Legend of the Phoenix: Episode 5 [Recap]

This is the recap for 2019 Chinese drama Legend of the Phoenix: Episode 5. Ning Zhi guesses Empress envies Consort Fu for being arrogant with Emperor’s liking. Empress trusts Ning Zhi more, but she doesn’t admit it because of her pride. She asks her to attend the banquet with her and read people’s mind.

Legend of the Phoenix Chinese Drama: Episode 5 Recap

Legend of the Phoenix

Ning Zhi wants to go out of the palace and worship her grandmother. Empress agrees it. Ning Zhi justs want to see her mom who hides in the mountain. But she only sees A Jiao and A Qiao, and knows what happened.

Ning Zhi intends to look for Wei Guang at the opera, but she runs into the bodyguard who sent her out of palace. He wants to take her back to palace, and she sees Wei Guang through the door. She is in tears.

Wei Guang appears in the opera and draws Yang Biao to catch him. The two have a fight. Wei Guang kills Yang Biao. Lang Kun gets angry and swears to catch Wei Guang.

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Empress visits Yan Kuan who is a fortune teller. He didn’t want to work for her, so he was locked in the jail. Yan Kuan reminds Empress that she was tricked by jerk. She suspects Ning Zhi’s exceptional function and tests her.

Ning Zhi shows flaw, and Empress wants to punish her. Ning Zhi asks for forgiving, and claims she can work for Empress with her penetration. She wishes her to give her a chance.

Empress forgives Ning Zhi, and Ning Zhi asks Empress to help A Jiao and A Qiao get in the palace. Ning Zhi made the mistake, and pear blossom academy cannot avoid the sin. Empress gets Lang Kun to manage pear blossom academy.

The ladies have tough time under the managing of Lang Kun. They work at the day and aren’t allowed to eat at night. Ning Zhi goes to the kitchen and steals some snacks for the maids. But Lang Kun catches her. Ning Zhi takes all of the duties for protecting sisters, and she gets hit on her hand.

In the evening, wounded Wei Guang is resting in the bed. He notes that the assassin sneaks into his room, and he hides somewhere to avoid the killing. The next day, he takes the queen’s token to sneak into the palace.

Ning Zhi sees people comforting Zi Ling, and knows that Mr. Wang slept with Zi Ling when she replaced her to work in the kitchen. Mr. Wang is the good brother of Lang Kun so that nobody can touch him. Zi Ling got so much humiliation but she doesn’t have a place to get the justice. Ning Zhi is furious and wants to punish Lang Kun.

Lang Kun is drunk to walk at the street, and Ning Zhi pretends to be female ghost to bite his neck. He guesses the person was Ning Zhi, but he doesn’t have evidence. Lang Kun senses that he is poisoned, so he asks the doctor to see him. But the doctor gets nothing.

Ning Zhi plays trick for Empress, and Lang Kun has a fight with Ning Zhi after Empress went to the restroom. Empress scolds the two, and Lang Kun wants to wrong Ning Zhi. But Empress punishes Lang Kun.

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