“Goodbye My Princess” (2019 Drama): Cast & Summary

Goodbye My Princess” is a Chinese historical drama which tells a story about the 5th prince of Li state Li Chengyin who is close to 9th princess of Xi state Qu Xiaofeng and kills her families. Qu Xiao feng is sent to Li state, and she wakes up to take revenge for Li Chengyin.

The drama is adapted from top wuxia novel “Goodbye My Princess” which is written by Feiwo Sicun. The writer likes to write tragedy.

Peng Xiaoran and Chen Xingxu are the lead actors.

Chen Xingxu starred 2017 Chinese historical drama The Legend of the Condor Heroes.

Goodbye My Princess (2019)

Goodbye My Princess


Title: Goodbye My Princess (Good bye My Princess)

Director: Li Muge

Writer: Qian Yu, Wang Yihan, Xu Xiaolin, Hu Rong, Liu Xiao, Ke Yitong.

Network: Youku

Runtime: From Feb. 5

Episodes: 52

Language: Chinese


Qu Xiaofeng is a innocent princess of Xi state, and she is asked to marry the prince of Li state. She doesn’t accept the political marriage, and tells the man Gu Jian she loves to take away. But Gu Jian introduces the man Gu Xiaowu to her.

Gu Xiaowu flirts with Qu Xiaofeng. She falls for him and takes him to the camp of her grandpa Tie Daer. But Gu Xiaowu kills Tie Daer and ruins his state Dan Chi. Qu Xiaofeng knows that Gu Xiaowu is the prince of Li state, and she is mad to jump into the forgetting river. Qu Xiaowu follows her to jump, and the two lose their memories.

Qu Xiaofeng is sent to Xi state. Li Chengyin falls for her again even if he lost his memories. He becomes the crown prince for her, and gets her to marry him. But she hates him after knowing he killed her grandpa. She misses the man Gu Xiaowu, but doesn’t know Li Chengyin is Gu Xiaowu. Li Chengyin doesn’t know it as well, and he is in jealousy to kill her ex-boyfriend Gu Jian who helped him before. Qu Xiaofeng is insane to flee Li state.


Chen Xingxu as Li Chengyin, Gu Xiaowu

He is a cold-blooded prince, and his dad trained him to sacrifice anyone. He loves Qu Xiaofeng and can do anything for her. But he hurts her deeply for the revenge.

Peng Xiaoran as Qu Xiaofeng

She is a righteous girl, and she cannot forgive her lover because of the integrity.

Wei Qianxiang as Gu Jian

He loves Qu Xiaofeng but gives her to his brother because of friendship. He helps her leave east palace after knowing her decision. He is killed by the arrows on the wall.

Luo Jialiang as Emperor

He protects his throne through making his son to fight with each other. He is the source of Qu Xiaofeng and Li Chengyin’s tragedy.

Zheng Dinghang as Empress

She kills Li Chengyin’s mom and becomes his mom. She needs Li Chengyin to be against her dad Gao Yuming.

Wang Zhifei as Prime Minister

He is an old man but he is evil than anymore. He tells his son to kill Qu Xiaofeng’s mother to control Li Chengyin.

Wang Chuanyi as Crown Prince

He fears Li Chengyin to take away his position, and he rebels. Emperor has to kill him.

Na Jima as A Du

She is the bodyguard and maid of Qu Xiaofeng. She makes herself dumb to protect Qu Xiaofeng.

Eve as Zhao Sese

She is the daughter of General Zhao, and frames Qu Xiaofeng many times as she loves Li Chengyin.

Wang Guan as Pei Zhao

He is the follower of Li Chengyin, and has feelings on Qu Xiaofeng. He conceals the feelings after finding out that Li Chengyin intends to kill him.

Shao Feng as Chai Mu

He is the teacher of Gu Jian and Li Chengyin. He helps Li Chengyin to take revenge.

Wei Xiaohan as Ming Yue

She is the daughter of Chai Mu, and becomes the emperor’s woman for her dad.


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