How Does Im Sol Know She Was Ryu Sun-Jae’s First Love in Lovely Runner?

Im Sol knew Ryu Sun-Jae had a first love. But she didn’t know who was his first love. She knows it in Lovely Runner episode 6. How does she know it. Here is what we know.

Rejecting Ryu Sun-Jae’s Confession

Ryu Run-Jae in Lovely Runner

Ryu Sun-Jae has chased Im Sol after he asked her to break up with her boyfriend in Lovely Runner episode 5. She knows he likes her through the recording he left to her. She’s excited after knowing he liked her. She tells her friend Lee Hyun-Joo that Sun-Jae liked her. But Hyun-Joo thinks the guy did it because Im Sol chased him first.

Im Sol remembers Sun-Jae told the DJ that he fell for the girl when the girl ran to him with a yellow umbrella. She doesn’t know the girl was her. She goes out with him after he completed the homework she gave him. They go to watch the baseball game.

Sun-Jae catches the chance to confession his feelings to Im Sol after Korean team won. She’s not surprised because she has known it through MP3. She tries to give him an answer. But Kim Tae-Sung calls her. He reveals her mother is in the hospital.

Im Sol arrives at the hospital with Sun-Jae. The doctor reveals Im Sol’s mother is sick. But he comforts her that her mother will be fine if her mother accepts the surgery. She asks Sun-Jae to leave when he wishes to come to the hospital tomorrow. She rejects his confession.

Knowing She Was Sun-Jae’s First Love

Im Sol knows it because of the sudden appearance of the courier. Her memories come back. She remembers she was the one who put the umbrella over him. He fell for her because of her smile. She doesn’t expect that her idol would fall for her. She plans to get together with him after knowing she was her first love. She’s moved and she runs to the playground because she knowing he’s waiting for her.

Im Sol doesn’t come to the study room because of Sun-Jae. He sends a message to her. He asks her to come to the playground for a talk. She texts him back that she won’t go to the playground. He doesn’t see her message and he goes out.

She sees his going out. She goes out. It’s raining outside. She grabs the yellow umbrella outside. She runs into the courier. She remembers what Sun-Jae told her that he mistook her for a courier. She realizes that she was the one who put the umbrella over him.

Im Sol learns that she was Sun-Jae’s first love. She’s on the way to see him. But she runs into the killer. The killer was the one who kidnapped her. He was also the one who made her lose her legs. Sun-Jae is on the way to Im Sol’s house because she didn’t come to the playground. She’s in the killer’s cab. The killer kidnapped her. Sun-Jae runs into the cab. But he misses Im Sol. He sees the yellow umbrella she left.

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