A Journey to Love: Episodes 19-20 Recap & Ending Explained

These are the Recap & Ending Explained for A Journey to Love: Episodes 19-20. Du Changshi asks Ning Yuanzhou to let Ren Ruyi have a talk with Li Tongguang. Ning Yuanzhou throws a fit to Du Changshi. He tells him that he tried his best not to beat him.

Why Doesn’t Ren Ruyi Get Together with Ning Yuanzhou?

A Journey to Love

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for A Journey to Love: Episodes 19-20.

Ning Yuanzhou tells Du Changshi that he won’t sell Ren Ruyi because he cares for Ren Ruyi very much. He thinks he hurt him and Ren Ruyi’s feelings. He reminds Du Changshi that Ren Ruyi did too much for everyone. Ren Ruyi hears the talk. She takes Yang Ying away.

Yang Ying wonders why Du Changshi thought so. She mentions Ren Ruyi saved Du Changshi’s life. She reveals Du Changshi thanked Ren Ruyi after Ren Ruyi came back. She feels regret for thinking Du Changshi is a good person. Ren Ruyi thinks Du Changshi said so because he was trained to do so.

She mentions Zheng Qingyun thought Yang Ying would listen to him if he slept with Yang Ying. She thinks Ning Yuanzhou is rare. Yang Ying tells Ren Ruyi not to get angry since Ning Yuanzhou guarded her in front of Du Changshi.

But Ren Ruyi wishes to think about the case of her and Ning Yuanzhou. Yang Ying volunteers to accompany Ren Ruyi to think about it. But Ren Ruyi worries that Yang Ying’s smell brain cannot make it. Yang Ying tells Ren Ruyi that Ren Yuanzhou is very poor.

She reveals Ning Yuanzhou drank alone. Ren Ruyi believes that Yang Ying made a painful story to trick her. She thinks Ning Yuanzhou wouldn’t let Yang Ying find it if he wished to drink alone. She thinks Ning Yuanzhou wouldn’t delay the business even if he was upset.

Yang Ying wonders why Ren Ruyi doesn’t get together with Ning Yuanzhou since she knows Ning Yuanzhou well. Ren Ruyi thinks she and Ning Yuanzhou like each other. She thinks they shouldn’t skip the problems if they wish to get together.

Why Doesn’t Jin Meiniang Tell Ren Ruyi that Changqing Marquis is Jiu Er?

Qian Zhao walks out of the house with his follower. He tells him to check any woman. He sees Sun Lang talking with the sheep seller. He finds out that the sheep seller is Jin Meiniang. The bodyguard watches them. He thinks the person is just a sheep seller.

Qian Zhao lets Sun Lang take Jin Meiniang to take money. Jin Meiniang meets with Ren Ruyi. She thinks she’s late. But Ren Ruyi tells Jin Meiniang that she came on time. She mentions Liu Li. Jin Meiniang reveals she saw Liu Li as well.

Jin Meiniang tells Ren Ruyi that Liu Li asked her if she’s alive. She tries to tell her that Liu Li is following Li Tongguang. But Ren Ruyi has known it. She thinks Li Tongguang asked Liu Li to confirm if she’s Ren Xin. Jin Meiniang thinks Li Tongguang is nice to Liu Li just for Ren Ruyi.

She believes that Liu Li has to step back if Li Tongguang knows Ren Ruyi is alive. Ren Ruyi thinks Liu Li put Jin Meiniang’s words into her mind. She realizes why Liu Li wasn’t surprised when she saw her. She thinks Liu Li told Li Tongguang that she’s just like Ren Xin.

Ren Ruyi praises Jin Meiniang. But she thinks she should know Changqing Marquis is Jiu Er. Jin Meiniang apologizes to Ren Ruyi. Ren Ruyi asks Jin Meiniang for the reason. Jin Meiniang reveals Li Tongguang had feelings for Ren Ruyi. She tells Ren Ruyi that Li Tongguang was insane after she left.

Jin Meiniang mentions Li Tongguang rejected all of the marriages for Ren Ruyi. But Ren Ruyi thinks Li Tongguang rejected the marriages for Elder Princess. She realizes that Jin Meiniang didn’t mention Li Tongguang because she noted that she was close to Ning Yuanzhou.

Ren Ruyi tells Jin Meiniang that she wishes to do something like her. She’s surprised that she wishes to help Red Clothes Guards since they hurt her a lot. Jin Meiniang wishes to take part in Ren Ruyi’s business. Ren Ruyi reveals she wishes to gather white sparrows to teach them how to live.

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Episode 20 of A Journey to Love ends with Ning Yuanzhou waking up. Qian Zhao sees Ning Yuanzhou. He tells Ren Ruyi that Ning Yuanzhou is fine. Ren Ruyi tears up. She leaves Ning Yuanzhou’s room. Yu Shisan follows her. She cries when she looks at the sky.

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