Everyone Loves Me: Episode 11 Recap

This is the recap for Everyone Loves Me: Episode 11. Gu Xun runs around his house to wait for Yue Qianling. He sees her who talks with her friend over the phone. She thinks she shouldn’t blame Fan Xing because it was her mistake. He sees Gu Xun.

Everyone Loves Me Episode 11 Recap: Gu Xun Buys Yue Qianling Medicine

Everyone Loves Me Episode 11

Gu Xun tells Yue Qianling that he’s doing night running. She blames him for making her work overtime. Xiao Cao texts Yue Qianling when she’s eating noodles. He sends the list of the game winners to her. He hints at her that the winners thanked Gu Xun.

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He praises Gu Xun. It makes her believe that he’s Gu Xun’s brother. She finds out that Gu Xun won a prize. She realizes what he said is right. She watches his interview. He recommends books in the interview. Yue Qianling is off duty.

Jiang Yishi informs her that she has a meeting. He reminds her that she’s the employee of the first department. She arrives at the 9th Department. She sees Su Zheng. She learns that he came to the department. She thinks they’re rookies when he tries to claim that he’s the main planner.

Fan Xing blames Yue Qianling for her late. She doesn’t listen to her excuse. She claims that she has a meeting with Gu Xun. But Gu Xun informs Fang Xing that he has a phone meeting. Yue Qianling goes to the bookstore to buy the books Gu Xun recommended.

She carries the chair to get the book. But Gu Xun gets the book before her. She falls to him when she tries to rob the book from him. She goes to another place to take the books. But he takes the books before her again. He buys the books and he leaves the bookstore. The salesgirl reveals the book were bought by Gu Xun.

Yue Qianling stops Gu Xun. He promises to lend her the books. But he asks her to drive the car for him. She agrees to it. She drives the car. He finds out that she’s not a good driver. He tries to guide her to drive. But she asks him to look at his phone.

She finds out that he’s watching someone’s footage. She thinks the person is hot. He reveals the person is the 6th disciple of tai chi. She thinks the person is match for Lin Zhi. She returns home and she sees his new post. He mentions the new driver gave him a ride. She learns that he’s sneering at her.

Yue Qianling walks into Wei Han’s office when he’s talking with Gu Xun. Gu Xun leaves after he saw Yue Qianling. Yue Qianling hands over the coffee to Wei Han. She thanks him for arranging the time with the main designer of the first department.

But he persuades her to buy Gu Xun a cup of coffee. He praises her after he saw her design. She doesn’t know what kind of weapon is suitable for Lin Zhi. He asks her to go to listen to the speech of the weapon professor Wang Linzhi. But he doesn’t have any ticket.

Gu Xun visits Wang Linzhi. He shows the design of the palace to him. He reveals he’s going to use the design in his game. He thinks he let him down because he didn’t became his graduate student. He asks him for a ticket of his lecture.

Yue Qianling goes to buy the ticket. But she’s told that the tickets has been sold out. She tries to get into the bookstore when she pretends to go to the restroom. But the girl stops her. Yue Qianling walks out of the bookstore. She runs into Su Zheng.

He learns that she didn’t get the ticket. He goes to ask his friend for the ticket. Gu Xun shows up. He tries to give the ticket to Yue Qianling. She mistakes that he bought all of the tickets for not letting her attend the lecture.

Su Zheng returns. He reveals his friend promised to help Yue Qianling. But his friend cannot provide the seat. Yue Qianling is happy to leave with Su Zheng. She walks into the bookstore with him. The man provides a seat for her. She thanks Su Zheng because she mistook that he helped her.

Gu Xun gets angry when he watches Yue Qianling from the second floor. He thinks she should thank him. Wang Linzhi joins Gu Xun. He thinks Yue Qianling is Gu Xun’s girlfriend. Gu Xun claims that the girl is just his colleague. Wang Linzhi doesn’t believe it because the girl made Gu Xun beg him.

Yue Qianling walks out of the bookstore after she attended the lecture. She finds out that it’s raining. Gu Xun volunteers to give her a ride. She agrees to it. But Su Zheng has a car as well. He takes off his suit. He uses the suit to keep Yue Qianling out of the rain.

They’re in the car. Su Zheng confesses to Yue Qianling that the one who helped her get the ticket was Gu Xun. He thinks Gu Xun is asking her to forgive him. Gu Xun uses the ball to hit Su Zheng’s doll. He gives a task to Su Zheng because he thinks he has nothing to do.

Xiao Cao invites Xiao Mahua to play game with him. But she rejects it because she’s sick. She reveals she bought the medicine but the delivery person doesn’t come. The delivery person visits Yue Qianling. He leaves after he gave the takeaways to her.

But she finds out that the beef rice belongs to Gu Xun. She knocks at the door of his house when he just comes back from the elevator. He tries to avoid her when he sees her. She wonders where he went in the evening. He reveals he went to do night running when he conceals the medicine.

She tries to take a look what he conceals. But he hugs her. She’s shy to return to her room. He visits her and he asks her for the hairdryer. He reveals he has some medicine at home. He takes her to his house. He hands over the medicine to her.

She opens the book and sees the ticket. She realizes that the ticket actually came from Gu Xun. She checks the bill. She finds out that Gu Xun just bought the medicine. She leaves his room when he persuades her to take the medicine.

Yue Qianling returns to her house. She checks the messages. She finds out that she told Xiao Cao that she’s sick. She realizes that Xiao Cao is Gu Xun. She opens her laptop. She finds out that Xiao Cao is playing game. She calls Gu Xun to confirm it.

Gu Xun wonders why Yue Qianling asked him about the medicine since she had the medicine box. Mai Zi reports to Gu Xun that Xiao Mahua just visited him. Gu Xun realizes that Xiao Mahua has known that he’s Xiao Cao. Yue Qianling wakes up in the morning.

She tells Xiao Cao that she wishes to have breakfast. She walks out of her house. She sees Gu Xun carrying the breakfast. He gives her a ride. She notes that he likes to play shooting game. She adds him as her friend and she finds out that he used a female Game ID. He brakes suddenly. She gets angry because she thinks he’s taking revenge for her.

The 9th Business Department has a meeting. Yue Qianling introduces her new design to her colleagues. She reveals the role Lin Zhi can change her weapon in her design. Fan Xing conceals her design. She planned to take out her design if Yue Qianling failed. Everyone in the meeting supports Yue Qianling.

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Wei Han asks Fan Xing to pain the pumpkin. But she leaves the job to Yue Qianling. He reminds Yue Qianling that Fan Ying accepted her talent. Yue Qianling thanks Fan Xing for preparing the painting for her. But Fan Xing claims that she did it for the project.

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