“Love and Redemption” (2020 Chinese Drama): Cast & Summary

Love and Redemption” is a Chinese drama which tells a story about the girl Chu Xuanji and the demon prince Yu Sifeng’s love.

“Love and Redemption” is adapted from Shisi Lang’s novel “Love and Redemption”.

Yuan Bingyan and Cheng Yi are the lead actors.

Yuan Bingyan starred “Ever Night Season 1“, and “Ever Night Season 2“. She played the role Mo Shanshan.

Love and Redemption (2020)

Love and Redemption

Love and Redemption Wiki

Title: Love and Redemption (Love and Redemption Chinese Drama)

Director: Yi Tao, Mai Guanzhi

Writer: Liu Fang, Li Huimin, Cheng Shu, Wang Wei

Network: Youku, Mangguo TV

Runtime: 6 August 2020

Episodes: 59

Language: Chinese

Love and Redemption Summary

Xuan Ji is a girl who lost six senses. She doesn’t know how to smile and how to tear up. Because her heart is made by glass. Her history is found out after she ran into Si Feng who is going to be the next chief of Lize palace.

Love and Redemption Cast

Cheng Yi as Yu Sifeng

He is a the disciple of Lize palace. He always wears mask until his mask is taken off by Xuan Ji.

Yuan Bingyan as Chu Xuanji

She is the second daughter of the chief of Shaoyang sect. She is a lazy girl who doesn’t know how to use magic at all.

Liu Xueyi as Hao Chen, White Emperor

He made the tragedy of Xuan Ji.

Zhang Yuxi as Chu Linglong

She is Xuan Ji’s older sister and always protects her.

Love and Redemption Episodes

Love and Redemption Episode 1

One thousand years ago, Demon King takes demon star Luohou Jidu to attack heavenly palace. War God shows up and defeats Luohou Jidu, and his soul is sealed in the glass cup.

War God and Demon Star are punished to go to mortal world because of their sins. Demon King detects it and sends his follower to rob Demon Star. The guards catch the chance to send War God and Demon Star to mortal world.

There is a baby who is born in Chu family. The master Chu Lei buries his child because he thinks she is dead. But the baby cries. Chu Lei digs her out and finds out that she lost six senses.

The disciple talks about Xuan Ji and casts the fireball to her palm to prove she lost her senses. Ling Long shows up and scolds the disciple. She takes Xuan Ji to the flower meeting.

The chief of Lize palace Gong Zhu tests the disciples with wolf beast. Si Feng shows up and kills the wolf beast with his sword. Gong Zhu tells people that he will give his position to Si Feng after he gets the first in the flower meeting.

Wu Tong wants to get into flower meeting, but he doesn’t take his badge. Ling Long doesn’t let him pass so that he beats her with the spell. Xuan Ji tries to protect her older sister, but she is taken to the sky by Wu Tong. He finds out that she cannot drive her sword, so he lets her fall from the sky.

Love and Redemption is the best Chinese drama in 2020. Xuan Ji falls on Si Feng and hugs his thigh. She begs him to take her to fly to the flower meeting. He thinks he is too lazy as she can take a walk to the place. Wu Tong asks Si Feng what was the feelings when he hugged Xuan Ji since he gave her a ride. He finds out that he is a stammer and mocks him.

Si Feng shows his badge to Ling Long. She thinks he is very handsome as he is the best disciple of Lize palace. Xuan Ji finds out that she and Si Feng’s birthday day are in same day after she took a look at his badge. Chu Lei scolds Xuan Ji for her dumb.

Ling Long cries and mentions her mom only wanted Xuan Ji to live happy. Chu Lei has no way but gives the pastries to the sisters. Ling Long tells Xuan Ji that tear is the best weapon in the world. But Xuan Ji cannot cry and visits Si Ming to give him the pastry as it’s his birthday. But he rejects it. So she eats it up. Love and Redemption is starred by Yuan Bingyan.

Si Ming arrives at the peach woods and picks up the dewdrop to make tea. But Xuan Ji ruins his tea and hurts his pet Xiao Yinhua. Xiao Yinhua catches the chance to flee, and the two look for him. Si Ming and Xuan Ji are lost in the flower sea, and he has some feelings on her.

Xuan Ji finds out that the place is the secret realm her dad set, and she opens the secret realm. Si Ming gets into the secret realm to look for Xiao Yinhua. But he is hurt by the fire dragon. Xuan Ji notes that his head is bleeding, and takes off his mask. She finds out that he is very handsome.

Love and Redemption Episode 2

Xiao Ji and Si Feng leave the secret realm. The fire dragon follows the two. Hao Chen shows up and drives the fire dragon into the water. He leaves with his master Heng Yang. Chu Lei learns that Xiao Ji took the stranger to the secret realm, and he wants to lock her up in the Mingxia cave. Si Feng explains that he asked Xuan Ji to the secret realm after Ling Long says that Mingxia cave is a scary place where ghosts cry.

But Chu Lei tells Si Feng that the man of Lize palace will come. Yuan Lang arrives and scolds Si Feng for losing his mask. He wonders what is inside the the secret realm of Shao Yang. Chu Lei talks back that he has never been interested in the secret realm of Li Ze. Love and Redemption makes Si Feng break into the secret realm, and what waits for him is the punishment. Love and Redemption is starred by Cheng Yi.

Yuan Lang gets Elder Luo to punish Si Feng, and he intends to take him to Lize palace to get more punishment. But the follower reminds Yuan Lang that Si Feng needs to take part in picking up flower task. Yuan Lang tells Si Feng to make up his mistake before Palace Chief comes.

Lu Yang reminds Chu Lei that Xuan Ji is the heartless girl who can open the glass cup so that she opened the secret realm. He thinks she is too dangerous to Shao Yang, and tells Chu Lei to lock Xuan Ji in Mingxia cave forever. Chu Lei doesn’t believe it, and rejects it. Ling Long hears the talk, and tells Xuan Ji to cry. But Xuan Ji cannot do that. Ling Long applies the chili under Xiao Ji’s eyes to make her cry. But Chu Lei finds Ling Long’s trick, and gets his men to send Xuan Ji to Mingxia cave. The cast of Love and Redemption is pretty good.

Si Ming thinks he cannot get in the secret realm without the help of Xuan Ji. So he tries to get in Mingxia cave. But he is hit by the thunder. Ling Long shows up with Min Yan, and he tells her that Xuan Ji can only leave Ming Xia cave when she can cry. Si Feng hears the talk, and takes out the monster book. Love and Redemption locks Xuan Ji up in the Minxia cave, but Si Feng has the way to save her.

Min Yan visits Xuan Ji and finds out that her hands tremble. He cures her and gives her the food Ling Long cooks. Xuan Ji finds out that the food is terrible, and wonders how he ate up the foods Ling Long cooked. Min Yan finds out that Xuan Ji’s taste sense is back, and asks her if she can cry. But Xuan Ji fails. Love and Redemption is the best historical drama.

Min Yan reports it to Ling Luo. But Xuan Ji still cannot leave the cave if she cannot cry. The two find the monster book Si Feng left. They learn that Ling Luo can drink the soup of eagle, and hunting eagle is the task of the gathering.

Qing Qi tells people the task. The elder Ling Shi finds out that Ling Long and Min Yan are bugging. He tells the two to take part in the task as they heard it. Chu Lei offers to write down their name. Min Yan volunteers to write, but he writes Xuan Ji’s name instead of Ling Long. Love and Redemption is with happy ending.

Chu Lei scolds Ling Long for using the trick again. But Hao Chen thinks it isn’t bad to let Xuan Ji take part in the task. Xuan Ji is released, and Si Feng asks her to open the secret realm for him. But she rejects it as she needs to deal with the eagle. He thinks she cannot kill the eagle again, and wants to help her. She agrees to it but applies her saliva on his hand.

The group are going to start off. Xuan Ji asks Min Yan to give her a ride as she cannot fly. But he pretends to get a stomachache, and flees. Chu Lei learns that Min Yan rejected his daughter, and wants to give Xuan Ji a ride. She feels uncomfortable as she knows that his dad drives very fast. Hao Chen volunteers to do it for her. She accepts it.

Love and Redemption Episode 3

The group arrives at the village, and the villagers bring the body. Qing Qi tells people that the person was killed by the eagle. Xuan Ji disagrees and thinks he was killed by a dog. Hao Chen supports what she says. Chu Lei tells Xuan Ji to prepare the stuff to fight with the eagle.

Love and Redemption is the best tv series. Hao Chen gives the stuff Dunlei Taojiang to Xuan Ji, and tells her that it can make her travel space. She reads the monster book and tries to find what the eagle fears. Si Feng hints her that the eagle fears salt, and hires the waiter to buy salt.

Xuan Ji has the time since the task is doing by someone else. She practices how to use Dunlei Taojiang, but falls into the bathtub which Si Feng stays. She looks for Dunlei Taojiang in the water. It makes him angry. He drives her out. Love and Redemption makes Xuan Ji and Si Feng take a bath together.

The demon interrogates the merman Ting Nu and asks him to tell him how to open the world iron lock. Ting Nu rejects it. The demon threatens Ting Nu with the life of the kid merman. Ting Nu sees the heavenly dog intending to eat the kid merman. He tells the demon that he needs the four keys to open the world iron lock, and the keys are protected by the four sects. Love and Redemption is top rated Chinese drama.

Xuan Ji intends to bite her tongue to draw the eagle. But Si Fang is against it as the blood can make the eagle get more power. The group is on the way to get ride of heavenly dog and the eagle. Xuan Ji pretends that her leg is hurt, so Chu Lei leaves Si Fang to take care of Xuan Ji. Ting Nu makes heavenly dog kill the demon, and he tells the kid merman to inform other mermen to run away.

Si Feng sets up the magic array, and the eagle comes. The four are not the rivals of the eagle. They flee to the cave, and see Ting Nu. The eagle arrives. Si Feng fights with him away and tells his team members to use salt. But Min Yan and Ling Long cannot move. Xuan Ji summons a dagger. Ting Nu uses his water magic to freeze the eagle. Xuan Ji takes the dagger to hit the eagle. But he blows her away, and catches Si Feng, Ling Long and Min Yan. Xuan Ji turns herself into war god, and kills the eagle. Love and Redemption gives Xuan Ji the super power to kill the eagle. But she cannot remember what happened. Love and Redemption contains love story.

Xuan Ji wakes up and thinks what happened was just a dream. But Min Yan tells her that she really killed the eagle, and warns her not to tell it to others. Ying Hong arrives with Hao Chen, and she asks Xuan Ji what happened. Xuan Ji wants to tell the truth. But Min Yan says that they know nothing as they were stunned. Ying Hong returns the cave with Hao Chen, and she thinks only heavenly general can kill the eagle with just one hit.

Ling Long returns the cave and she doesn’t find the horn of the eagle. She cries as she thinks Xuan Ji will be sent to Mingxia cave. Xuan Ji comforts Ling Long that it’s fine. Si Feng wonders why Xuan Ji said it’s fine since she fears to get back the place. He treats her a meal since he didn’t kill the eagle for her. He has some feelings when she sucks the food on his index finger. Love and Redemption is a tragedy.

The villagers take back Ting Nu and intend to kill him. Si Feng thinks merman isn’t evil, and wants to save him. Xuan Ji, Min Yan and Ling Long join him. The demons come to catch Ling Long as they mistake her as demon star.

Love and Redemption Episode 4

The demon catches Ling Long and intends to kill her as she will have way to take off if she is demon star. Hao Chen saves Ling Long before Xuan Ji uses spell. Hao Chen asks about Ting Nu, and thinks Xuan Ji shouldn’t have mercy to beast. Si Feng tells Hao Chen that Ting Nu was taken away by other demons.

Love and Redemption is another ashes of love. Chen leaves. Si Feng takes Xuan Ji to see Ting Nu, and Ting Nu is taken to river bank. Xuan Ji notes that Ting Nu is staring at her, and he gives her his tear which can make her tear up. He tells her that she will find out who she is when she finds the disaster mirror.

Xuan Ji tells Si Feng that they’re friends, and Min Yan takes out the wine. Min Yan and Si Feng go to catch fish when Xuan Ji is hungry. Ling Long notes that Xuan Ji didn’t write down other’s name in her notebook expect her family, and tells her to write down the person she likes. Ling Long sees Min Yan and realizes that she likes him.

Min Yan returns and gives the blue flowers to Xuan Ji since Ling Long didn’t like them. Xuan Ji likes the gift and tells Min Yan that she likes him. She asks Si Feng what he thinks about the gift. But he says that the gift is ugly. Love and Redemption helps Xuan Ji to cry so that she doesn’t have to go to Minxia cave. Love and Redemption contains many spells.

Xuan Ji returns Shaoyang sect, and Chu Lei asks her why she returned. She cries to him. She feels happy and allows her not to go to Mingxia cave. Hao Chen sees that Xuan Ji used Ting Nu’s tear to tear up, and tells her that he will help her learn advanced spells.

Xuan Ji hugs Si Feng and helps him get into the secret realm with wood magical tool. Si Feng takes away his mask under the mouth of the fire dragon. But he finds out that the mask is broken. Gong Zhu shows up and beats Si Feng. He intends to take him to Lize sect. But Xuan Ji stops Gong Zhu and tells him that Si Feng is her friend. Si Feng admits that he knew what is friendship after leaving Lize scet. Gong Zhu is furious. Love and Redemption is based on a hot novel.

Chu Lei tells the sects that the demon sect wants to get the keys from their sects. But the chiefs ignore it and only want to win in the picking flower meeting. Xuan Ji sees Si Feng getting on knees in front of the door of Gong Zhu, and she wants to talk with Gong Zhu. Si Feng stops Xuan Ji and hugs her when some people pass by. She gives the snack to him, and he feels happy. Gong Zhu tells Si Feng that he will get the punishment from elders. Si Feng wants to accept the punishment. Gong Zhi is furious, and he tells Si Feng to get the champion in the picking flower meeting so that he will help him avoid the punishment. Yuan Lang hears their talk. Love and Redemption shows what the heaven looks like.

Ling Long brags to Xuan Ji that her spell is very high. But Wu Tong mocks Ling Long that she is the only one who cannot take sword. She is furious. Love and Redemption holds the picking flower meeting.

The picking flower meeting begins. Si Feng defeats Tu Ran who comes from Fuyu island even if Tu Ran has spent three years to master his thunder sword. Wu Tong defeats Lin Feng who comes from Xuanyuan sect. But Ling Long thinks Wu Ting shouldn’t break the magical tool of Lin Feng. Love and Redemption contains stunning visual effect.

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