Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha: Episode 1 Recap

This is the recap for Netflix K-Drama Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha: Episode 1. Hye-Jin is going to go home after she did morning exercise. She runs into an old lady Yeon-Ok in the elevator. Yeon-Ok wants to give his foods to Hye-Jin after seeing the take-out on her door. Hye-Jin rejects it politely.

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha: Episode 1 Recap

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Netflix K-Drama Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha: Episode 1.

Hye-Jin arrives at the company. She’s surprised to see Yeon-Ok. She takes a look at her teeth. Yeon-Ok tells Hye-Jin that she doesn’t want to get expensive treatment because the bill will be paid by her daughter. Hye-Jin gets Yeon-Ok’s point and sees her off.

Hye-Jin tells the colleague that she wants to buy the shoes but she doesn’t have enough money. Min-Young summons Hye-Jin to her office. She tells her to give more implants to Yeon-Ok. But Hye-Jin rejects it. The nurse tells Hye-Jin that Min-Young intends to treat Yeon-Ok on her own. Hye-Jin is furious to break into Min-Young’s office. She resigns for her pride.

Hye-Jin buys the shoes she likes and goes to see her best friend Mi-Seon at the restaurant. She tells her what she did. Mi-Seon doesn’t praise Hye-Jin for protecting Yeon-Ok. She reminds her that they need money. Hye-Jin wakes up in the morning. She gets a message from Min-Young who intends to make Hye-Jin not get hired. Because Hye-Jin posted what she did online. Hye-Jin remembers she posted it when she was drunk.

Hye-Jin walks on the beach and takes off her shoes. She watches Du-Sik surfing, and remembers her mom’s smiling when she flied a kite with her dad. She calls Tae-Hwa. But he’s cold to her. Because he has a new wife Myung-Shin. Hye-Jin finds out that her shoes are missing after she returned.

Du-Sik shows up and returns the shoe to Hye-Jin. She asks him to look for another shoe for her since it’s a pair. But he rejects it and tells her that he didn’t intended to pick the shoe for her. He throws his slippers to her before he leaves.

Hye-Jin wears Du-Sik’s slippers and walks alone the street when she holds her shoe. She notes that the boy Bo-Ra cries when he takes the broken teeth. Hye-Jin wants to take a look at Bo-Ra’s teeth. But another kid Yi-Joon’s lip drops blood. He tells her that he’s the one who got hurt. Bo-Ra reveals he broke his friend’s teeth with his shoe.

Hwa-Jung pours water to Yeong-Guk when he walks by. She asks him for visiting to her restaurant. He promises it and tries to walk away. But his son Yi-Joon calls him behind him. He’s so happy to see him and notes that his teeth was hurt. He wants to take him to the hospital. But Hwa-Jung stops Yeong-Guk and asks her son who gave him the treatment.

Yi-Joon points at Hye-Jin. Hye-Jin walks to Hwa-Jung and explains to her how she helped Yi-Joon. Hwa-Jung notes that Hye-Jin wears the slippers which belong to her store. Hye-Jin explains to Hwa-Jung that she encountered Du-Sik. Hwa-Jung wants to treat Hye-Jin raw fish for helping his son. Hye-Jin rejects it and asks for a bowl of soup. Hwa-Jung tells Hye-Jin that the place needs a teeth clinic.

Hye-Jin tries to drive the car to leave the town. But she finds out that her car cannot move, and her phone doesn’t have any signal when she tries to call the insurance company. She needs to go to restroom when she walks. She spots a coffee shop and gets into it.

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The coffee shop owner Chun-Jae makes a glass of coffee for Hye-Jin when she went to the restroom. She stares at the photo of him on the wall when she’s going to drink the coffee. He mistakes that she’s a fan of him, and brags that he was the top singer before.

Hye-Jin finds out that the coffee Chun-Jae made for her is actually terrible. She tries to make a payment and leave. But Chun-Jae’s machine doesn’t work. She wants to go outside to get some cashes, and leaves the bag to him. Chun-Jae’s daughter Joo-Ri doesn’t believe the bag is valuable because Hye-Jin wears a pair of slippers.

Chun-Jae lets Hye-Jin leave after she gave her phone to him. Hye-Jin tries to get some cashes from the ATM. But the machine doesn’t work. She returns to the coffee shop, and tells Chun-Jae that she will make a payment after she gets back to Seoul. She gives her business card to him. But Joo-Ri tells Chun-Jae not to trust Hye-Jin.

Du-Sik shows up and proves what Hye-Jin said is true. She asks him for lending some cashes to her. He agrees to it and tries to take her somewhere. But he runs into Eun-Cheol who asks him for informing people about the fire. Du-Sik takes Hye-Jin to visit people one by one. She complains to him about it when she follows him. The old lady gives two bottles of milk to Du-Sik. She gets him to share the milk with Hye-Jin.

Du-Sik takes Hye-Jin to arrive at the dock. He tells her to clean the innards of the squid. She wants to reject it. But he tells the old ladies that they have a new colleague. Du-Sik gives the cashes to Hye-Jin even if she didn’t complete her job well. She asks him for fixing her car when he’s going to leave.

Du-Sik gets Hye-Jin to take a look at the nail on the tire. He thinks she should spend the night there, and tells her to go to the sauna store. She tries to order the drinks after she took a bath. She’s surprised to see him. He hands over the drinks to her, and hints her that she needs to eat something. She rejects it and walks away.

Hye-Jin tries to sleep on the floor. But she sees a cricket. She’s scared to run away. Gam-Ri’s leg is hurt. She doesn’t want to go to the hospital. Du-Sik treats her leg. Hye-Jin wakes up in the morning. She goes to see Du-Sik and tries to get him to fix her tire. She gets a call from Yeon-Ok who thanks her for helping her. She feels happy.

Hye-Jin gets a message from Mi-Seon who worries about her when the worker is fixing the tire. She texts her back that she’s fine. Yi-Joon and Bo-Ra show up. Yi-Joon wants to repay Hye-Jin for her grace. But she rejects it. He bows to her with Bo-Ra. Chun-Jae shows up when Du-Sik is making coffee. Du-Sik tells Chun-Jae that Hye-Jin isn’t a bad woman. He smiles.

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha stars Shin Min-A, Kim Sun-Ho and Lee Sang-Yi.

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