Everyone Loves Me: Episode 12 Recap

This is the recap for Everyone Loves Me: Episode 12. Yue Qianling decides to wear the civilian clothes to attend the festival. Chen Xinyi decides to make a dress for Yue Qianling. She puts the spider doll on the dress. She persuades Yue Qianling that the spider is a good luck insect.

Everyone Loves Me Episode 12 Recap: Yue Qianling Finds Out that Gu Xun Is Xiao Cao

Everyone Loves Me Episode 12

Yue Qianling takes a photo of Chen Xinyi. She thinks she’s good looking. Chen Xinyi plans to change herself. Yue Qianling takes Chen Xinyi to the party. She shows Huang Jie the nail art Chen Xinyi made for her. Hua Jie asks Chen Xinyi to made the nail art for her.

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Jiang Junan summons Chen Xinyi. He finds out that she’s good looking. Huang Jie doesn’t intend to take photo with Yue Qianling because Yue Qianling is good looking. President Ren offers to take group photo when he hugs the two beauties.

Huang Jie introduces Yue Qianling as a designer to Ren Tianyi. Ren Tianyi takes a group photo with the two girls. But the girls leave. Yin Jun asks Ren Tianyi to add his WeChat. But Ren Tianyi claims that his phone is dead. The people are having fun when they drink.

Chen Xinyi remembers Yue Qianling told her to use the right side of her face to flirt with Jiang Junnan. She grabs the beer. But Huang Jie claims that the beer belongs to her. Chen Xinyi bumps the pillar by mistake when she chases Jiang Junnan. He cares for her but he hugs her. The scene is seen by the colleagues. Chen Xinyi is embarrassed to run away.

Gu Xun is in his car. He sees the group photo that Ren Tianyi hugged his lover. Yue Qianling sends a message to Gu Xun. He learns that she’s drunk. He calls Jiang Junnan and he asks him about the guy in the photo. Jiang Junnan reveals Ren Tianyi targeted Yue Qianling.

Gu Xun believes that Ren Tianyi is boring when she’s at home. Jiang Junnan gets Gu Xun’s point. Yue Qianling is drunk to walk out of the house. Ren Tianyi tries to take her to the tent. But Gu Xun punches Ren Tianyi. Ren Tianyi’s wife shows up. She asks Ren Tianyi what he’s doing.

Gu Xun offers to call police because there was a fight. Ren Tianyi is against it. Yue Qianling is drunk to fall asleep in Gu Xun’s arms. Gu Xun and Ren Tianyi go to the police station. The cop mediates for the two. He scolds Ren Tianyi because his wife was pregnant at home.

Yue Qianling walks Gu Xun out of the police station. She promises not to drink a lot. She thinks he came to help her because he knew she was drunk. She calls him Xiao Cao. He admits it. She remembers he was heartless to reject her when she confessed her feelings to him.

She’s furious to walk away. He stops her when he tries to explain it. But she beats him. He takes her to his car. He puts her into his car. He gets in the car as well. He confesses it to her that he knew it when he graduated. She wonders why he didn’t tell it to her early. He explains it to her that he worried that she would ignore him.

He reveals Jiang Junan, Luo Tuo and Mai Zi knew what happened. She gets off his car and she asks him not to follow her. But he follows her to the elevator. He gets in the elevator with her. She tells him that she’s going to ignore him. But he reveals he confessed it to her.

She remembers she thought he was showing off when he told her that he’s Xiao Cao. She returns home and she sees his package. She throws the package to his door. He picks up his package. He finds out that his package is ruined. He sends a message to her when she’s in anger.

He intends to confirm if she blocked him. He tries to apologize to her. But he finds out that she blocked him. Jiang Junnan calls Gu Xun. He notes that his neck was hurt. Gu Xun reveals he was beaten by someone. Jiang Junnan realizes that Xiao Mahua knew the truth. Yue Qianling throws a fit in her house. She tells Gu Xun that she won’t forgive him.

Gu Xun brings the snacks to the company. He lets Chen Xinyi share it with the colleagues. Yue Qianling meets with Chen Xinyi. She wonders if Jiang Junnan fell for Chen Xinyi after she used her left face killing. But Chen Xinyi reveals the guy thought she had a stiff neck.

Gu Xun sends a message to Chen Xinyi. He asks her to let Yue Qianling to submit the weekly report. Yue Qianling submits the report. She finds out that the potato chip is delicious. Chen Xinyi reveals Gu Xun bought them the potato chips. Yue Qianling goes to vomit.

Gu Xun walks into the office. He asks Wei Han to fix the design. He takes a look at Yue Qianling. But she ignores him. She agrees to it when Su Zheng invites her to the bookstore. She’s on the way to the bookstore with him. But Gu Xun sends a photo of the dog to her. It shows that the dog is sick.

Yue Qianling arrives. She finds out that the dog is fine. She asks Gu Xun about the mouth of the dog. He reveals someone fed the dog dragon pearl fruit. She realizes that he was the one who did it. She wonders why he kept telling lies to her.

He explains it to her that he wishes to apologize to her. She rejects it and she leaves. Yin Xue sends a message to Yue Qianling. She invites her to go to the anniversary of the school. Yue Qianling decides to attend the anniversary even if she knows Gu Xun will come.

Yue Qianling arrives at the school with Yin Xue. She sees Gu Xun’s photo from the alumnus wall. She comforts Yin Xue when Yin Xue wishes to appear on the wall. The junior invites Gu Xun to take part in the water ball game. Gu Xun decides to take part in the game when he sees Yue Qianling.

The water ball game is going to begin. Yue Qianling faces Gu Xun. She plans to give him a lesson. But he joins her team. He protects her with his body when she’s hit by the water ball. Yin Xue reminds Yue Qianling that Gu Xun made himself look bad for protecting her. Gu Xun apologizes to Yue Qianling. He asks her to give him a chance. But she chooses to leave.

Yue Qianling watches the photos about Gu Xun protected her in her office. Jiang Junnan invites Yue Qianling to play the game. She agrees to it after knowing the Empress Dowager Team was arrogant. But she doesn’t wish Gu Xun to join the team. She invites Su Zheng.

Su Zheng is a bad player. He makes Yue Qianling be killed by Empress Dowager. Yue Qianling has to let Gu Xun join her team. They work together to kill Empress Dowager. Gu Xun follows Yue Qianling to the balcony. He wonders when she will forgive him.

She asks him to jump off the balcony. She stops him when he tries to do so. Gu Xun has a meeting with the colleagues. He praises them after knowing they did a great job. Wei Han walks out of the meeting room. He tells Yue Qianling and Fan Xing that their plans got passed. Yue Qianling is happy to give Fan Xing five.

Jiang Junnan informs Yue Qianling that there’s a company dinner. He asks her to come to the cafeteria. But she finds out that there’re only Jiang Junnan and Gu Xun. She chooses to eat and she offers to let the celebrity Ling Yu star Lin Zhi. Gu Xun likes the idea. He leaves the cafeteria with Yue Qianling when Jiang Junnan doesn’t eat.

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Yue Qianling completes the proposal. She sends the proposal to Ling Yu. But Jiang Yishi sees it. Yue Qianling is off duty. She sees the landlady bullying Chen Xinyi over the phone. She threatens to sue the landlady when she claims that she’s a lawyer.

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