“First Romance” (2020 Chinese Drama): Cast & Summary

First Romance” is a Chinese drama which tells a story about the girl Xiong Yifan has loved the piano genius Yan Ke for many years.

“First Romance” is adapted from Wei Mianjun’s novel “First Romance”.

Wan Peng and Wang Yilun are the lead actors.

Wan Peng starred the Chinese drama “My Girlfriend is an alien“. She played the alien girl Chai Xiaoqi.

Wang Yilun starred “I hear you” in 2019. The drama aired on Netflix.

First Romance (2020)

First Romance

First Romance Wiki

Title: First Romance (First Romance Chinese Drama)

Director: Ding Pei

Writer: Ouyang Lou

Network: Youku

Runtime: 14 September 2020

Episodes: 24

Language: Chinese

First Romance Summary

Xiong Yifan is a girl who is with great power. She has loved Yan Ke since she met him in high school. She doesn’t give up when she gets into university, and tries to confess her feelings to him.

Yan Ke was harassed by a boy. He doesn’t know the boy is Xiong Yifan. Because she wore someone else’s clothes, and she changed her hairstyle.

First Romance Cast

Wan Peng as Xiong Yifan

She is a javelin student who loves Yan Ke and tries to tell him her feelings.

Wang Yilun as Yan Ke

He is a piano student who looks for his best friend.

Zheng Shuhuan as Ding Ming

She is the best friend of Xiong Yifan. She teaches her how to pursue Yan Ke.

First Romance Episodes

First Romance Episode 1

Yi Fan wears the red dress and prepares to confess her feelings to Yan Ke. But she throws her heel to the ceiling for preventing the stuff from hitting him. The heel hits his head. Teacher Wang asks Yi Fan and Yan Ke to be the monitor they agree to it.

The girl tries to confess her feelings to Yan Ke. He pretends to not hear what she says. Yi Fan carries the box passing by. He carries the box for her, and gives her a candy. The foot competition begins. Yan Ke cheers Yi Fan up, and she wins. She feels happy.

But Ding Ming scolds Yi Fan for not taking the chance to be close to Yan Ke as there’re many girls who are pursuing him. Yi Fan and Yan Ke team up to take part in the couple race competition. But Yan Ke trips. Yi Fan carries Yan Ke and wins the competition.

Yan Ke finds out that his candy box is missing. Yi Fan knows what his candy box looks like as he gave her the candy from the candy box before. She finds it from the trash can, and gives it to him. He realizes that she is like his previous friend.

First Romance Episode 2

Yan Ke keeps thinking of Yi Fan as he finds out that she looks like his first love Xiao Song. Teacher Tang tells Yi Fan to get the students to try on the costumes. But the students are having lunch. So she does the job for them. Song Hua tells it to Yan Ke.

Yan Ke goes to the hall and sees Yi Fan who wears men clothes. She bumped into his arms just like what Xiao Song did to him in the rain day. Yan Ke is panic to run away.

Xiao Song opens a new gym at the school. Yi Fan and Ding Ming visit the gym as they’re his friends. Xiao Song takes the two girls to the basketball court. Yan Ke goes to the gym to look for Xiao Song, but he misses him. So he goes to the basketball court. He misses him again.

Yan Ke sees Xiao Song at the bus stop. So he encourages himself to call him. He sees Yi Fan and Xiao Song. He realizes that his first love isn’t a boy but a girl. He resisted Xiao Song’s pursuing because he mistook her as a male.

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