Immortal Samsara Chinese Drama: Episode 7 Recap & Ending

This is the Recap & Ending for Immortal Samsara Chinese Drama: Episode 7. Bai Ming hands over the package to the immortal. He tells him that he went to the battlefield just to aid. He tells him not to worry about him. He points at the package. He thinks he should put a coffin into the package.

Does Ying Yuan Stop Xuan Xiang from Breaking the Enchantment?

Immortal Samsara

Note: From here on out there are specific plot spoilers for Immortal Samsara Chinese Drama: Episode 7.

Bei Ming thinks Demon Clan will give in because Ying Yuan will be the first fighter. He tells the immortal to take care of the beasts in the pool if he has time. He tells him to feed the black fish and the two fishes medicine. Ying Yuan takes the immortals to pay their respect to Heavenly Emperor.

Heavenly Emperor tells Ying Yuan to take the immortal to fight with Demon Clan. Ying Yuan walks out of Heavenly Palace. Yan Dan pays her respect to Ying Yuan. She takes a look at him. He takes a look at the sky, thinking the north of Heavenly Realm is weak.

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Ying Yuan tells the immortals to go to Demon Realm in advance because he wants to check something. He takes a look at Yan Dan who smiles at him. He’s cold to fly away. Lu Ming opens the gate of the shrine for Yan Dan. He thinks he broke the heavenly rule.

Yan Dan points out that Lu Ming only breaks the heavenly rule when he gets found out. She thinks he won’t be seen by anyone because it’s evening. He tells her to go to look for meteor if she wants to pray. He thinks he will be killed.

Yu Mo tells Lu Ming that he and Yan Dan will take the duty if heaven falls. He gets into shrine with Yan Dan. He mentions meteor helped her achieve her wish after she prayed. She points out that meteor isn’t match for the place. She mentions the shrine is the place where immortals pray. She thinks it will be more effective.

Yan Dan reminds Yu Mo that Heavenly Pool Banquet is going to come. She prays to get the first place. She wants to take away some material before she leave. She takes a look at the wish brand Meng Li wrote. She learns that Meng Li wishes Ying Yuan to pass by her palace.

Yan Dan mentions Meng Li is a beauty. She complains that she’s blind. Yu Mo mentions what Yan Dan said that Ying Yuan likes to help people. He thinks Ying Yuan is a good helper. He asks Yan Dan if Ying Yuan is ugly. She complains that Ying Yuan attracted fairies even if he keeps mentioning heavenly rules.

Yan Dan tells Yu Mo to go to look for material. She takes a look at Ying Yuan’s brand. She learns that he wishes six realms to get peace. She thinks he’s not funny. Yu Mo writes the wish that he wishes Yan Dan to be happy. Yan Dan tries to take a look at the wish Yu Mo wrote. But he rejects it.

Yan Dan thinks there will be a secret since Yu Mo didn’t allow her to take a look at his wish. She thinks he has athlete’s foot. He denies and tells her that he wishes her to be happy. But she doesn’t believe it. He finds out that she has many wishes. She tells him not to peek.

The pillar shakes. Lu Ming breaks into the shrine. He thinks Yan Dan and Yu Mo brought trouble again. He tells them that Immortal Realm will be ruined if the pillar collapses. Yan Dan explains that they just sat to write their wishes. Lu Ming realizes that mortal realm was ruined.

Nine Tailed Snake tries to ruin the pillar. Ying Yuan stops Nine Tailed Snake and fixes the pillar. Xuan Xiang smiles when he stands on Nine Tailed Snake. Ying Yuan thinks Xuan Xiang intended to ruin the base because he couldn’t shake the enchantment.

Ying Yuan thinks Immortal Realm will be watered by the water of Immortal Pool if the pillar collapses. Xuan Xiang mentions the enchantment is weak. He thinks it’s heaven’s wish to let him do it. He believes that Ying Yuan cannot stop the disappearing of the enchantment.

Xuan Xiang thinks Heavenly Emperor wouldn’t be the master of Six Realms without the enchantment. Ying Yuan decides to fight with Xuan Xiang since he doesn’t want to be ruled by Immortal Realm. He blames him for taking his army to ruin Six Realms. He thinks he won’t get any benefit.

Xuan Xiang sneers at Ying Yuan. He tells him that he wants to ruin Six Realms. He claims that he wants to make the rules since the Heavenly Rules are unfair. He complains to him that why he has to be the slave. Ying Yuan tells Xuan Xiang that nobody treats them as slaves.

Xuan Xiang thinks he will be fish and meat if he doesn’t rebel. Ying Yuan fights with Xuan Xiang. He mentions Demon Clan was ruined without Heavenly Emperor’s help. He adds that Heavenly Emperor never punished Demon Clan for stealing the items.

Ying Yuan thinks Heavenly Emperor has grace to Xuan Xiang. But Xuan Xiang doesn’t want to grace. He intends to get the world with his hands. Ying Yuan realizes that Xuan Xiang used his clansmen to achieve his ambition. He believes that his clansmen will die with his ambition. Xuan Xiang tells Ying Yuan that he will see him in the battlefield.

Yan Dan tries to fix the pillar. Lu Ming reminds Yan Dan that she will die if she continues to do it. But Yu Mo joins Yan Dan. He mentions what he said that he wants to stay with Yan Dan. He wants to take duty with her even if heaven falls.

Yan Dan praises Yu Mo. She thinks he’s her friend. Lu Ming joins the two. Yan Dan teaches Yu Mo how to use chill spell. Xuan Xiang shows up in the battlefield. The demons use tornado to kill some immortals. Huan Qin tries to deal with the tornado.

Does Ying Yuan Kill Nine Tailed Snake?

Episode 7 of Immortal Samsara ends with The chief demon mentioning Huan Qin wanted to work with Ying Yuan to defeat demon army. He tells Huan Qin that he kept him because he’s the bait. He tells him that the four immortal generals won’t come to save him. The spell is broken. Ying Yuan shows up. The demons make the tornado again. Ying Yuan deals with them.

The four immortal generals and Bai Ming show up. They defeat the demons. Ying Yuan breaks the tornado spell again. Ying Yuan tells Xuan Xiang that they killed the demons who stayed in the barrack. He tells him to surrender. Huang Qing takes out the item. Nine Tailed Snake eats the item.

Huan Qin tries to fight with Nine Tailed Snake. He’s hurt by Nine Tailed Snake. Ying Yuan joins Huan Yin. He hurts Nine Tailed Snake. But the venom hurts Ying Yuan’s eyes. Huan Qin tries to help Ying Yuan. But he got hit by Nine Tailed Snake.

Ying Yuan and Huang Qing fall to the sand. Ying Yuan flies to Nine Tailed Snake. He casts his item into the black dragon’s mouth. Nine Tailed Snake is killed. Ying Yuan falls from the sky. Huan Qin catches Ying Yuan. Xuan Xiang leaves.

Huan Qin tells Ying Yuan that he didn’t expect Nine Tailed Snake was so powerful in the demon eye’s help. He wants to take Ying Yuan to see a doctor. But Ying Yuan rejects it. He thinks he cannot run away because he’s the commander.

Bei Ming flies to Ying Yuan. He asks him if he was hurt. Ying Yuan tells Bei Ming that he’s fine. He tells him to go to chase the enemies. Bei Ming points out that they won. He thinks Ying Yuan’s injury is very important. Huan Qin agrees to what Bei Ming said. He intends to send the follower to escort Ying Yuan returning to Immortal Realm.

But Ying Yuan tells Huan Qin to go to chase enemies with Bei Ming. Ying Yuan passes out after the two left. Yan Dan walks to Zhi Xi. She asks her what snack she brought to her. Zhi Xi blames Yan Dan for only knowing eating. Qing Yun tells Yan Dan that Zhi Xi came to take items to treat soldiers. He asks her to help Zhi Xi take the items.

Yan Dan tells Zhi Xi that she prepared the present for her even if she didn’t prepare the snack. Zhi Xi stops Yan Dan when she tries to take out the present. She tells her that she can get the stuff with her own power. She reminds her that the wounded soldiers are going to come. She tells her to do the business.

Yan Dan tells Zhi Xi that she doesn’t know it’s related to lives. She takes her to go to look for items. Zhi Xi checks the items. She tells Yan Dan that she’s lack of Red Cloud Tripod and Gold Tripod. Yan Dan mentions she hasn’t seen the two items.

Yan Dan asks Zhi Xi if she’s sure that the items are in Yanxu Palace. Zhi Xi scolds Yan Dan for not knowing the items in the palace. Yan Dan sees the items on the cabinet. She tries to take them. But she fails. She thinks she’s lack of power because she lost half of her soul.

Zhi Xi helps Yan Dan when she trips. Yan Dan praises Zhi Xi. Zhi Xi thinks Yan Dan can only be careful after she trips for many times. Yan Dan mentions Zhi Xi’s skill was improved after she taught. She tells her to praise her. Zhi Xi blames Yan Dan for studying the spell because she’s just a maid.

Yan Dan explains that she found the mistake when she transcribed the spell. Zhi Xi points out that Ying Yuan didn’t let Yan Dan steal the spell. She mentions Heavenly Emperor fed Blood Eagle his meat for saving him. She adds that he left the moon scar. Zhi Xi asks Yan Dan if she can do what Heavenly did.

Yan Dan shakes her head. Zhi Xi thinks Yan Dan lives comfortable because senior immortals guard Immortal Realm with her blood and meat. She mentions she sent many medicine and items to the battlefield when Yan Dan ate a lot but never works.

Immortal Samsara Chinese Drama: Episode 7 Ending

Yan Dan explains that she didn’t know the items because they weren’t used. Zhi Xi doesn’t want to listen to what Yan Dan says. She walks away with the items. Zhi Xi hears the fairies thinking Yan Dan is smarter than her. Zhi Xi tells the fairies not to compare her with Yan Dan.

Yan Dan walks out of the palace. She wonders why the immortal isn’t happy since they won. She leaks that Immortal Realm got the most loss. She asks him about Ying Yuan. He shakes his head. Ying Yuan calls Huan Qin. He wakes up. He hears the immortals talking about everyone was killed except Ying Yuan.

Ying Yuan walks out of clinic. He asks the immortal about Huan Qin and the three generals. The immortal tells Ying Yuan to take care of himself. Ying Yuan grabs the immortal’s clothes. He asks him why there are so many casualties since demon clan was defeated before he left.

The immortal reveals Xuan Xiang drew immortal army into the magical item. Ying Yuan feels guilty for his leaving. The immortal tells Ying Yuan not to get angry. But Ying Yuan pushes the immortal away. The immortal reports it to Heavenly Emperor.

Heavenly Emperor walks into Ying Yuan’s room. He sees the words he left. He learns that he wishes him not to look for him. Heavenly Emperor asks the doctor if the flame poison cannot be healed. The doctor explains that Ying Yuan didn’t allow them to treat him.

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