Hello Mr. Gu Chinese Drama: Episode 10 Recap

This is the recap for Hello Mr. Gu Chinese Drama: Episode 10. Zhou Jianqing tells Gu Nanzhou that she remembered threw the stuff into the trash can, and it was taken by the cleaner. She feels sorry and wants to compensate him. But he thinks she cannot compensate it.

Hello Mr. Gu Chinese Drama: Episode 10 Recap

Hello Mr. Gu

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Hello Mr. Gu Chinese Drama: Episode 10.

Zhou Jianqing thinks it’s just a Rubik’s cube. She thinks it won’t make her go bankrupt. She thinks she can compensate it if she grits her teeth. Gu Nanzhou is furious to grab her hand. He mentions what he said not to touch his stuff. He tells her to move out if she cannot do that. Zhang Yi shows up and parts the two.

Zhang Yi blames Gu Nanzhou for bullying Zhou Jianqing. He reminds him that she’s his fiancee. Gu Nanzhou talks back that it’s not Zhang Yi’s business. Zhang Yi asks Gu Nanzhou if he thinks he can do anything to Zhou Jianqing when he becomes his fiance.

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Zhang Yi tells Gu Nanzhou that he’s Zhou Jianqing’s friend. He adds that he doesn’t want to see Zhou Jianqing getting hurt. Gu Nanzhou tells Zhang Yi to leave because it’s his house. Zhang Yi tells Zhou Jianqing to leave with him. But she thinks it’s a misunderstanding. Jiang Xiaochuan shows up and reminds Gu Nanzhou that he has a meeting.

Jiang Xiaochuan follows Gu Nanzhou. He calls Zhou Jianqing and asks her what she did on Gu Nanzhou. She says that she just threw Gu Nanzhou’s Rubik’s cube by mistake. He thinks she made a big trouble, and reveals the Rubik’s cube is the last stuff that Nanzhou’s brother left. He adds that Gu Nanzhou doesn’t want to mention his brother’s passing away.

Jiang Xiaochuan tells Zhou Jianqing that Gu Nanzhou got sick because his brother passed away. So the Rubik’s cube is very important to Gu Nanzhou. Zhou Jianqing tells Zhang Yi that Gu Nanzhou was very gentle to her. But he doesn’t believe it because he threw a fit to her for a little thing.

Gu Nanzhou asks Zhang Yi if she looks like the one who can be bullied. He points out she was startled not to say a word when Gu Nanzhou got angry. She comforts him that she’s fine. He tells her to leave Gu Nanzhou if Gu Nanzhou doesn’t know how to cherish her.

Zhou Jianqing finds the Rubik’s cube. She waits for Zhang Yi in front of the office. He tells her that the boss agrees to her plan. She feels happy. He spots the trash on her shoe, and wants to wipe it for her. She rejects it and wipes her shoe herself.

Zhang Yi asks Zhou Jianqing if she went to the trash can to look for the Rubik’s cube for Gu Nanzhou. She admits it. He asks her if she fears Gu Nanzhou. She thinks him that the stuff is very important to Gu Nanzhou. Zhang Yi points out that Zhou Jianqing is most important to Gu Nanzhou. Because she’s his fiancee.

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