Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 7 Recap

This is the recap for Chinese drama Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 7. Tong Yao wakes up and goes to the office. She runs into Xiao Rui and greets him. He praises her for the acting she did last night. She remembers that she sang the song for Lu Sicheng.

Tong Yao Remembers What She Did To Lu Sicheng

Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 7

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Chinese drama Falling Into Your Smile: Episode 7.

Lu Sicheng spots Tong Yao wearing a monkey mask. He asks her what she’s doing. She says that she’s thinking about her life. He thinks he did that because of the drinks. She asks him if she did many terrible things last night. He tells her not to sing songs.

Lu Sicheng asks Tong Yao to take off her mask. But she rejects it and returns to her room. She takes off her mask and calls Chen Jinyang. She asks her what happened at the bar. Chen Jinyang reveals Jian Yang and Lu Sicheng went to pick up Tong Yao.

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Chen Jinyang And Ai Jia Get Together

Chen Jinyang complains that Ai Jia informed Jian Yang. Ai Jia shows up from the bathtub. Chen Jinyang glares at him. Xiao Pang arrives at the office. He mistakes Lu Yue as Tong Yao and greets him. He’s frozen when he sees Lu Yue.

Lu Yue tells the team members not to be surprised because he’s not retired. Xiao Pang is furious to go to see Ming Shen. Lao Mao spots Tong Yao’s mask. He asks her what she’s doing. Lu Yue thinks Tong Yao has no face to see people.

Lu Yue Is Fooled By Tong Yao

Tong Yao tells Lu Yue to leave her seat. But he rejects it. She hints him that Lao Mao is licking the cat ear. Lu Yue leaves the seat and tries to take a photo of Lao Mao. But he realizes that he was fooled by Tong Yao.

Lu Yue has meal with the team members. He thinks the foods are good like before. But Xiao Pang and Lao K leave. Lu Sicheng takes off Tong Yao’s mask and reminds her that she cannot keep her face. Tong Yao notes that Lu Yue is using her number when she’s going to sleep.

Lu Yue Defeats A Tai

Tong Yao goes to the office and blames Lu Yue for doing it. He hints her that he’s playing game with A Tai. Lu Yue defeats A Tai and brags the score of the last season. Xiao Pang talks back that they gave trophy to someone because of Lu Yue.

Xiao Pang mentions Lu Yue got Ming Shen’s hand hurt. He claims that he won’t accept the team member. He’s furious to leave. Lu Sicheng follows Xiao Pang. Lao Mao thinks Xiao Pang shouldn’t mention the thing because Ming Shen didn’t say anything.

Lao K scolds Lao Mao. Lu Yue thinks Xiao Pang is right. He leaves the office. Tong Yao remembers what Lu Yue said. She worries that she’s going to get replaced.

Falling Into Your Smile stars Xu Kai and Cheng Xiao.

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