Flower of Evil: Episode 13 Recap & Review

This is the Recap & Review for Korean drama Flower of Evil: Episode 13. Hee-Sung stands on the rooftop and lets the brick fall. Someone is hurt. Hee-Sung explains to the teacher that he doesn’t remember anything. He is in tears and says that all he thought about was dying after receiving his report card.

Flower of Evil: Episode 13 Recap & Review

Flower of Evil: Episode 13

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Flower of Evil: Episode 13.

Hee-Sung asks the teacher if it was his fault the dog died. She tells him to get out as she needs to talk with his mom Mi-Ja. He leaves. Mi-Ja thinks it’s her fault, and reveals her son isn’t usually like that. The teacher mentions Hee-Sung acts out each time after he receives his report card.

Hee-Sung walks in the room and has a seat. Hyun-Soo is taken away by the teacher for drawing. Min-Seok asks Hee-Sung if he is the kid who threw a brick from the rooftop. Hee-Sung says that he did it because of the depression by academic stress. But Min-Seok points out that Hee-Sung wanted to see the ripple effect of his actions.

Hee-Sung denies and asks why he would do that. Min-Seok thinks it’s because Hee-Sung doesn’t know how to have fun. He adds that he has never met someone like him, and thinks he must have been very lonely.

Hee-Sung is trying to hide the dead with Man-Woo. Hee-Sung and Ji-Won visit. Man-Woo tells Hee-Sung that Hyun-Soo is there. Mi-Ja asks Hyun-Soo what brings him there without calling. He says that he has something to tell them. She claims that she was too tired, and tells him to leave.

Ji-Won tells Mi-Ja that she knows what happened in the house. She asks her if she really wants them to get back. The gate is opened. Ji-Won and Hyun-Soo walk in the house. Man-Woo tells the two to have a seat, and asks Hyun-Soo why he came with his wife.

Hyun-Soo points out that they were supposed to meet tonight. So he thought he would be home. Mi-Ja asks Ji-Won how much she’s knowing. Ji-Won asks Mi-Ja how much she’s hiding instead. Man-Woo learns that Ji-Won knows everything about her husband. He asks her about her intention.

Mi-Ja asks Ji-Won if she decided to accept everything. Ji-Won has an eye contact with Hyun-Soo, and she tells Mi-Ja that she won’t stay by Hyun-Soo’s side no matter what happens. Man-Woo smiles and thinks the four of them need to have a lot to talk.

But Ji-Won points out that there’s one more person living there, and asks where he is. Man-Woo takes Ji-Won and Hyun-Soo to see Hee-Sung. Mi-Ja tells the two that they had an argument due to the car accident, and something unexpected happened.

Man-Woo tells Ji-Won that Hee-Sung is going to die, and thinks he shared all of their secrets with Ji-Won. He promises to let her husband live as Hee-Sung for the rest of his life. He tells her not to worry about it. Hyun-Soo tells Man-Woo that he is mistaken, and reveals his wife just wanted to see Hee-Sung’s body on her own.

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