Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha: Episode 4 Recap

This is the recap for Netflix K-Drama Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha: Episode 4. Hye-Jin wakes up and gets changed. She knocks at the door of Mi-Seon’s room. Mi-Seon walks out of the room. She tells Hye-Jin that she wants to sleep for a while.

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha: Episode 4 Recap

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix K-Drama Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha: Episode 4.

Hye-Jin lets Mi-Seon to get back to her room. She spots the hedgehog and touches him after she remembered Bo-Ra told her to be close to the hedgehog. But her finger is hurt by him. She remembers Du-Sik thought she’s a hedgehog.

Hye-Jin and Mi-Seon go to the clinic. They eat the noodles. But Hye-Jin still feels hungry. She places the trash outside. Mi-Seon shows the photo of Sung-Hyun to Hye-Jin. She’s surprised that she became the guest of Sung-Hyun’s show.

Hye-Jin explains that she and Sung-Hyun used to be classmates. Mi-Seon laughs and thinks Hye-Jin has feelings for the guy. The man visits the clinic and asks Hye-Jin to take a look at his teeth. She gives the treatment to him. He touches Mi-Seon’s hand before he leaves.

Nam-Sook runs into Hye-Jin and invites her to take part in her meeting. She tells her that it will help her run her business because there’re many merchants taking part in the meeting. Hye-Jin agrees to it after knowing Du-Sik is the treasurer of the meeting.

Nam-Sook is happy to embrace Hye-Jin and Mi-Seon. But Mi-Seon tells Nam-Sook that she has an appointment. Nam-Sook takes Hye-Jin to the gathering. She asks her to say something because she’s the new member. Hye-Jin offers to make a list of the members.

Du-Sik shows up and tells Hye-Jin that they have the list. Hye-Jin is surprised that Du-Sik is the treasurer because he’s not the shopkeeper. He tells her that he works for Nam-Sook. Nam-Sook smiles to admit it. She talks about divorce, and thinks the person is heartless when he asks for divorce.

But Hye-Jin doesn’t agree to what Nam-Sook said. She thinks divorce is a part of life. Hwa-Jung and Yeong-Guk show up. Nam-Sook lets the two have a seat. She summons Chun-Jae. Chun-Jae hands over the menu to Hwa-Jung. Yeong-Guk notes that Chun-Jae’s throat isn’t well.

Chun-Jae tells people that his throat was hurt because of singing. Hye-Jin tells Chun-Jae not to use his throat. She goes to the restroom and feels regret for accept the invitation. Joo-Ri breaks into the restroom and startles Hye-Jin. Hye-Jin greets Joo-Ri. But Joo-Ri is cold to Hye-Jin. She leaves the restroom after she took away the tissue in front of Hye-Jin.

Hye-Jin walks out of the restroom. She spots the photo of June, and thinks Joo-Ri likes June. Hye-Jin tells Joo-Ri that she bought her idol a meal ever. But Joo-Ri doesn’t believe in what Hye-Jin said. Because she doesn’t have any evidence.

Hye-Jin doesn’t want to talk with the people at the restaurant because Du-Sik isn’t there. So she lies on the table and pretends to fall asleep. Du-Sik shows up on the stage. He sings a song when he plays the guitar. Hye-Jin takes a look at him.

Du-Sik carries Hye-Jin since everyone left the restaurant. Her shoe drops. She worries about it. He tells her not to act and drops her. She goes to pick up her shoe with one foot. He asks her why she pretended to fall asleep when she walks to him. She tells him that she thought the meeting is boring. It makes him think that she doesn’t have any friend. She tells him that Mi-Seon is her friend. She’s furious to walk away.

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Yeong-Guk follows Hwa-Jung and returns the kimchi pot to her. She goes home and opens the pot. She smiles after she saw something in the pot. Hye-Jin finds the photo of her and June. She goes to the bed and listens to the song. She remembers the scene when Du-Sik sang. Du-Sik lies in the boat after he fixed the boat. He looks at the stars in the sky.

Hye-Jin goes to the coffee shop to look for the kid who didn’t respect her. Du-Sik tells her that the girl went to the school. So she decides to leave. He stops her and tells her to try the coffee he made. She rejects it after knowing the coffee is coffee is actually expensive.

Hye-Jin treats Gam-Ri. Gam-Ri is satisfied with Hye-Jin’s treatment. Mi-Seon takes a look at the guy when he shows up. Hye-Jin lets Mi-Seon stay with the guy alone after she treated him. Du-Sik brings the coffee to Hye-Jin. He asks her to make a payment, and gives her a discount. She’s surprised that he becomes a gentleman.

Hwa-Jung places the roll cake on the table. Yi-Joon asks Hwa-Jung why she did that. She explains that his grandmother loved roll cake before. She takes him to pay their respect to table which contains many foods. Joo-Ri asks Du-Sik for the coffee. He rejects it because she drank enough coffee.

Hye-Jin walks in the coffee shop and shows the photo of her and June to Joo-Ri. Joo-Ri is excited to take the photo. Du-Sik brings the food to Hye-Jin and Joo-Ri when the two talk about the big star. Du-Sik takes a look at the photo. He thinks June isn’t good looking at all. Joo-Ri tells Du-Sik to get lost. She becomes a friend of Hye-Jin.

Du-Sik cooks foods. He’s going to go to surf when he takes the skateboard and the foods he cooked. Nam-Sook and Geum-Cheol are waiting for him. They ask him for working for them. But Du-Sik rejects it because he wants to take a day off. He rides the skateboard to surf.

Hye-Jin offers to order some fried chicken. Mi-Seon rejects it because she’s not in the good mood. The guy visits the clinic again. Hye-Jin gets Mi-Seon to take care of the guy. Yeong-Guk walks at the street and runs into Cho-Hui. She’s happy to see him, and tells him that she moved to the place.

Nam-Sook spots the two when she’s eating bread with Yoon-Kyung. She tells Yoon-Kyung that Yeong-Guk liked Cho-Hui before. She goes to Hwa-Jung’s store, and wants to report it to her. But she’s told that Hwa-Jung left. The guy gets Mi-Seon to take a look at his mouth. He catches the chance to touch her back.

Hye-Jin spots it and drives the guy out of the room. She tells Mi-Seon to call the police. But the guy calls the police in advance. He tells Hye-Jin that he has a great background, and thinks she cannot run the clinic if people know she wronged him.

Mi-Seon wants to let it go. The guy thinks Mi-Seon made a good choice. Hye-Jin is furious to kick his face. She slaps him when he wants to attack her. Du-Sik rushes into the room and jumps to kick the guy over. The guy passes out.

Hye-Jin and Du-Sik are in jail. She tells the police that they should be the people who got arrested. But the police ignores her. But Du-Sik feels comfortable in the place. He lies on the floor and wants to sleep. Hye-Jin asks Du-Sik why he visited her clinic. He ignores her and leaves the jail. He gets changed in the police Min-Sub’s help.

Eun-Cheol shows up and tries to release Hye-Jin. But she rejects it after knowing the jerk doesn’t get arrested. Mi-Seon cries after seeing Hye-Jin in the jail. Hye-Jin cries as well because she feels guilty for not protecting Mi-Seon well. Gam-Ri arrives at the police station and hands over the phone she picked up to Du-Sik. She thinks the phone belongs to the guy.

Du-Sik takes a look at the phone. Eun-Cheol mentions the guy told him that his phone is missing. Du-Sik has an eye contract with Eun-Cheol. He goes to the hospital to see the patient who’s reading a comic book. He tries to take away the book from him. But the patient avoids it.

Du-Sik tells the patient that they were classmates, trying to sing the song they sang. But the patient points out that Du-Sik shouldn’t come to see him because he was the one who beat him. But Du-Sik talks back that the patient is a bad person. So the patient asks Du-Sik for showing the evidence to him.

Du-Sik takes out the phone from his pocket. He tells the patient that it was given by the immortal. The patient tries to take back his phone. But Du-Sik hurts the patient’s hand. The patient asks Du-Sik for his mercy. But Du-Sik rejects it.

Du-Sik sees the police taking the patient away. He leaves the hospital. Yeong-Guk reads the newspaper and mentions Du-Sik helped Hye-Jin. Yong-Hun thinks the guy is a hero. He shakes head and walks away after Yeong-Guk asked him what kind of person he is in his mind.

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha stars Shin Min-A, Kim Sun-Ho and Lee Sang-Yi.

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