Hello Mr. Gu Chinese Drama: Episode 11 Recap

This is the recap for Hello Mr. Gu Chinese Drama: Episode 11. Zhou Jianqing grabs Gu Nanzhou’s hands after knowing her manga got picked. He tells her not to touch him, and thinks she likes him. She is furious to mention what she said that she doesn’t like him. He tells her to keep distance from him, and worries that it will cause misunderstanding.

Hello Mr. Gu Chinese Drama: Episode 11 Recap

Hello Mr. Gu

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Hello Mr. Gu Chinese Drama: Episode 11.

Gu Nanzhou pushes Zhou Jianqing away when she tries to be close to him. She thinks he’s insane. Zhou Jianqing complains that she needs to take the money to repay the debts since she just got the salary. She wonders if she needs to eat grass.

Zhang Yi sees the texts on Zhou Jianqing’s notebook. He takes away the notebook and tries to take a look. She takes her notebook back, and glares at him. She blames him for robbing her stuff. He asks her if she needs to earn money to repay debts since she got married with Gu Nanzhou. He thinks Gu Nanzhou doesn’t care for her.

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Zhou Jianqing claims that she and Gu Nanzhou have economic independence. Zhang Yi thinks Zhou Jianqing shouldn’t marry Gu Nanzhou because he couldn’t block wind and rain for her. She talks back that his concept is old fashioned. He asks her why she fell for Gu Nanzhou. She tells him to treat her to love Gu Nanzhou losing her mind.

Gu Nanzhou bursts into Zhou Jianqing’s room. He tells her not to eat weird noodles. She talks back that it isn’t his business because she eats it in her room. He says that he can smell it. She asks him if his nose is dog’s nose. He is furious to take away the noodles. He tells her not to wear the shorts because she is living with a single man. He thinks she lowered the style of the room.

Zhou Jianqing eats with Su Youxia. She thinks her place is the best because she can eat anything there. She notes that Su Youxia isn’t happy, and asks her if Zhou Zixuan offended her. Su Youxia denies. She reveals her mom keeps arranging blind date for her. Zhou Jianqing wonders why Su Youxia went on blind dates since she has someone she likes.

Su Youxia denies it. Zhou Jianqing tells Su Youxia to confess it because she heard her talk. Gu Nanzhou tells Zhou Jianqing to get in his car because he needs her to carry bag for him. Zhang Yi thinks Gu Nanzhou shouldn’t let a girl carry bag for him. Gu Nanzhou talks back that it’s not Zhang Yi’s business.

Zhou Jianqing tells Zhang Yi to leave alone. She promises to call him. She is happy to get in Gu Nanzhou’s car. Gu Nanzhou asks Zhou Jianqing if she keeps staying with Zhang Yi. She says that Zhang Yi needs to work with her because he’s her assistant. Gu Nanzhou asks Zhou Jianqing if Zhang Yi has feelings to her.

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