“Word of Honor” (2021 Chinese Drama): Cast & Summary

Word of Honor” is a new Chinese historical drama which comes out in 2021. The drama tells a story about a man Zhou Zishu who is asked to kill Jingan Princess. But he finds out the princess is his brother’s love. He feels guilty after he inserted seven nails into Uncle Bi who is the last person who took from Four Season Mountain Villa.

“Word of Honor” is adapted from Priest’s novel ““Faraway Wanderers”“.

Zhang Zhehan and Gong Jun are the lead actors.

Zhang Zhehan starred Chinese historical drama “The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion” in 2020. He played a prince who loves the lady Fu Rong. But she doesn’t want to be close to him. Because she knows he will kill her. He also starred “Legend of Yun Xi” in 2018. He played a general Long Feiye who loves a doctor Yun Xi.

Wu Xuanyi starred Chinese romance dramaBegin Again” in 2020. He played a doctor Ling Rui who is forced to marry the female president Lu Fangning. He also starred “The Love Equations” in same year.

Word of Honor (2021)

Word of Honor


Title: Word of Honor

Director: Cheng Zhichao

Writer: Xiao Chu

Network: Youku

Runtime: From Feb. 22

Episodes: 36

Language: Chinese


Jin Prince tells Zhou Zishu to kill Lord Li because Lord Li is writing letter to Emperor and wants to report what Jin Prince did to Emperor. Zhou Zishu breaks into Lord Li’s house and takes his life. He goes to see Jingan Prince and tells him that he killed her dad. He gives her a poison bottle and tells her to drink the poison.

Zhou Zishu tells Jinan Prince that he doesn’t want to ruin her body because she returned his brother’s body to her. She takes her life with anger, and recites the poem. He remembers the poem was recited by his brother. He realizes that he killed his brother’s woman.

Zhou Zishu returns to Tianchuang sect. The follower tells him that Jin Prince asked him to punish Uncle Bi because Uncle Bi wants to leave the place. Zhou Zishu puts seven nails into Uncle Bi’s body because there is no life who can leave Tianchuang Sect. He kills the last family he has, and thinks he is a sinner.

The lanterns appear in the sky. Zhou Zishu arrives at the rooftop. The archers in the house shoot the lantern. The lantern is broken. Some killers show up and fight with the archers. General Li is writing letter to Emperor. He intends to tells Emperor that Jin Prince wants to rebel.

The swordsman informs General Li that the killers of Tian Chuang came. He tells him to leave with him. The swordsman breaks the gate and takes General Li to fly to the rooftop. Zhou Zishu attacks the swordsman and asks him to hand over the letter to him. But the swordsman rejects it and cuts off his mask.

General Li sees Zhou Zishu’s real face and recognizes him. He learns that he works for Tian Chuang. Zhou Zishu tells General Li that he will kill him. The swordsman takes his sword and rushes to Zhou Zishu. Zhou Zishu kills the swordsman through cutting his neck. The blood drops on his sword.

Zhou Zishu kills General Li, and feels sorry. He breaks into the princess Jing An’s room, and tells her that he killed her father because he wanted to rebel. She doesn’t believe in it, and yells at him that her father tried his best for nation and people.

Zhou Zishu tells Jing An that he will let her make a choice because she escorted his brother Qin Jiuxiao’s body. He puts the poison bottle on the table, and tells her to take her life. She asks him if she should thank him for keeping her pride after he killed her families. She takes the poison bottle and drinks the poison up.

Jing An asks Zhou Zishu where he buried Qin Jiuxiao. He tells her that it’s Four Season Mountain Villa. He adds that he sleeps next to master. She smiles when she takes the wood hairpin.

It flashes back. Qin Jiuxiao is sculpturing the wood hairpin. Zhou Zishu takes away the wood hairpin, and tells Qin Jiuxiao that he will feel happy for him if he has the girl he loves.

Jing An mentions what Qin Jiuxiao said that he will live with her in Four Season Mountain Villa. She passes away. The follower tells Zhou Zishu that Prince Jin asked him to get rid of Bi Changfeng because he made mistake in the case of General Li.

Zhou Zishu goes to see Bi Changfeng and calls him uncle. He reminds him that there’re only two of them in Four Season Mountain Villa. Bu Changfeng points out that there’s no Four Season Mountain Villa because Qin Jiuxiao is dead. Zhou Zishu coughs. Bi Changfeng asks Zhou Zishu why his injury isn’t cured.

Zhou Zishu tells Bi Changfeng that he cannot leave Tian Chuang once he joins it. Bi Changfeng says that he knows that he cannot stand to leave. But he thinks he can lie to leave. He complains that he doesn’t want to be the dog of Jin Prince. Zhou Zishu asks Bi Changfeng if he doesn’t want to continue to follow him.

Bi Changfeng tells Zhou Zishu that he has to question the intent of Jin Prince after all of the brothers of Four Season Mountain Villa got killed. He says that he cannot work for the jerk anymore. He tells Zhou Zishu to give the nails to him if he cares for the friendship of them.

Zhou Zishu agrees to it and tells Bi Changfeng that he will take care of his families well. Bi Changfeng points out that he won’t know it. Zhou Zishu opens the box and takes out the nail. He puts the seven nails into Bi Changfeng’s body. Bi Changfeng spits blood.

Zhou Zishu goes out of the house. He stares at the snow in the sky, and says that everyone passed away except him. He thinks he deserves to be alive. He adds that he couldn’t protect anyone he wanted to protect.

Jin Prince wonders why Zhou Zishu didn’t come to see him. He asks Duan Pengju if Zhou Zishu’s injury is cured. Duan Pengju explains that the rebels made Zhou Zishu’s inner injury get worse, and he has to take a break. Jin Prince asks Duan Pengju if Zhou Zishu’s inner injury has been one year after he passed out for the death of Qin Jiuxiao. He tells Duan Pengju to get Zhou Zishu to see him.

Zhou Zishu tries to put the nail into his body. Qin Jiuxiao tells Zhou Zishu not to do that. Zhou Zishu thinks he deserves to get that because he buried all of people of Four Season Mountain Villa. He adds that he didn’t protect anyone and killed the girl he loves. He thinks he has no face to see him after he passes away.

Zhou Zishu tries to catch Qin Jiuxiao’s hand but Qin Jiuxiao disappears. He is in tears and wonders if Qin Jiuxiao sees Jin An. He thinks she would blame him. He laughs because he gave the poison to his sister-in-law as a present.

Zhou Zishu visits Jin Prince and pays his respect to him. Jin Prince tells Zhou Zishu to have a rest because he needs his help in his business. But Zhou Zishu thinks he cannot take the responsibility because he’s just his blade. Jin Prince asks Zhou Zishu what he means.

Zhou Zishu takes off his clothes and shows the nails in his body to Jin Prince. He asks him to give him the last nail. Jin Prince thinks Zhou Zishu did a great job. He points his sword at him, and asks him why he had to do that since he just wanted to die. Zhou Zishu tells Jin Prince that he can take away his life because his life was given by him.

Jin Prince is furious to put his sword on Zhou Zishu’s chest. But he throws away the sword. He thinks everyone tricked him, and asks Zhou Zishu if he agrees to follow him when he keeps his life. But Zhou Zishu asks Jin Prince to give him the last nail. Jin Prince learns that Zhou Zishu doesn’t want to be his follow. He tells him to be alive well because he’s going to be emperor in three years.


Zhang Zhehan as Zhou Zishu

He is the chief of Tianchuang sect. He wants to repay his sins because he killed all of the people who came from Four Season Mountain Villa. He inserted six nails into his body, and asks his master Jin Prince to inserted the last nail into his body. But Jin Prince rejects it because he wants to make him see how he becomes King.

Gong Jun as Wen Kexing

He is the demon King. He thinks everyone owes him after his treasure Glass Jade Pendant was stole by his follower. He wants to ruin the world with demons.

Zhou Ye as Gu Xiang

She is the maid of Wen Kexing. She mistakes Zhou Zishu as a beggar when she sees him outside. He just enjoys the sunshine, and tricks her to give him wine. It makes her angry.

Ma Wenyuan as Cao Weining

He’s the disciple of Qingfeng Sword Sect. He’s pursuing Gu Xiang. Wen Kexing doesn’t like him at all because he worries the boy will take Gu Xiang away from him. But Zhou Zishu likes to see the two getting together.

Sun Xilun as Zhang Chengling

He follows Zhou Zishu after his father got killed by Demon Valley. He wants to be the disciple of him. But Zhou Zishu keeps rejecting Zhang Chengling. He has a piece of Glass Jade. He gives the Glass Jade to Gao Cong after Zhou Zishu persuaded him. Gao Cong wants to marry his daughter to Zhang Chengling.

Jin Le as Gao Xiaolian

She treats Zhang Chengling as her younger brother. She never thinks to marry him. But she agrees to get married with Zhang Chengling after her father told her to do that. Because she wants to share the burden with her father.

Ke Naiyu as Liu Qianqiao

She’s the pretty demon of Demon Valley. Wen Kexing tells her to dress up to be Yu Qiufeng to provoke Huang He. Because he knows that she still has feelings for the man even if she got hurt deeply.

Chen Zihan as Xi Shanggui

She’s the happiness death demon. She hates men who gave up their women. She supports Wen Kexing to be demon king. But she’s against him after he killed other demon. She’s caught by Gao Cong after he attacked Demon Valley.

Hei Zi as Gao Cong

He asks Zhang Chengling to give Glass Jade to him. But Zhang Chengling rejects it. It makes him get angry. Zhang Chengling is kidnapped. Gao Cong worries about the boy. He forces Gu Xiang to tell him the whereabouts of Zhang Chengling.

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