Doctor Cha K-Drama: Episode 10 Recap & Ending

These are the Recap & Ending for Doctor Cha K-Drama: Episode 10. So-Ra watches the footage of Jeong-Suk’s birthday party. She hears In-Ho calling Jeong-Suk wife. Jung-Min takes away his phone from Eun-Seo. She asks him if Jeong-Suk is his mother when she looks at him.

In-Ho Tells Everyone that Jeong-Suk Is His Wife

Doctor Cha

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Doctor Cha K-Drama: Episode 10.

So-Ra knows the truth from Jung-Min’s looks even if he doesn’t say anything in episode 9. She tells him to get lost. In-Ho calls Jeong-Suk wife when he waves at her. She’s shocked when she looks at him. He asks her for singing a song for him when he gets on knees to her. She has to sing a song.

Tae-Sik runs into Jung-Min. He asks him if Jeong-Suk is his mother. Jung-Min wonders how did Tae-Sik know it. The doctor leaks that In-Ho told the truth to anyone. Tae-Sik blames Jung-Min for fooling him. Jung-Min walks to Jeong-Suk. He asks her what happened.

Jeong-Suk tells Jung-Min that the doctors knew their relationship because of In-Ho. She tells him to pretend nothing happened. She asks him to take care of In-Ho. Jung-Min takes a look at In-Ho. He finds out that he falls asleep on the grass.

So-Ra gets up from the bed. She remembers she was rude to Jeong-Suk. The man brings his pregnant wife to Jeong-Suk. Jeong-Suk tells Jung-Min to wake the doctors up. Jeong-Suk yells at In-Ho and wakes him up. She tells him to help the madam give a birth.

In-Ho finds out that the doctors Jung-Min brought cannot help give birth. Jeong-Suk remembers In-Ho helped someone give a birth. But he tells her that he forgets it because he did it twenty years ago. He tells the doctors to boil water.

In-Ho goes to vomit when Jeong-Suk helps the woman give a birth. The woman thanks Jeong-Suk after she gave a birth. Jeong-Suk is happy to tear up. Roy Kim joins Jeong-Suk. He mentions he heard her doing something good. She laughs to thank him for letting her come.

Roy Kim asks Jeong-Suk if she’s fine because everyone knows she’s In-Ho’s wife. She brings up the rumor that she has an affair with him. But he tells her that he doesn’t care for it. He asks her if she didn’t get a divorce with In-Ho since she has found out that he cheated on her.

Jeong-Suk tells Roy Kim that she did it for her kids. She tries to leave. He stops her and tells her to care for herself. Eun-Seo takes Seung-Hi home. She cooks for her. Seung-Hi tells Eun-Seo that she plans to give a father to her.

But Eun-Seo tells Seung-Hi that she doesn’t need a father. She tells her not to feel sad. Jeong-Suk apologizes to the doctors for not telling them about her and In-Ho’s marriage relationship. Seung-Hi meets with the Real Estate Agency. She asks him to sell the house for her. She reveals she’s going to return to the United States.

The woman gives the handkerchief to Jeong-Suk. She thanks her for helping her give a birth. Jeong-Suk hugs the woman. Jung-Min joins So-Ra. He thinks she’s still in anger. He explains to her that he didn’t tell her Jeong-Suk is his mother because he worried that she would feel uncomfortable. She’s furious to walk away.

Roy Kim runs into Jeong-Suk at the park. He hands over the coffee to her. But she tells him that she wishes to walk alone. In-Ho finds Jeong-Suk. He asks her to taste the snack. But she rejects it and asks him why he leaked their relationship to anyone. In-Ho thinks he has no choice since everyone knows their relationship. Jeong-Suk reminds In-Ho that she’s going to work in Family Medicine.

Jeong-Suk walks into Seung-Hi’s office. She tells her that In-Ho has told everyone that she’s his wife. Seung-Hi meets with In-Ho at the restaurant. He blames her for choosing the restaurant. She mentions he came to the restaurant with Jeong-Suk since he promised to come to the restaurant with her.

In-Ho explains to Seung-Hi that he didn’t pick up Eun-Seo’s phone because he was drunk. She mentions he leaked the marriage relationship of him and Jeong-Suk. She adds that Jeong-Suk will come to her department. She asks him if he plans to get a divorce with Jeong-Suk or not.

In-Ho tells Seung-Hi that he cannot dump Jeong-Suk because she didn’t do anything wrong. She takes off her bracelet. She’s furious to leave the restaurant. So-Ra runs into Jeong-Suk. She avoids her. Jung-Min asks Roy Kim about the relationship of him and his mother. Roy Kim tells Jung-Min that he treats his mother as his friend. He walks away.

In-Ho is happy to see Jung-Min. But Jung-Min tells In-Ho to work hard because he thinks In-Ho isn’t Roy Kim’s rival. Jeong-Suk and In-Ho attend the gathering. The doctors tell In-Ho to sit with Jeong-Suk since they’re couple. In-Ho is happy to sit with Jeong-Suk. Roy Kim is furious to leave the restaurant.

Jeong-Suk runs into So-Ra in the restroom. She asks her to say something. But So-Ra thinks it won’t change the first impression of her to Jeong-Suk even if she says something. She tells Jeong-Suk that she will scold her like before. Jeong-Suk thinks it’s a good idea.

Jeong-Suk finds Roy Kim. She thinks she made him not in a good mood. But he tells her that he’s upset because of the patient. In-Ho notes that Jeong-Suk is missing. He pours himself a drink. He drinks up the wine. Roy Kim thinks In-Ho doesn’t deserve Jeong-Suk. But she still wishes to find the happiness from her marriage.

Roy Kim tells Jeong-Suk that he will always take her side no matter what happens. He thinks he will get the chance once Jeong-Suk overcomes the obstacles. The doctor notes that In-Ho is drunk again. Tae-Sik tells Jung-Min to go to call a driver.

Jeong-Suk shows up. Tae-Sik passes out because he’s drunk. Jeong-Suk and Jung-Min carry In-Ho. Jung-Min and So-Ra are in the cab. He tells her not to get angry. She mentions his mother wished her to apologize to her for what she did to her.

Jung-Min blames So-Ra for not watching what she says. He thinks she regrets for being rude to his mother. She points out that she didn’t promise to marry him. He agrees to what she said that she never plans to marry him. He asks her if she thought about their future.

So-Ra claims that she was very busy. Jung-Min tells So-Ra to be nice to everyone. But she tells the driver to stop the car. She tells Jung-Min that she’s not a kind person. She gets angry after Jung-Min told the driver to leave. Jeong-Suk takes the drunk In-Ho home.

Jeong-Suk sees Seung-Hi’s bracelet. In-Ho apologizes to Jeong-Suk and Seung-Hi. He thinks he’s a bad man. Jeong-Suk is furious to leave In-Ho’s room. She returns the water to Ae-Sim. She thanks her. Ae-Sim wonders why Jeong-Suk is so polite to her.

Jeong-Suk tells Ae-Sim that she’s going to leave when Ae-Sim wishes her to stay. Jeong-Suk explains to Ae-Sim that she needs to work early. She goes to see her mother Deok-Rye. She finds out that he shoulder still hurts. Deok-Rye tells Jeong-Suk that she’s fine. She thinks something happened.

Jeong-Suk denies it. She tells Deok-Rye that she just missed her. She sleeps with her and wonders why she was nice to her father since her father wasn’t a good husband. Deok-Rye tells Jeong-Suk that he endured it for her children. She tells her to forgive In-Ho if he did something wrong. Jeong-Suk tears up.

Jeong-Suk arrives at the hospital. She finds out that In-Ho is waiting for her. She reveals she slept over at her mother’s house. He hands over the coffee machine to her because he knows she likes coffee. He asks her if she ate well. She wonders why he cares for her. He tells her that he felt uncomfortable when she wasn’t at home. He asks her to come home.

Eun-Seo runs into I-Rang in the restroom. She tells her that she’s going to take away her father from her. I-Rang is furious to have a fight with Eun-Seo. She hurts her hand. Jeong-Suk sees Seung-Hi running out of the hospital. She follows her and finds out that she got in In-Ho’s car.

Doctor Cha K-Drama: Episode 10 Ending

Episode 10 of Doctor Cha K-Drama ends with Jeong-Suk running to the cab. She tells the driver to tail In-Ho’s car. Seung-Hi finds Eun-Seo. She doesn’t believe that her daughter would hurt herself. She tells In-Ho to say something. In-Ho asks Eun-Seo to tell him what happened. He tells her that he’s her father.

But Eun-Seo tells In-Ho that I-Rang hurt her. Jeong-Suk hears the talk. She cries when she sits on the stairs. She wipes off her tears. She sits on the bench. So-Ra passes by. She gets off her car and walks to Jeong-Suk. She tells her to to inside. Because it’s cold outside.

But Jeong-Suk rejects it because she thinks she cannot breathe if she goes inside. So-Ra lets Jeong-Suk get in her car. She opens the roof of her car so that Jeong-Suk can breathe. She tells her that she knows she wishes to kill In-Ho because In-Ho cheated on her. It’s raining. Jeong-Suk tells So-Ra to close the roof. But So-Ra cannot do it because it was her first time to open the roof. Jeong-Suk sees So-Ra’s wet hair. She laughs. She waves when she enjoys the rain.

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