Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 1 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 1. Chen Jinyang walks into the club and spots Tong Yao playing game. She learns the reason why she didn’t pick up her phone. Tong Yao wins with the role Yu Zaoqian.

Chen Jinyang Breaks Up With Her Boyfriend

Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 1

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Chinese drama Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 1.

Tong Yao follows Chen Jinyang and explains that she played the game because she didn’t come. Chen Jinyang reminds Tong Yao that there wasn’t any female in the club. She adds that she broke up with her boyfriend because he didn’t have time to accompany her.

Tong Yao mentions what she told Chen Jinyang not to be in love with a player. Chen Jinyang mentions Tong Yao’s ex-boyfriend Jian Yang. Tong Yao claims that it’s past. She’s shocked that Xiao Rui invited her to join their team. She learns that the team is ZGDX which belongs to Lu Sicheng.

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The Families Don’t Support Tong Yao

Tong Yao returns home and tells Mother that she got invited to play game. But Mother tells her that she was told to get an expensive car. Tong Yao watches the TV and thinks it will be good to get champion. But Mother prefers Tong Yao to go to work. She tells her not to touch cucumber because she just used keyboard.

Chen Jinyang texts Tong Yao and asks her if Aunt scolded her. Tong Yao reveals she failed to convince her mother. Chen Jinyang tells Tong Yao not to give up, and thinks she should go to Shanghai to watch the game.

Ming Shen Is Going to Retire

Tong Yao walks into the hall and sees Xiao Rui. He recognizes her and gives her the room card. She asks him about Lu Sicheng. He reveals Lu Sicheng and the members went to play game. He thinks she wants to see Lu Sicheng. She denies and reveals she didn’t wash her head.

Tong Yao is surprised that the reporters rushed out of the hotel. Xiao Rui reveals Ming Shen wants to retire. Tong Yao thinks Ming Shen wants to do that because of the hand injure. She’s shocked. Xiao Rui tells Tong Yao to join them, and thinks it will be a big news.

Tong Yao Fears Lu Sicheng

The reporter asks Ming Shen if he’s going to retire. Lu Sicheng stops the reporter and takes Ming Shen away. Tong Yao stares at Lu Sicheng’s back and thinks he’s not a ferocious person. Xiao Rui tells Tong Yao that Lu Sicheng won’t scold her if she joins their team. Because she’s their mascot.

Tong Yao goes to supermarket and conceal the water. Lu Sicheng spots it and takes it away. Tong Yao is furious to blame the person. Chen Jinyang comforts Tong Yao and asks her about Lu Sicheng. Tong Yao tells Chen Jinyang to think about the feelings of Ai Jia.

Chen Jinyang Has Feelings for Lu Sicheng

Chen Jinyang rejects it and tells Tong Yao to sign the contract. She reveals she feels happy when she thinks about Tong Yao bullying Ai Jia.

Lu Sicheng gets in the elevator. Lu Yao feels happy. He presses the button for her because he thinks she cannot reach it. She tries to explain that she could press the button. But he ignores her.

Jian Yang Mistakes Tong Yao Came to The Show for Him

Jian Yang spots Tong Yao and wonders why she came. Chen Jinyang thinks ZGDX invited Tong Yao to watch the game because they have a bad intent. Tong Yao doesn’t believe in it, and intends to go to the restroom. Jian Yang stops her and explains that he didn’t call her because he was training.

Tong Yao tells Jian Yang that she doesn’t need his explanation. She tries to leave. He stops her. So she reveals she came because ZGDX invited her. He thinks girls shouldn’t play games. She talks back that his game skills were terrible.

Ming Shen Tells People His Decision

Jian Yang leads his team CK to defeat ZGDX. They get the champion. Ming Shen feels sad when he stares at the trophy. Tong Yao and the people want to leave. Ming Shen shows up and tells the people that he decided to leave the stage.

Ming Shen reveals he didn’t know how to answer his families when they questioned the future of game. He says that he thought game has a good future when he saw the eyes of his families. He adds that he had a fight with his families and joined ZGDX.

Ming Shen Gives Up His Dream

Ming Shen says that he found the position of his life after he took the hard time. He regrets for having to give up his dream. He thinks he needs to give up the perseverance which can only move himself. He adds that he needs to leave the position to the fresh blood.

Ming Shen thinks someone will replace him to continue the path with his dream. He tells the person to make the decision. He wishes the people to be there when they get the trophy for ZGDX. He tears up when he bows to people. Tong Yao sheds tears.

Ming Shen Inspires Tong Yao

The fans tell Ming Shen that they will always support him. Tong Yao tells Xiao Rui that she wants to join ZGDX. Ming Shen leaves the stage.

Jian Yang asks Tong Yao if she really joined ZGDX. She admits it and tells him that it’s his business. He tells her to join his team instead of ZGDX. But she pretends not know him. He mentions he taught her how to play games, and claims he would give her a champion.

Lu Sicheng Is Interested In Tong Yao

Tong Yao rejects the champion and tells Jian Yang that playing game is her dream. She tries to leave. He tells her that he won’t have mercy when he encounters her on the stage. She agrees to it. Lu Sicheng shows up and tells Jian Yang that he heard their talk. He praises Tong Yao. Tong Yao walks out of the building. Falling Into Your Smile asks her if she’s ready for it.

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