Record of Youth: Episode 4 Recap & Review

This is the Recap & Review for Netflix Korean drama Record of Youth: Episode 4. Hye-Jun tells Yeong-Nam that he decides to do the movie. Yeong-Nam is furious to throw the meat to Hye-Jun. But Hye-Jun avoids it. Yeong-Nam chases his son in the room. Ae-Suk stops her husband and tells him that she is done with him.

Record of Youth: Episode 4 Recap & Review

Record of Youth: Episode 4

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Record of Youth: Episode 4.

Ae-Suk asks Yeong-Nam why he stares at her, and tells him that she lets go as he wished, so do whatever he wants. She yells that she will do whatever she wants as well. He asks her what exactly would that be. But she thinks he doesn’t care for it.

Hye-Jun tries to run away. Yeong-Nam stops his son. Ae-Suk tells Hye-Jun to go to her room, and thinks she needs to have a talk with Yeong-Nam. Hye-Jun says that he will listen to Ae-Suk, and he runs away. Yeong-Nam scolds Ae-Suk and thinks it will ruin their son. He tells her that Hye-Jun will live off other people forever if she lets him do what he wants to do.

Ae-Suk thinks Yeong-Nam should say so as Hye-Jun’s parent. But he talks back that he worries about Hye-Jun as his father. She thinks it’s a crappy way to worry about someone. She says that nobody will believe in their children if they don’t believe in them, and she thinks there is a long line of people waiting to criticize them.

Yeong-Nam points out that Hye-Jun is a man, and he must marry and provide for his family. He says that it’s not an easy task. But she talks back that it isn’t only a man’s job to provide for his family. She asks him if he provides for her, and she mentions that she works for a living as well. He doesn’t believe his son would find and marry someone like her.

Ae-Suk asks Yeong-Nam why their son cannot since he lucked out himself. She wants Hye-Jun to choose his own path. She thinks her son has the chance to do what he likes. She asks him if he lived his life doing what pleases him. He says that nobody can live by only doing what they want, and thinks life isn’t a joke.

Ae-Suk points out that Yeong-Nam were a smart kid who received good grades. But he spent all of his adulthood only focusing on earning money. She asks him to give their children some space to breathe, and claims that it’s the only reason she works. She says that she will do manual labor until the day she dies. But she wants their children to have a better life than her life.

Ae-Suk says that life rarely goes the way Yeong-Nam plans it. But she doesn’t want to be the one who shuts down his dream before he gives it a chance. She says that she won’t let him be the one either. Yeong-Nam sighs and tells Ae-Suk not to regret it. He tells her that life is all about the right timing, and asks her not to resent him for not putting a stop.

Tae-Kyeong asks I-Yeong why she wears the earrings to bed. She says that she wants to look pretty in her sleep. He thinks she is a hard woman to understand. She tells him to love her instead of trying to understand her. He asks her if Hae-Na got into law school. She says that the results aren’t out yet, but their daughter is in.

Tae-Kyeong thinks Hae-Na is like him who got good grades. But I-Yeong points out that it’s not just good grades that gets him into law school. He asks her what else she needs. She mentions he leaves the kids to her and only checks in from time to time. She thinks he should know that there’s more to it.

Tae-Kyeong thinks I-Yeong is quite good at asserting the role she plays in the family. She thinks he is so mean all the time, and it bothers her more now that she is older. But he says that he endures everything that bothers him as well. She says that she’s jealous of the happy couples, and thinks it is why she obsesses more over the kids. Tae-Kyeong thinks I-Yeong will come back to him in the end even if she does. She hopes the day comes.

Ae-Suk walks in the room, and Hye-Jun gives her a hug. He thanks her. But she thinks he doesn’t have to do it as she’s only being selfish. She tells him not to resent her later on in life as she could be harsher on him than his dad. He says that he loves his selfish mom, and gives her a hug again.

Jeong-Ha is going to go out, and sees the couple umbrellas. She wonders if Hye-Jun is disappointed by her lies or he’s burdened by the fact that she likes him. She complains that he hasn’t texted. She thinks the ball is in his court since she wronged him by lying but then she told him the truth.

Jeong-Ha tries to call Hye-Jun, but she gives up the mind. The phone drops to the floor, and it calls him. He learns that she is free so that he asks for meeting up. She asks him about his grandfather. The grandfather Min-Ki asks Hye-Jun if he is off to see the director, and thinks everything will be good for him.

Min-Ki tells Hye-Jun that he will blind everyone and outshine the leading actor if he gets in the movie. Hye-Jun tells Min-Ki that he will hire him as a model, and persuades him to exercise. But Min-Ki tells Hye-Jun to get a refund as he thinks he cannot do it. But Hye-Jun flees.

Min-Jae runs into Hye-Jun at the elevator, and asks him why he is there. He tells her to get in the elevator, and says that he will do it. She is joyful to jump out of the elevator, and carries the stuff for him as she thinks she shouldn’t let the movie star do this kind of task.

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