First Romance: Episode 1 Recap & Review

This is the Recap & Review for Chinese drama First Romance: Episode 1. Yi Fan wears a red dress to walk into the hall, and she intends to confess to her first love in front of all of the students. But she throws her heel to the ceiling, and it turns on the alarm.

First Romance: Episode 1 Recap & Review

First Romance

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for First Romance: Episode 1.

All of the students run out of the hall. Yi Fan follows them, and her body is full of powder. She explains that she just wanted to catch Yan Ke’s attention, and she didn’t want to see him being hurt. Yan Ke sighs and says that he really notes it.

It flashes back. Yi Fan walks to Yan Ke and she glances at him when he walks away. Teacher Wang tells Yi Fan to say something to the students. She tells the students that she wants to tell them an important thing, but she throws her heel to the silk cloth when it drops. The heel hits the alarm. The silk cloth drops, and it hits Yan Ke.

Yi Fan is surprised that she hurt Yan Ke, and thinks she doesn’t have such a power. But she confesses that she is a javelin thrower with great power. She adds that Yan Ke is like a light which gets into her life, and they got into same university even if they didn’t met many times in high school.

Yi Fan thinks the chance is given by heaven, and she wants to show up in front of Yan Ke with new looks. Ding Ming tells Yi Fan to smile, and tells her that it’s the first selfie in the university. Yi Fan says that she cannot smile. Ding Ming tells Yi Fan that the real warrior dares to face the handsome guy who was hit.

Yi Fan says that she doesn’t have the face to see Yan Ke. Ding Ming thinks it’s a good question that seeing or not seeing. Yi Fan asks Ding Ming if she can choose to die. Ding Ming denies. So Yi Fan offers to face the life.

Yi Fan walks in the classroom, and the classmates know that the girl who threw heel comes. Teacher Wang shows up and tells the students that the military training is cancelled. The students applaud and say that they feel regret. Teacher Wang tells them not to regret, and reveals they need to do the sport and music competition. He asks Yan Ke and Yi Fan to come to his office.

Yi Fan stops Yan Ke and feels sorry for the wound on his forehead. He comforts her that it’s fine. Teacher Wang tells Yan Ke that the school decides to get him and Yi Fan to be the monitors. Yan Ke and Yi Fan agree to it.

Yi Fan feels happy for being the monitors with Yan Ke, and tells Ding Ming to pinch her face. Ding Ming does so, and Yi Fan asks why the university life is so beautiful. Ding Ming asks Yi Fan if Yan Ke recognized her when she made an apology.

Yi Fan thinks Yan Ke didn’t do it as they didn’t see each other many times in high school. Ding Ming agrees to it as Yi Fan’s father didn’t recognize her. Yi Fan thinks Yan Ke didn’t recognize is good as she is a beautiful and gentle female classmate in his mind.

Ding Ming laughs and asks Yi Fan how many projects she prepared for the competition. Yan Ke learns that Yi Fan takes all of the projects, and he stares at her with weird eyes. The classmates cheer Yi Fan up when she is doing foot competition with the player.

The classmate notes that Yi Fan will lose her strength. Yan Ke takes the horn and tells Yi Fan to run. She smiles to kick the player, and she wins. Teacher Wang tells the students that Yi Fan and Yan Ke guided them getting the first name.

Ding Ming arrives and she helps Yi Fan relax. Yan Ke sees it but he is taken away by someone. Yi Fan tells Ding Ming that Yan Ke helped her win the game. Ding Ming learns that Yi Fan was busy in chicken fight, and blames her for not taking the chance to be close to Yan Ke. She asks her who she couldn’t learn to eat Chinese cabbage since pig can learn to turn around after he tries three times. Yi Fan gets a call from Teacher Tang.

Yan Ke listens to the music, and remembers Ding Ming relaxed for Yi Fan. He asks himself where he saw her. The girl waits for Yan Ke with the gift, and she tells him that she has loved him since she saw him at the school. She asks him if he will give her a chance.

Yi Fan carries the box and tells Yan Ke that Teacher Tang wants to see him. But she tells the two to continue when she sees the scene. Yan Ke carries the box for Yi Fan, and he feels sorry for the girl as he didn’t hear what she said. The girl says that it nothing, and she walks away.

Yi Fan tries to take the box back from Yan Ke. But he avoids it. He gives her a candy, and she asks him if his earphone can do noise reduction. He says that it’s a normal earphone, and asks why Teacher Tang wants to see them. She tells him that Teacher Tang wants them to team up for the projects. He asks her if she wants to take part in all of the projects.

Yi Fan says yes and thinks it’s friendship to help classmates. He remembers someone said same words to him, and puts down the box. She asks him if they can get together before he leaves. He doesn’t reply her. So she explains that she just wants to team up with him. He asks him what she means. She carries the box and runs away.

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