Everyone Loves Me: Episode 9 Recap

This is the recap for Everyone Loves Me: Episode 9. Yue Qianling tells Gu Xun that she won’t go to the 9th Business Department when they’re in the gaming room. He pretends to leave. But he tangles her when he thinks single-player game is suitable for her.

Everyone Loves Me Episode 9 Recap: Gu Xun Does A Wall Thudding to Yue Qianling

Everyone Loves Me Episode 9

Yue Qianling wonders who told Gu Xun that she’s suitable for single-player game. He reveals the person was her. He takes out her painting. She claims that she just painted it when she was boring. But he doesn’t think so and he thinks her style is suitable for Hero Path.

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He reveals he needs new ideas after the paintings of Hero Path were leaked. But she thinks there’re many people wishing to go to the 9th Business Department. But he trusts her. She rejects him and she leaves the gaming room. She calls Yin Xue and she reveals she rejected Gu Xun.

Yue Qianling worries that she’s inexperienced because the people are experts in the 9th Business Department. She confesses it to Yin Xue that she doesn’t want to see Gu Xun. She goes to the courier room to take her courier. She runs into Gu Xun.

He volunteers to help her when she pushes the box. She rejects it because the box isn’t heavy. But he tells her that he just wants to take the milk tea for her. She’s polite to reject him. She carries the box away. He follows her when she carries the box. He tells her to be careful.

They run into the madam. The madam blames Gu Xun for not carrying the box for Yue Qianling. She thinks he’s a seeing eye dog. He hugs Yue Qianling from her back when she trips. He wonders if the milk tea is good when she holds the milk tea.

She lets him carry the box. She thinks he’s a seeing eye dog when he looks at her. She reveals the stuff in the box is a doghouse for the dog. He volunteers to set up the doghouse. She shows the photo of the doghouse to him. She leaves.

Yue Qianling talks with Yin Xue over the phone in the evening. Yin Xue thinks Gu Xun was bullied after knowing the guy has set up the dog house from the morning to the evening. It’s thundering. Yue Qianling intends to go to give an umbrella to Gu Xun. But she thinks it’s not her business.

She holds the umbrella to walk to the dog house when it’s raining. She finds out that Gu Xun isn’t there. He runs to her when he wonders why she came. She explains it to him that she came to inspect his work when she conceals the umbrella.

He asks her to leave when he promises to complete it tomorrow morning. She stays to hold the umbrella for him when she asks him not to look at her. He smiles and he begins to work. It’s stopped raining. Gu Xun asks Yue Qianling to think about going to the 9th Business Department. But she’s missing. He sees the words she left on the umbrella. She thinks he’s dreaming.

Yue Qianling looks at her paintings at home. She tells her online friends that she was invited to the 9th Business Department. But she worries that she cannot do the job well. Mai Zi and Luo Tuo provoke Xiao Mahua for help Gu Xun. Xiao Cao asks Xiao Mahua if she likes single-player game.

She reveals she liked single-player game because of Gu Xun. He persuades her to go to give it a try. But Mai Zi mentions Gu Xun just rejected Xiao Mahua. Jiang Junnan and Chen Xinyi meet with the celebrities. Chen Xinyi reveals their company created many good games when the celebrities question Hero Path. But she’s overreaction when the celebrity tries to touch her. Jiang Junnan promises to buy the celebrities the items.

He takes Chen Xinyi to the restaurant. He complains to her that he needs to buy the celebrities the items. She’s lost when she thinks she didn’t do her job well. He cheers her up and he asks her not to give up. She drinks with him. She realizes that he saw her resignation letter. He asks her not to fear it. He trains her to practice her guts. She finds out that her boss is a good person. She decides not to resign.

Yue Qianling goes out. She finds out that the dog has lived in the doghouse. She strokes him and she tells him to have a beautiful dream. Gu Xun eats the chicken leg at home. He feels happy after knowing Yue Qianling cared for single-player game for him.

He goes out and he sees Yue Qianling complaining to the delivery person that she didn’t see her takeaways. He volunteers to accompany her to go to see the CCTV. She swears to kill the guy if she knows who took her takeaways. They go to the CCTV Room to check the CCTV.

Yue Qianling finds out that the one who took her takeaways was Gu Xun. Gu Xun thinks it’s a misunderstanding. But the delivery person calls him. He tells him that he took the wrong takeaways. Gu Xun promises to compensate Yue Qianling. But she doesn’t believe that he can do that.

Chen Xinyi and Jiang Junnan walk out of the restaurant. The drunkard tries to be close to Jiang Junnan. Chen Xinyi beats the drunkard. She drives him away. She reveals she learned karate. Jiang Junnan thinks he should know Chen Xinyi again. He leaves with her.

Jiang Junnan laughs after knowing Shuidao Ziranxing is Yue Qianling. He thinks Gu Xun had bad luck. He asks Gu Xun if he actually wishes Xiao Mahua to come to work. Gu Xun mentions Yue Qianling asked him to gather eight figures. He thinks it’s not hard.

Jiang Junnan blames Gu Xun for letting him eat the food. Gu Xun cheers Jiang Junnan up. He reveals he has eaten it yesterday. He tries to hand over the food to aunt when he asks her if she ate. She reveals she didn’t give birth to a daughter. She takes over the food from him. She goes to check if anyone wants to eat the food.

Yue Qianling receives the figures from Gu Xun. Hua Jie is excited when she sees the figures. She learns that the figures were given by Yue Qianling’s friend. She thinks the guy was sincere. Yue Qianling goes to see Jiang Yishi. She reveals she wishes to go to the 9th Business Department. But he rejects it and he tells her to get out.

But she doesn’t give up. She tangles him. He promises to let her go to the 9th Business Department. But he asks her not to delay her work. She thanks him and she’s happy to leave. He sees her off. He remembers Gu Xun recommended the celebrity to him for hiring Yue Qianling.

Gu Xun is playing the game in the room. Yue Qianling breaks into the room. She reports to him that Jiang Yishi agreed to let her work for him. She tries to go to drink water. But he worries that she will see his Game ID Xiao Cao on the screen.

He hands over the water to her. But she wants to eat the snack. He makes her go against the wall when he’s close to her. Jiang Junnan passes by. He sees it. Yue Qianling leaves. Jiang Junnan asks Gu Xun for Xiao Mahua’s WeChat. But Gu Xun didn’t add Xiao Mahua’s WeChat.

Gu Xun finds Yue Qianling in the cafeteria when she tells Huang Jie that Gu Xun wasn’t easy to get along with. He takes the food to walk to her. But she goes to take drink. She wonders why she avoided him. She pours the drink to him when she bumps him.

She pays him the laundry fee. He catches the chance to add her WeChat. She agrees to it because she thinks she needs to work with him. But she tells him that she’s allergic to men when he tries to touch her hair. She returns home.

She takes a look at the paintings of Hero Path. She remembers Gu Xun did wall thudding to her. She has a dream that she kisses Gu Xun. She wakes up from the dream when she stops herself. She gets a call from the guy who asks her to come to take her driver’s license.

Yue Qianling takes the train to go home. They guy comes to the train station to pick her up. He reveals he came to take her up because her parents have a business. He walks away with her suitcase. She realizes that her mother Ms. Ju did something weird.

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The guy gives Yue Qianling a ride. She reveals she plans to stay in River City. He asks her to be his girlfriend. He explains it to her that he was just kidding. He persuades her to look for a boyfriend in the hometown for her parents. Xiao Mahua texts Xiao Cao. She reveals her childhood friend is going to confess his feelings to her.

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