Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 3 Recap

This is the recap for K-Drama Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 3. The servants carry the palanquin to move. The butterfly mark on Ha Ram’s neck begins to shine. He gets Cheon-Ki to leave his palanquin. Man Soo hands over the lantern to Cheon-Ki.

Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 3 Recap

Lovers of the Red Sky

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for K-Drama Lovers of the Red Sky: Episode 3.

The servants put down the palanquin because of the palanquin is shaking. Water Demon rush out from the palanquin. He stands on the tree. The servants recognize Water Demon. They’re scared. Man Soo checks the palanquin and finds out that his master isn’t in the palanquin. The servants take Man Soo to flee.

Water Demon spots Cheon-Ki. He flies to chase her. King Seongjo stares at the night owls. He cannot stand. The minister supports King Seongjo and makes him stand. King Seongjo thinks the night owl means back luck. He wants to talk with Ha Ram about the case. But he’s told that Ha Ram isn’t in the palace.

Man Soo cries to beg Jubu Jang to save his master. He reveals Water Demon attacked Ha Ram. Cheon-Ki runs into God Samshin in the woods. God Samshin invites Cheon-Ki to enjoy the fire with her. Cheon-Ki rejects it and tries to walk away.

God Samshin makes Cheon-Ki feel cold with her magic. Cheon-Ki joins God Samshin. God Samshin makes Cheon-Ki fall asleep with her magic. Water Demon shows up. He cannot see Cheon-Ki because the girl is protected by God Samshin.

Jubu Jang takes the bodyguards to look for Ha Ram in the woods. He spots Water Demon and recognizes him. He’s scared to flee. But he passes out after his head is hurt by the rock. Water Demon kills the bodyguards. Cheon-Ki wakes up and walks away. God Samshin fails to stop Cheon-Ki.

Water Demon finds Cheon-Ki and tries to take her eyes. God Tiger shows up and has a fight with Water Demon. God Samshin stops God Tiger before she kills Water Demon. She tells her that Water Demon is going to be sealed in the eternal bowl. She adds that Cheon-Ki will do the job because it’s her fate.

God Samshin asks God Tiger to protect Ha Ram and Cheon-Ki. God Tiger rejects it because she can only protect the mountain. God Samshin tells God Tiger that she will protect the mountain when she protects humans. Ha Ram lies on Cheon-Ki’s body after he fell from the tree.

Jubu Jang wakes up. He’s scared to flee after he saw the dead bodies. Cheon-Ki pushes Ha Ram aside. She carries him to the house after finding out that he’s not dead. She covers him with the quilt. She sets a fire and lights up the lamp.

Ha Ram has a nightmare and sheds a tear because he feels painful. Cheon-Ki wipes the tear off with her thumb for him. Jubu Jang flees to the gate. He trips in front of the bodyguard. He cries to tell him that his followers got killed.

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King Seongjo is furious to slap the table after knowing what happened. He asks Grand Prince Yangmyung to find Ha Ram after knowing he’s missing. Ja-Hyung is against it because he doesn’t want the prince to get hurt. King Seongjo scolds Ja-Hyung.

Moo Young tells people the news that Wol-Seong is missing. Shwen-Nae is furious to beat the followers after he got the message. He tells the two to catch Cheon-Ki. The follower wants to catch Eun-O instead of Cheon-Ki. Because he knows the two are related. Shwen-Nae beats the follower again because he doesn’t want to hurt old man.

Moo Young shows up. He tells Shwen-Nae that he knows the bag things he did. Shwen-Nae tries to explain it. But Moo Young attacks Shwen-Nae and cuts off the painting in front of him. He tells him to wait for his punishment.

Grand Prince Yangmyung and Ahn Gyeon take a look at the painting. They think the painting actually belongs to Park-Yi. But Ahn Gyeon finds out it’s an imitation after he saw the butterfly on the painting. The eunuch visits Grand Prince Yangmyung. He tells him that King Seongjo wants him to go to look for Ha Ram.

Mi-Soo visits Grand Prince Juhyang. She tells him that she wants to take a look at the bodies of the guard. Cheon-Ki wakes up and finds out that she slept with Ha Ram. She’s scared to step back. She cries to get on knees to Ha Ram. She asks him for his mercy. But she finds out that he falls asleep.

Ha Ram moves. Cheon-Ki washes face for him and wakes him up. He takes her down after he saw her. He asks her about the place, and recognizes her when she’s speaking. She tells him that she picked him up in the woods when he passed out. She suggests him to take back his memories. But he passes out again. She runs out of the house to look for a doctor for him.

Grand Prince Yangmyung meets with Man Soo. He thinks the servant kidnapped his master for money. Man Soo denies and tells Grand Prince Yangmyung that the one who hurt Ha Ram was Water Demon. But Grand Prince Yangmyung doesn’t believe in what Man Soo. Man Soo cries.

Cheon-Ki visits Ms. Gyeonju and tells her that she wants to see Gyeonju-Daek. Ms. Gyeonju tells Cheon-Ki that Won-Ho has looked for her. Won-Ho shows up and finds out that Cheon-Ki’s hand is injured. She asks him to go to save Ha Ram with her. But he gets the followers to arrest her.

Ha Ram wakes up. He remembers he took Cheon-Ki’s hand to draw. He tries to catch her but he fails. Ms. Gyeonju visits Cheon-Ki with foods. Cheon-Ki asks Ms. Gyeonju to help her save Ha Ram. But Ms. Gyeonju doesn’t believe what Cheon-Ki said.

Cheon-Ki throws a fit to Ms. Gyeonju. Ms. Gyeonju realizes that Cheon-Ki has feelings for Ha Ram. She agrees to help the man. Mi-Soo checks the dead bodies with her black ring. She tells Grand Prince Juhyang that the bodyguards were killed by Water Demon.

Grand Prince Yangmyung goes to check the dead bodies. He’s told that the killer isn’t a human. He remembers Man Soo told him that he ran into Water Demon. Grand Prince Yangmyung’s clothes was broken when he looks for Ha Ram in the woods. The follower wears his clothes on Grand Prince Yangmyung. Moo Young finds Ha Ram. He tells him that Grand Prince Yangmyung will arrive at the house soon.

Lovers of the Red Sky stars Ahn Hyo-Seop, Kim You-Jung and Gong Myung.

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