Hello Mr. Gu Chinese Drama: Episode 9 Recap

This is the recap for Hello Mr. Gu Chinese Drama: Episode 9. Su Youxia sees the customer scolding Zhou Zixuan for the ham. She wants to pay the meal. Zhou Zixuan stops Su Youxia and asks her if she needs to spend money. She explains that she didn’t want the customer to give him the hard time.

Hello Mr. Gu Chinese Drama: Episode 9 Recap

Hello Mr. Gu

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Hello Mr. Gu Chinese Drama: Episode 9.

Zhou Zixuan tells Su Youxia that he doesn’t need her to care for his business. She asks him why he works there. He tells her that he works there as a chef. She says that she thought he was a manager in the hotel. She wonders why he came back to be a chef. He tells her that he likes to cook, and asks her if she looks down on chef.

Su Shouxia shakes her head. She says that she’s surprised that Zhou Zixuan likes to cook because he felt uncomfortable when he cooked for Zhou Jianqing. He says that he does it for repay the money to Gu Nanzhou. He adds that he doesn’t want to sell his sister. She asks him if he wants to keep on doing it. He says that he wants to open many stores so that the family can support Zhou Jianqing.

Gu Nanzhou reminds Zhou Jianqing that they will be late. He asks her about his car. She tells him that she sent to car to the store. She tells him to call the cab with him. But they need to line up. She takes him to run to the bus stop, and tells him that taking a bus is the best solution.

But Gu Nanzhou says that he cannot take bus. Zhou Jianqing realizes that the president fears crowd. She tells him to wear the sunglasses and the earplugs. He gets into the bus in her help. The people in the bus mistake that Gu Nanzhou is a blind man.

Zhou Jianqing takes off the sunglasses and the earplugs for Gu Nanzhou after they arrived at the place. He’s lost when she touches her hair. She reminds him that they will be late.

Jiang Xiaochuan returns to the company. He wants to take over the job. Gu Nanzhou tells Jiang Xiaochuan to care for Zhou Jianqing’s mood because he thinks she fell for him. Jiang Xiaochuan sees the employees seeing off Zhou Jianqing. He thinks the girl doesn’t feel sad at all. Gu Nanzhou points out that Zhou Jianqing is good at pretending to be happy.

Zhou Jianqing tells the employees that the terrible president in her works is Gu Nanzhou. Gu Nanzhou takes away Zhou Jianqing’s phone. He tells her that he wants to join the group. She rejects it because she doesn’t want to betray the employees. He reminds her that she needs to protect his reputation according to the contract.

Zhou Jianqing tells Gu Nanzhou that the people in the group worship him. He reminds her the name of the group “Complaint Boss”. The employees blame Zhou Jianqing for betraying them.

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