Extraordinary Attorney Woo K-Drama: Episode 3 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Extraordinary Attorney Woo K-Drama: Episode 3. Jin-Pyung returns home with his wife. They hear their son Jeong-Hun’s yell. They break into his room, seeing him hitting his brother Sang-Hun when Sang-Hun lies on the floor.

How Does Young-Woo Communicate with Jeong-Hun?

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Extraordinary Attorney Woo K-Drama: Episode 3.

Episode 3 of Extraordinary Attorney Woo begins with Jin-Pyung slapping Jeong-Hun. He and his wife find out that their son passes away. Young-Woo feels happy after she saw her nameplate. Su-Yeon helps Young-Woo take a photo. Myeong-Seok summons Young-Woo to his office.

Young-Woo walks into Myeong-Seok’s office. He asks her to take a look at the case. He tells her that the defendant Jeong-Hun was sued to kill his brother. He asks her to be the attorneys of Jeong-Hun with him because the boy has autism.

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Myeong-Seok takes Young-Woo to see Jeong-Hun’s parents. He tells them that the attorney has autism. Jin-Pyung’s wife cries to tell Myeong-Seok that she doesn’t believe that his son would kill his brother because she’s a very nice son in her mind.

Myeong-Seok asks Jin-Pyung’s wife to let them have a talk with her son. She worries that Jeong-Hun will reject the talk. Myeong-Seok believes that Young-Woo will make Jeong-Hun speak. Jun-Ho tries to go to the cafeteria with the colleagues. He sees Young-Woo so that he stops the elevator waiting for her.

Jun-Ho finds out that Young-Woo brought the food. He tells her that he will come down late about ten minutes. She tells him how does the whales eat and sleep. Su-Yeon sees Jun-Ho and Young-Woo. She realizes that Young-Woo talks about whales with Jun-Ho again. She sighs and intends to stop Young-Woo.

Min-Woo points out that Jun-Ho is interested in the talk. Su-Yeon is shocked. Extraordinary Attorney Woo and Myeong-Seok set up the room for Jeong-Hun. Jeong-Hun’s mom takes him to show up. He rejects it when she asks him to take off his sunglasses and headphones.

Young-Woo finds out that Jeong-Hun keeps hitting the table with his fingers. She imitates him. Myeong-Seok tries to talk with Jeong-Hun. But Jeong-Hun makes strange noises. He’s stopped by his mom. Young-Woo asks Jeong-Hun why he beat his brother. It makes him slap the table.

Young-Woo returns home. She asks him how he lived with a autism person like her. He leaks that it was actually difficult to live with her.

It flashes back. Gwang-Ho gets a call from his mom who asks him to go on a blind date. He cries to blame her for bringing the trouble to him. He steps on Young-Woo’s toy by mistake. It hurts his foot. He asks her to blow to his foot. But she ignores him. It makes him cry. Gwang-Ho finds Young-Woo who lies on the ground to cry. She refuses to get up. He tells her that he will report it to the cop if she continues to cry. She stops crying and returns home with him after he wiped off her tears.

Did Sang-Hun Kill himself?

Gwang-Ho tells Young-Woo to find the thing which Jeong-Hun likes so that she will be his friend. She sings for Jeong-Hun after he walked into her office. He’s happy to invite her to sing with him. But she rejects it and asks him why he beat his brother.

Young-Woo realizes that Jeong-Hun’s brother killed himself. She asks Jeong-Hun if it’s true. He admits it. But he’s taken away by his mom. Young-Woo walks Jun-Ho. She tells him that she wants to find the evidence that Sang-Hun killed himself. They run into Jun-Ho’s friend. The girl mistakes that Jun-Ho does volunteer work to help Young-Woo. She cheers Young-Woo up.

Jin-Pyung’s wife takes Jun-Ho and Young-Woo to her son’s room. Jun-Ho asks the lady to let them look into the room. She leaves. He films the room and finds the rope. The rope falls off the bookcase when he tries to take it. Young-Woo picks the rope up. She hands it over to Jun-Ho.

Jun-Ho takes a look at the rope. He thinks Jeong-Hun tore the rope up when he tried to save his brother. Young-Woo finds Sang-Hun’s diary. Myeong-Seok shows the diary to Jin-Pyung and his wife. He tells them that his son tried to killed himself many times.

Jin-Pyung’s wife claims that her son wouldn’t do that. Myeong-Seok reads the diary. Sang-Hun confesses that he closed door because he knew Jeong-Hun will worry about him if he sees him killing himself. Jin-Pyung tells Myeong-Seok that he wants to cover it for the honor of Sang-Hun.

Young-Woo tells Jin-Pyung to think about Jeong-Hun. Because he’s his son as well. Jin-Pyung scolds Young-Woo. He’s furious to leave. Jun-Ho returns home. He tries to text to Young-Woo. He wants to apologize to her for what his friend did. But he doesn’t have the guts.

Min-Woo cheers Young-Woo up after knowing she got fired. But she runs to Jeong-Hun after she saw him. Myeong-Seok joins Young-Woo. He asks the driver what happened. The driver complains that Jeong-Hun asked him to take him to Hanbada Law Firm. But he didn’t pay the fare. Myeong-Seok hands over the fare to the driver. He tells Young-Woo to accompany Jeong-Hun until his mom comes.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo K-Drama: Episode 3 Ending

Episode 3 of Extraordinary Attorney Woo ends with Jeong-Hun admitting to the judge that he tried to save his brother. Myeong-Seok walks out of the court with Young-Woo. He thinks they did a great job. Jin-Pyung’s wife shows up. She tries to grab Young-Woo’s hand. But Young-Woo rejects it.

The attorney tries to point at Young-Woo. But Myeong-Seok grabs his finger. He walks away with Young-Woo. Young-Woo turns around. She takes a look at Jeong-Hun. Jun-Ho buys a ball. He walks into Young-Woo’s office. He intends to give the ball to her. But he sees the resignation letter on the table.

It flashes back. Young-Woo writes the resignation letter. She takes away her nameplate. She leaves her office.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo K-Drama: Episode 3 stars Park Eun-Bin and Kang Tae-Oh.

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