I Hear You Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 7

This is the recap of I Hear You Chinese Drama Episode 7, Li Zi calls Er Duo, and Er Duo shares that she is talking with Shu Wei’s mother. Li Zi teases Er Duo the mother-in-law, so Er Duo has to hang up. Er Duo shares that Li Zi is a nice person, and she doesn’t know how to talk. Shu Wei’s mother thinks Li Zi is very adorable.

I Hear You Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 7

I Hear You

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for I Hear You Chinese Drama Episode 7.

Er Duo tells Shu Wei that she got the dub room for the first time, and asks him if she had the shortage. He says rhythm and tells her to practice more. But she tells him to do it instead.

He says that he doesn’t want to own skill to be cryogen when he reviews fridge, and tells her to eat together. Er Duo gets bread and steak together to eat, but Shu Wei thinks the traditional cooking method can exert the taste of each dish.

But she thinks she should be her own to her stomach, and he always sticks to rule and loses delight. He asks her why she likes dub, and she says that she likes it. He thinks her expression is westernisation, and asks her who taught her.

She says that it was her father, and reveals father thought she had talent when she imitated animal’s voices. She tells Shu Wei that she is good at it so that she likes it, and she wants to go to Japan learning dub.

Er Du smiles to encourage Shu Wei when he eats like her, and thrills when he can accept it. He pays the bill, and she decides to transfer the money when she goes back. But he rejects it as she helped his friend.

Er Duo dries her underwear on the metal shelf and leaves. But the metal shelf falls. Shu Wei’s father spots Er Duo, and greets her. Father tells Shu Wei that he brought the specialty to him, and Shu Wei wonders if the specialty is red wine in Xiamen.

Shu Wei tells Er Duo that the clothes in her room fell, and she goes to pick up. She returns and intends to leave. But Shu Wei’s mother keeps her. Er Duo is surprised that Shu Wei’s father is 86 year old, and wants to learn being healthy from him. Shu Wei’s mother asks Er Duo to take her visiting her room.

Shu Wei’s mother finds a brooch in Er Duo’s room, and she really likes it. So Er Duo gives it to her. The man shares that someone filmed that Shu Wei picked up Er Duo at school with the luxury car, and doesn’t expect Shu Wei is rich and handsome.

Ye Sheng thinks the girl doesn’t note Shu Wei’s talents, but the luxury car. But Li Zi thinks it’s moved that Shu Wei picked Er Duo up, and no girls won’t be touched. Shu Wei’s mother shares that her son doesn’t like to talk, and wishes her to break his convention.

She asks her if he talked to her, and Er Duo reveals Shu Wei intended to comfort her. Ye Sheng tells Lao Zhao to prevent the guests from being attacked, and Lao Zhao shares the girl keeps abusing Er Duo. The girl keeps confession to Shu Wei, and treats him as her boyfriend.

Li Zi wants to call Er Duo and reminds her. But Ye Sheng thinks the woman is just a keyboard person who attacks people without any target. But Li Zi worries that Er Duo becomes the target if the girl treats Shu Wei as her boyfriend.

Li Zi calls Er Duo, and Er Duo shares that she is talking with Shu Wei’s mother. Li Zi teases Er Duo the mother-in-law, so Er Duo has to hang up. Er Duo shares that Li Zi is a nice person, and she doesn’t know how to talk. Shu Wei’s mother thinks Li Zi is very adorable.

Li Zi shares that Er Duo is talking with Shu Wei’s mother, and asks Ye Sheng why he thrills. He thinks Shu Wei and Er Duo get too fast, and leaves. Er Duo and Shu Wei’s mother return, and Shu Wei’s mother shows the brooch to her husband. He praises Er Duo and his wife.

Shu Wei’s mother tells Er Duo to report to her if her son doesn’t treat her well. Shu Wei glares at Er Duo, so Er Duo says that he is nice to her, and laughs embarrassedly. Ye Sheng drives Li Zi home and gives a present to her.

She wonders why he gave her the stuff, and he thinks it will help her sleep since she is tired because of works. He worries the next show if she passes out. She gets angry but still thinks he is a good boss.

Er Duo finds out that Shu Wei got fever, and wants to take him to hospital. But he rejects it. So she offers to go to his room to take a break, but he doesn’t have any power to get up. She helps him get up, and thinks they can go to bed.

He stares at her, and she explains that her meaning was to tell him to persist until she helps him to rest in the bed. Er Duo gets the salt and sugar water to Shu Wei, and he feels cold. So she brings her blanket and covers it for him.

She cooks the rice porridge for him and asks him to eat it. They workers talk about Shu Wei’s illness, and think it will be ok if he doesn’t affect the work of violin. Shu Wei wants to go to workshop, and Er Duo shows the temperature to him that he is still in the fever.

He complains that he has nothing to do since he keeps lying there. So Er Duo offers to watch tv together. He leaves a seat for her in the bed, and she is surprised that he likes one piece like her.

She keeps laugh but finds out that he leans his head on her shoulder. So she leaves when he falls asleep. Shu Wei wakes up, and Er Duo invites him to eat the breakfast she just cooked.

Er Duo thinks Shu Wei ate bad food yesterday, but wonders why she is fine since they ate same food. He thinks she has iron stomach, and she thinks he is the guy who forgets her kindness.

She helps him return his room, and tells him to shake the bell when he needs help. The woman spots Li Zi’s necklace, and thinks it’s very special. Ye Sheng shares that it’s the birthday present he gave to Li Zi.

Xing Zhen thinks Ye Sheng is good at aesthetic. Li Zi tells Xing Zhen that Yu Sheng will send her a better one if she does a good job, and slaps Yu Sheng’s thigh. Xing Zhen asks Yu Sheng if she will have it in her birthday, and he confirms it.

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