Graceful Family Episode 2: Recap & Review

This is the Recap & Review for 2019 Korean drama Graceful Family Episode 2. Seok-Hee saw her mom getting killed. The prosecutor returned home and wondered where his family went. Je-Kook showed the video of his family to him, and asked the prosecutor to cover up the murder case with the luxury villa and a bright future. This is what happened 15 years ago.

Graceful Family Korean Drama Episode 2: Recap & Review

Graceful Family

Seok-Hee gets off her car and tells Du-Man that it’s an attempted murder, and admits that she is drunk. She says that she is going to run away and her lawyer Yoon-Do will take care of compensating Du-Man for any damages.

Seok-Hee tells the police that she attempted murder and even did a hit and run. He says that he has never seen a person who’s so desperate to become a hit and run suspect. She asks how much it costs to pay for a child’s education, including study abroad. He reveals $100,000 isn’t even enough for studying abroad.

Seok-Hee tells Du-Man to add another zero and use the money to hire a law firm or fight. She calls Je-Kook and says that she had a hit and run, and needs a million dollars to settle.

Yoon-Do walks Seok-Hee out of the police station, and thinks she could’ve helped the man differently. She asks him if he thinks she can even spend a dime without Je-Kook knowing about it. He asks her why she hired him, and she says that because he isn’t an elite lawyer. She tells him to be intelligent, and mentions his old fashioned suit.

Je-Kook thinks Seok-Hee couldn’t control her temper and she wasted a million dollars. But Yoon-Do thinks the way she resolved the situation was very appealing, and mentions Seok-Hee made Mr. Kim changed his mind. She says that of they do what she did because they’re afraid of people like him every time, then MC Group would cease to exist.

Yoon-Do thinks TOP exists because MC Group is worried about what others think. But Je-Kook points out that TOP’s goal is to make maximum profit with minimum expenditure. She gives him the internship contract, but he thinks the respond and report 24/7 whenever he is contacted is a violation of the labor law. She asks him when Seok-Hee gets into an accident at 3 am, if he’s just going to sleep and ignore her until it’s time to go to work.

Yoon-Do notes that he needs to address her as “Ms. Suk-Hee” and speak to her in honorifics, and it’s archaic. Je-Kook says that it’s a rule, and he is shocked to see his annual salary $160,000. He wants to sign but doesn’t have the pen. So she gives her pen to him. He sees the word “Empire” on the pen, and goes to the restroom. He remembers the woman took the pen and asked his uncle to sign it.

Yoon-Do explains that the salary amount was too high, and he got a little excited. Yoon-Do returns home with new suit, and his father Jang-Soo is happy that his son became a lawyer. But he doesn’t feel good because his son didn’t buy him anything.

Lawyer Yoon visits Seok-Hee and wants to report to her something. Seok-Hee tells Ms. Jung to leave, and asks Lawyer Yoon if she can trust Ms. Jung. He mentions Ms. Jung takes care of Wang-Pyo, and thinks Seok-Hee should obtain management rights. She asks him if he was the one who contacted her, but he denies.

Yoon-Do meets with Detective Oh, and Detective Oh says that he cannot access the murder case. Seok-Hee cannot sleep and calls Yoon-Do to swim. She tells him to come to her house by 7 am. Because she wants to introduce him to her family. Yoon-Do returns home and tells Jang-Soo to wake him up after 2 hours.

Soo-Jin wakes up and asks Wan-Joon how long they have to sleep on separate beds, and he tells her wait until the heir is decided. Wan-Soo bursts into, and Wan-Joon tells Soo-Jin to leave. Wan-Soo wonders why Wan-Joon and Soo-Jin use separate beds, and thinks their relationship is rocky. Wan-Joon explains that he uses the bed because he has to read late at night.

Wan-Soo gives the script to Wan-Joon and asks him to invest. But Wan-Joon rejects it. Seok-Hee introduces Yoon-Do to her family, and puts a pen in his pocket. Je-Kook has a meeting with the members of Top, but she doesn’t invite Yoon-Do. Seok-Hee thinks Yoon-Do is a loner.

Boo-Ki talks with someone about Wan-Joon’s slush fund, Gwang-Mi runs to Boo-Ki and tells him that she got pictures of Lee Byung-Soo leaving Choi Soo-jung’s house. But he tells her to tail Wan-Joon’s slush fund.

Joo-Young runs to Je-Kook and tells her that Wan-Joon’s slush fund is hot on social media. Cheol-Hee gets the message as well when he is playing golf.

The anchor gives her number to Wan-Joon, but he makes the note fall to the floor. Kyung-A steps on it. The anchor is furious to walk away. Kyung-A gets a call from someone, and she leaves.

Cheol-Hee rages and intends to hit the table with his club. Je-Kook stops him and promises to solve it in three days. But he only gives her one day. Kyung-A recognizes the voice and thinks Mr. Park is the person told the message to Boo-Ki. Je-Kook asks Yoon-Do to bring Mr. Park in, but Sang-Won wonders why she gives the important task to a newbie. Je-Kook says that they need to test Yoon-Do.

Yoon-Do knows his task, but he doesn’t have Mr. Park’s number. So Joo-Young gives it to him. He thinks Mr. Park didn’t answer, and asks for another source. But she leaves.

Kyung-A visits the woman and tells her that they have an urgent situation. She gives her the cashes and asks to replace the search words.

The man asks Joon-Hyuk why he bought their rivals shares, and Joon-Hyuk tells him to release a game with them. The man asks if Je-Kook agreed to that. Joon-Hyuk says that they cannot do anything without her permission. So the man calls Mr. Kim and asks him to get to work.

Yoon-Do finds the house Mr. Park lives, and he lives. Joo-Young thinks he isn’t bad.

Yoon-Do calls someone and asks for a list of people staying at the hotel. He pretends to be a waiter, and walks in Mr. Park’s room. He tells him that he comes from MC Group.

Mr. Park asks Yoon-Do how he knew he was there, and realizes that there is nothing TOP cannot do. He says that he hasn’t seen him in TOP before, and Yoon-Do explains that he is an intern. Mr. Park asks Yoon-Do what Je-Kook told him to do with him, and Yoon-Do says that she told him to respectfully bring him to TOP.

Mr. Park says that he knows that there are bodyguards all over the first floor, so he won’t step a foot out of the room. He tells Yoon-Do to leave before he calls the police. But Yoon-Do says that they’re going to make an offer, and thinks they either make him join them or utterly destroy him. He adds that Je-Kook still thinks of him as a part of the family.

Yoon-Do takes Mr. Park to see Je-Kook, and she tells Yoon-Do to leave. She asks Mr. Park how much money he wants, but he thanks her for thinking of him. She summons the members of TOP, and Kyung-A plays what Mr. Park said. Je-Kook asks to upload it to refute what Mr. Park said.

Mr. Park thinks it’s not what Je-Kook promised him, but she says that she never made any promises. Mr. Park asks Yoon-Do to say something, and Yoon-Do thinks he brought him because Je-Kook said she were going to negotiate. Sang-Won tells Mr. Park that he leaked the company’s information and made threats so that it will count as a crime. Mr. Park is on knees and asks for forgiving, but Je-Kook gets her men to take away Mr. Park.

Je-Kook tells Yoon-Do that he did a good job, and leaves. He finds her in the restroom, and asks her why she did it. She explains that MC Group believes there’s no mercy for traitors. He thinks he became a liar, but she reminds him that it’s women restroom. Seok-Hee calls Yoon-Do and asks him to come to her house.

Seok-Hee shows her laptop to Yoon-Do and says that the original news article became fake news within 12 hours and prosecution refuses to life a finger to look into MC Group. She adds that Wan-Joon became an angel, and thinks Yoon-Do helped TOP. He asks her how she knows his schedule, and she stares at the pen on his pocket. He realizes that she bugged him, and thinks she made him into a spy.

Seok-Hee says that she just eavesdropped the meeting, but Yoon-Do thinks TOP will sue him if they find out. She thought he is on her side, but she says that he is not on anyone’s side. He asks her if she chose him to fight TOP, and thinks she failed. He says that he wants to become a regular employee, and tells her that he doesn’t agree to what she did. He leaves the pen on the table and intends to leave. But she reminds him that not all members in the TOP are same.

Gwang-Mi stops Boo-Ki breaking the monitor, and he asks to bring him something cheap to throw. He says that they took Mr. Park from the hotel and stopped all the articles. He gets a call from Kyung-A, and she reveals that they will sue him for slander. He rages to throw the phone.

Cheol-Hee is happy for the result, and asks about Seok-Hee. Je-Kook thinks Seok-Hee wants to control the company, and tells Cheol-Hee to test Seok-Hee’s intents with marriage card. Young-Seo likes the idea and wants to marry Seok-Hee off.

Cheol-Hee summons Seok-Hee and asks her if she wants to get married or get on an airplane. She thought they agreed that she’s going to live in Korea. But he says that she needs to give one to gain one. She tells him that she’s not interested in taking over the company, and asks if they believe her if she goes on a blind date and gets married. Young-Seo tells Seok-Hee that they will choose a perfect man for her.

Seok-Hee agrees to it but she asks if she can get a divorce if she doesn’t like him. She thinks he might turn out to look down on women after they get married, or he could be a serial killer. Cheol-Hee laughs, and she asks who he is.

Seok-Hee checks the profile of Tae-Hyung and learns that he is the son of Hyung-Il. She meets with him and tells him that she is rich and pretty. She asks him for something in return. He tells her that he is a prosecutor and his father is a prosecutor general. She says that she won’t accept an offer that won’t benefit her, and thinks he wants to live off her family.

Gwang-Mi takes away Boo-Ki at the bar. She asks him what he will do since he got sued for slander. But he thinks being sued is a honorable badge for reporters. She thinks he is still with pride. He tells her to do a stakeout on Seok-Hee, and reveals no reporter ever got a picture of her. Gwang-Mi agrees to it.

Sang-Won tells Je-Kook that Tae-Hyung is looking into them because Seok-Hee provoked him while they were on a blind date. Je-Kook intends to send Seok-Hee away for Tae-Hyung’s pride.

Seok-Hee takes Yoon-Do to visit her mom, and he asks her how her mom passed away. She says that her heart stopped, and tells him to concentrate on his work. The police finds the drug in Seok-Hee’s bag, and they arrest her. Gwang-Mi takes the photo of Seok-Hee.

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