Who Saved Im Sol from the Accident in Lovely Runner?

Im Sol the girl lost her legs from an accident. She doesn’t lose her hope and she uses the wheelchair to live. She begins to work like an ordinary person. She chases the idol she likes in Lovely Runner. Who saved her from the accident? Does she thank the guy?

Lovely Runner is the latest K-drama which tells a story about the disabled girl and her idol’s love. Im Sol travels back to save her idol Ryu Sun-Jae after her idol killed himself. But she finds out that she cannot change his fate. She also wants to avoid the accident which made her lose her legs.

She doesn’t know the killer is close to her in episode 4. He tries to drive his taxi to her when she waits for the bus at the bus stop in the evening. But the drunkard interrupts him. The killer has to drive away. The drunkard is close to Im Sol and he tries to grab her phone. She falls into the river after she fought with him for her phone.

Who Saved Im Sol from the Accident in Lovely Runner?

Im Sol's Accident in Lovely Runner

The person was Sun-Jae. Im Sol didn’t thank him for saving her. She threw a fit to him when she was in the ward. She yelled at him when she wished him not to save her. Because she wished to die. He’s silent when he’s outside the ward.

Sun-Jae runs to Im Sol. He sees her falling into the water. He jumps into the water to save her. She remembers the one who saved her from the accident was him. She cries to hug him.

Im Sol holds a birthday party from Kim Tae-Sung. She learns that Sun-Jae went to audition. She goes to see Baek In-Hyuk and she blames him for letting Sun-Jae audition. But she’s told that Sun-Jae is working at his father’s restaurant. She trips in front of In-Hyuk.

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In-Hyuk reports it to Sun-Jae when Sun-Jae is working at his father’s restaurant. Sun-Jae worries about Im Sol. He goes to look for her. He fails to catch the bus when she’s on the bus. He takes a taxi to tail the bus. He runs to her when she’s tangled by the drunkard.

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