s Xiao Cao. She thinks her boyfriend is playing game.

It makes Tang Xin believe that Yue Qianling’s boyfriend isn’t good. She gets off his car and she returns home. Her parents know she has a bad boyfriend. They persuade her to accept Tang Xin. But she rejects it and returns to her room. She gets a call from Xiao Cao. He explains it to her that he didn’t pick up the phone because he worried that Tang Xin would get an inferiority complex.

Gu Xun goes out. He sees Yue Qianling just getting off the cab. He goes to help her carry her suitcase. She wonders how did he know she came back from hometown. He grabs her arm for supporting her when she trips. She returns home and she takes a photo of her driver’s license.

She posts the photo to her social media. She finds out that Gu Xun opened his social media. She realizes that he likes someone. But she thinks it’s not her business. Gu Xun returns home. He sees the driver’s license Yue Qianling posted. He sighs.

Stella informs Gu Xun and Jiang Yishi that she’s going to cut one of the departments’ budget. She asks them to submit the material for letting her judge it. Yin Jun thinks it’s not his business. Because he only cares for the working overtime.

Jiang Yishi has a meeting with the team members. He asks them for the new ideas. Yue Qianling gets a message from Chen Xinyi who reminds her that she has a meeting. Jiang Yishi wonders why Yue Qianling wasn’t active in the meeting.

She explains it to him that she had low blood sugar. But she tells him that she can hang in there when he thinks she cannot go to the 9th Business Department. He’s not happy when she leaves. The people of the 9th Business Department are waiting for Yue Qianling.

Yue Qianling arrives. Gu Xun begins the meeting. He introduces Yue Qianling to Fan Xing who is the previous designer of Lin Zhi. Fan Xing is cold to Yue Qianling. She asks her for the idea of Lin Zhi. Yue Qianling plans to change the style of Lin Zhi.

Wei Han and Jiang Junnan support Yue Qianling’s idea. Gu Xun asks Yue Qianling for the design. She hears the colleagues talking about her. They think she was defeated by Fan Xing. Fan Xing worries that Yue Qianling cannot paint Lin Zhi well. Yue Qianling promises to resign if she fails.

She turns around and she sees Gu Xun. She admits that she didn’t talk with the planner about the role Lin Zhi. Jiang Junnan plans to hire a new main planner. But Gu Xun goes against it. He finds Su Zheng in the library. He hands over the plan to him. He asks him to be the planner of the 9th Business Department. Su Zheng takes a look at the proposal about ancient building. He’s interested in it.

Yue Qianling works overtime in the office. Gu Xun sees her drawing. He leaves the office. He returns home and he waits for her on the balcony. He sees her and he throws the rose petals to her. He avoids her when she looks up. Both smile. Yue Qianling picks up the rose petal. She’s happy to walk away.

Yue Qianling shows her new works to the people in the meeting. But Fan Xing doesn’t like the new painting. Because she thinks Yue Qianling didn’t show the spirit of Lin Zhi that Yue Qianling mentioned. She offers to let another design replace Yue Qianling. Gu Xun takes Fan Xing’s side. He asks Yue Qianling to paint the role again.

Su Zheng texts Yue Qianling. He asks her about the 9th Business Department. She persuades him not to come. He walks into Jiang Yishi’s office when Jiang Yishi is reading his plan. Jiang Yishi praises Su Zheng. But Su Zheng asks Jiang Yishi to let him go to the 9th Business Department. Jiang Yishi is furious to call all of the planners.

Su Zheng goes to see Gu Xun. He asks him to let him be the main planner. Gu Xun agrees to it. Su Zheng leaves his office. Jiang Junnan blames Gu Xun for bullying Yue Qianling. But Gu Xun points out that he couldn’t do it too obvious.

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Chen Xinyi notes that Yue Qianling’s doll is broken. She fixes the doll for her. Yue Qianling reveals she thought she got talent when she bought the doll. But she thinks she’s nobody now. Chen Xinyi cheers Yue Qianling up. Jiang Junnan shows up. He asks Chen Xinyi to go to give the contract to Stella. He leaves. Yue Qianling notes that Jiang Junnan was nice to Chen Xinyi. She thinks the two are dating. But Chen Xinyi denies it. Yue Qianling realizes that Chen Xinyi has a crush on Jiang Junnan. Chen Xinyi is shy to run away.

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