Who Is Im Sol in Lovely Runner?

Im Sol is a girl who loses her legs from an accident in Lovely Runner. But a singer Ryu Sun-Jae ignites her hope when she tries to end her life. She becomes a fan of him. But she doesn’t expect that he ends his life on the day she meets him.

A Loyal Fan of Ryu Sun-Jae

Im Sol in Lovely Runner

Im Sol is a loyal fan of Sun-Jae. He calls her when she’s going to give up her life when he does a radio show. He asks her if she knows who he is. She’s furious to deny it. He tells her not to give up. He reminds her that her mother was very hard when she took care of her. It makes her cry.

She becomes a loyal fan of him. She puts many photos of him in her room. He becomes a super star. She comes to his concert to watch his show. But she’s late because she went for an interview. She loses her ticket. She’s not allowed to get into the concert.

She has to listen to his song outside for supporting him. She runs into him on the bridge when her wheelchair is dead. He holds the umbrella for her. He intends to give her a ride but her friend came. She hears his death news that night.

Time Travel for Saving Her Idol

Im Sol is very sad after knowing Sun-Jae killed himself at his house. The electronic watch drops into the river when she’s on the way to see Sun-Jae. She finds the watch and she presses the button on the watch by mistake. She does a time travel.

She returns to 2018. The time they’re in same high school. She doesn’t know she had a time travel. She thinks it’s a dream because her legs are fine. She finds him in the gym. She hugs him and she confesses her feelings to him. She tries to take him away because she thinks they’re in the hell. But he flees.

Im Sol gets a call from her mother. The angry lady asks Im Sol to return home. Im Sol returns home. She finds out that her mother is young and her grandma are fine. She begins her plan to save her idol. She knows Sun-Jae killed himself after he met with the CEO of Eclipse’s Group Seok-Hyun.

She thinks she can stop the tragedy if she can stop him from becoming a singer. She’s nervous when he’s close to Seok-Hyun. She doesn’t know Sun-Jae has a crush on her. He’s not happy when he sees her getting together with Tae-Sung.

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Im Sol and her best friend Lee Hyun-Joo go to the club. They see Sun-Jae singing on the stage. Im Sol isn’t happy when others think Sun-Jae did a great job. Because she knows the guy is close to his death. She learns that Sun-Jae sang for getting her a new phone. She tells him to think about himself. But he doesn’t expect that she got the confession of him.

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