Good Bye My Princess Chinese Drama Recap: Episodes 1-2

These are recaps of Good Bye My Princess Chinese Drama Episodes 1-2, Qu Xiaofeng tells Gu Jian to marry to him, so she doesn’t have to marry to Li Chao. But he rejects it because he thinks he doesn’t deserve to get her love, and wants to introduce the best man in the world to her.

Good Bye My Princess Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 1

Good Bye My Princess

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Good Bye My Princess Chinese Drama Episodes 1-2.

Gu Xiaowu calls out Xiao Feng and tries to stop her jumping off the Wang Chuan river. But she says that she will forget him all her life and jumps off. Gu Xiaowu follows her and jumps off.

There is a tale in Xi Jing, you will forget your love and all of the trouble if you jumps into the Wang Chuan river.

In order to maintain the tradition of marriage between Xi Jing and Zhong Yuan, the emperor of Xi Zhou empire, Qu Wencheng and married princess Ming Yuan ask Li Chao empire for marriage. Meanwhile, the crown prince Li Chengji fights with emperor because of fraud of exam.

Emperor is furious to whip Li Chengji and orders him to go to Xi Zhou, asking for marriage. Li Chengyin wants to go to Xi Jing with Li Chengji, but his mother Empress Zhan and his brother Li Chengye are against it. Empress agrees it since Li Chengyin insists on doing it.

Qu Xiaofeng rides the horse to get the ball and calls out to Gu Jian. But the ball startles the horse when she waves it. Gu Jian rides another horse and saves Qu Xiaofeng. She gives the ball to him while on his back. But he says that the woman must marry the man if she gives the ball to him. So she asks him if he wants to marry her. He smirks and thinks she is silly.

Qu Xiaofeng begs her father Qu Wencheng not to marry her to Li Chao since he has so many daughter, and mentions Ming Yuan. But he thinks she didn’t respect her elder, and orders his follower to watch her. Qu Xiaofeng shoots to sky with arrows and summons Gu Jian. She asks him to take her to run away from home, but he says that he will take her to leave if she isn’t the princess. He feels sorry and turns to leave.

She warns him that he will never see him again if she marries to Li Chao. She casts the arrow to him and yells that he is a liar, since he promised to protect her. She swears to kill all of the princes of Li Chao.

Li Chengji tells Li Chengyin that it means exile if he walks him. But Li Cheng Yin doesn’t want to return because he is afraid of his mother scold. Ming Yuan worries the princes Li Chengji and Li Chengyin, so she asks her follower Chai Mu to pick them up.

The assassin attack Li Chengji, and Li Chengyin kills some of them when they’re close to Li Chengji. Li Chengji flees with Li Chengyin by riding the horse. The empress thinks Ming Yuan confused emperor and makes Qu Xiaofeng marry to Li Chao, so she asks A Du to kill Ming Yuan.

A Du wears mask to sneak into Ming Yuan’s house, but Gu Jian stops her. She tells him that Ming Yuan can only be safe when Qu Xiaofeng leaves. Qu Xiaofeng thrills when Gu Jian visits her, but pretends to be cold to him. He agrees to take her to leave, and asks her to wait him at the sand dune of Liren Po. Because he promised his adoptive father Chai Mu to take care of Ming Yuan for three days.

The General Pei Zhao arrives at the place, and finds out that Li Chengji is killed. He thinks the peace is ended. Qu Xiaofeng spots someone rides to her, but he passes out with the horse. She thinks it’s Gu Jian, but finds out it’s Li Chengyin.

Qu Xiaofeng carries Li Chengyin at the gobi, but he hugs her because he thinks she wants to kill him. She explains that she saved him, and asks him who he is. But Li Chengyin passes out. Gu Jian arrives at the Liren Po, but Qu Xiaofeng isn’t there. He sees a dead horsr and recognizes it comes from Li Chao.

In the evening, Li Chengyin finds out he is tied up by Qu Xiaofeng, and she asks him to promise her three things and she will release him. Pei Zhao returns with Li Chengji’s body, and reports to Gao Xian that he found a Dan Chi tribe’s weapon next to Li Chengji. Gao Xian orders Pei Zhao to find Li Chengyin.

Qu Xiaofeng finds the paper on Li Chengyin’s body, and he lies that he is a merchant and got robbed. So she releases him and says that her master Gu Jian can help them. But she cannot find her Ming Di, which is a tool to contact Gu Jian.

A group of people pass by, and Li Chengyin remembers the people killed his brother Li Chengji. Gao Xian shows up and it seems that he is close to the chief of Dan Chi. Qu Xiaofeng recognizes the chief and calls him cousin. The chief wants to send a bodyguard to protect Qu Xiaofeng, but she refuses it because she fears the bodyguard recognizes Li Chengyin.

When she returns, Li Chengyin left and leaves a handkerchief on the tree. He appoints to meet her again three days later. Li Chengyin notices someone is chased him, and finds out it’s Chai Mu. Chai Mu wants to escort Li Chengyin, and Li Chengyin agrees.

Gu Jian finds Qu Xiaofeng and is going to take her to leave. But the soldiers of Xi Zhou surround them, and asks Gu Jian to kill them. Because they will be killed, if they fail to take Qu Xiaofeng back. She has to return home with Gu Jian, and Qu Wencheng asks Gu Jian to watch Qu Xiaofeng.

The emperor of Li Chao swears to take revenge when he knows Dan Chi tribe kills his son. Li Chengye asks the assassin to kill Li Chengyin before he returns the prince’s house. Chai Mu and Li Chengyin arrive at the prince’s house, Chai Mu leaves then. Li Chengyin runs into Pei Zhao, who just returns.

Pei Zhao takes Li Chengyin into the house, and Gao Xian greets Li Chengyin. Li Chengyin recognizes Gao Xian is close to the chief of Dan Chi, but he doesn’t point it out. A Du bursts into and tells Qu Xiaofeng and empress that Li Chao and Shuo Bo are asking for marriage to Qu Xiaofeng in the court.

Good Bye My Princess Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 2

Emperor of Li Chao decides to continue asking Xi Zhou for marriage, and orders Li Chengye to take army to attack Dan Chi. The king of Dan Chi gets the message, and is prepare for the war. Li Chengye arrives at the safe house, and looks for advice about attack Dan Chi. Gao Xin suggests to find the Ge Daer curtain.

Li Chengyin arrives at the court of Xi Zhou, and gives the marriage paper to Qu Wencheng. But the envoy of Shuo Bo bursts into, and blames Qu Wencheng for didn’t respect him. So Li Chengyin goes to see Ming Yuan. Qu Xiaofeng walks in the court and pretends to be A Du, asking the envoy of Shuo Bo and Gao Xian to drink the centipede soup. They refuse to drink. She thinks they’re timid, and cannot accept them. Because the soup is just grape juice. But Qu Wencheng gets her out of the court because she didn’t respect his guests.

Ming Yuan takes Li Chengyin to basement, and tells him how the prime minister wronged his uncle General Gu and killed his family, and how Empress Zhang poisoned his mother. Li Chengyin decides to take revenge on them, and Gu Jian shows up. Ming Yuan introduces Gu Jian as General Gu’s only son to Li Chengye, and he is his cousin.

Chai Mu asks Gu Jian to introduce Li Chengyin to Qu Xiaofeng, and lets her help Li Chengyin find the Ge Daer curtain. Because Qu Xiaofeng is the king of Dan Chi’s granddaughter. But Gu Jian doesn’t want to use Qu Xiaofeng. So Chai Mu reminds him how his parents were killed by the Prime minister, and tells him to help Li Chengyin be the crown prince so that he will take revenge.

Qu Xiaofeng tells Gu Jian to marry to him, so she doesn’t have to marry to Li Chao. But he rejects it because he thinks he doesn’t deserve to get her love, and wants to introduce the best man in the world to her. He takes her to the bridge, and Qu Xiaofeng finds out the person Gu Jian mentioned is Li Chengyin.

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