Put Your Head on My Shoulder: Episode 22 [Recap]

This the recap for 2019 Chinese drama Put Your Head on My Shoulder: Episode 22. Situ Mo tells Wei Yi that she will take a shower, and she explains that she means they can have a good rest after a shower. She is embarrassed to run away.

Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese Drama: Episode 22 Recap

Put Your Head on My Shoulder

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese Drama: Episode 22.

Situ Mo intends to dry the bed sheets, but Wei Yi asks her where she will sleep when she washed the bed sheets. She wants to sleep the mattress, but he tells her to sleep in his room.

Wei Yi explains that he sleeps on the mattress and she sleeps in his room. Situ Mo is getting the water out of her ear with the cotton swab, but Wei Yi startles her and the cotton swab hurts her ear.

Wei Yi checks Situ Mo’s ear, and remembers Lu Lu told him that Situ Mo’s ears are sensitive. So he blows her ear. Situ Mo asks Wei Yi what he is doing, and he explains that he wants to check if her eardrum is broken.

Wei Yi tells Situ Mo to sleep in his room, but she rejects it. He asks her why she always has trouble with him since he heard she has a good temper. She panics to run to his room.

Situ Mo cannot sleep and sees Wei Yi sitting with the milk. He says that he can’t sleep at other place besides on his bed.

The two sleep together. Wei Yi wants to sleep outside, but Situ Mo says that she trusts him. He tells her not to trust, so she intends to go out. But he puts his hand on her chest. She smirks to him and reminds him that the light is still on.

Wei Yi intends to turn it off, and Situ Mo asks him if he really likes her. He tells her that he loves her, and kisses her.

The two’s clothes are on the floor and bed. It seems they failed. Situ Mo comforts Wei Yi that there’s a difference between theory and practice and they didn’t even learn the theory. She says, “It’s normal that you don’t know how to do it for the first time.”

In the morning. Situ Mo notes that Wei Yi is researching the human sexuality, and she is awkward. She tells him that she needs to go to work as Jie Er wants to tell her something. He wants to send her, but she tells him to do his work.

Situ Mo arrives at the office, but Jie Er takes her out. Jie Er tells Situ Mo that both of us are shortlisted in the advertising designing contest but it didn’t show their name on the artwork. Situ Mo thinks the organizer made it wrong. But Jie Er says that it only shows the company’s name.

Situ Mo wants to change it, but Jie Er points out that they took part by the name of the company’s 4th creative department. Situ Mo wants to talk with Sha Sha, but Jie Er reveals it shows Sha Sha’s name. There will be a meeting, and Jie Er wants to listen to what they say.

Zhou Lei calls Wei Yi and wants to mark the exam of the Germany exchange for him. But Wei Yi doesn’t remember the first question. Situ Mo calls Wei Yi but he is talking with Zhou Lei.

In the meeting. Sha Sha announces that she decides to get Jie Er and Situ Mo to be the fulltime employees. Jie Er and Situ Mo sigh, and Situ Mo thinks they want block their mouth with the jujube.

Situ Mo returns home and is tired. Wei Yi hugs her and she is moved. But he mentions the Harvard open class says touching, sleep and love are important. She thinks he hugged her because he wanted to sleep with her.

Situ Mo gets angry, and Wei Yi kisses her. But she pushes him over and trips on the couch. He kisses her chest, and she pushes him over again. She stands on the couch and asks him why he’s still trying to do that with her since he knows that she is angry.

Fu Pei and Wang Shan date in the classroom, and he thinks she feels wronged because they always get someplace without spending. But she tells him to calculate the cost. Wang Shan finds out that they need 80,000 yuan, and Fu Pei mentions Mom promised to sell her handbags to support him. Wang Shan glares at Fu Pei.

Situ Mo is watching movie, and Wei Yi does spoiler for her. She is furious to leave, but he reminds her that she doesn’t clean the noodles she ate. She glares at him, so that he cleans it for her.

Wang Shan wants to get Situ Mo to fix the color of Fu Pei’s picture, and he agrees to it. Situ Mo calls Wang Shan, and Wei Yi calls Fu Pei. Situ Mo complains that Wei Yi got mad with her when she lost her name in the artwork, and Wei Yi says that she kept quiet.

Situ Mo wants Wei Yi to apologize, but he thinks he didn’t do anything wrong. She offers to have a cold war.

Wei Yi knocks at the door, and tells Situ Mo that he heard the knocking. She tells him not to startle her as she is going to cry. He apologizes and tells her to bite him. She bites him and asks him why he didn’t avoid it.

Wei Yi makes Situ Mo’s head lean on his shoulder, and asks her what’s wrong with her. She shares that she was shortlisted in a designing competition but the company didn’t put her name on the artwork.

In the morning. Situ Mo looks for snail noodles, and Wei Yi lifts her to take it. She asks her why it was there, and he says that he wanted to get her to beg him helping her take it.

In the lab. Zhou Lei thinks his mark is good because Jian Shi is nice to him recently. But Wei Yi points out that he told Jian Shi that he stayed at young boy jail before. Zhou Lei thinks Wei Yi wronged him, but Wei Yi asks Zhou Lei if Jian Shi bullied him. He denies.

Yu Yin arrives, and Mr. Jiang tells the students that Wei Yi is more than 19 marks than Zhou Lei. Zhou Lei doesn’t believe it. Mr. Jiang comforts Zhou Lei that he will overtake Wei Yi one day.

The teacher give the forms to Wei Yi and Yu Ying, and tells them to prepare it. Mr. Jiang asks the two to pay attention to Zhou Lei’s emotion. The teacher stops the two and asks them if they told it to their parents. But Wei Yi says that he didn’t do it. Because he thought he won’t be doing as well as Zhou Lei. He also didn’t tell it to Situ Mo.

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