Is Gunnar Alive in Rebel Moon Part 2?

Gunnar the firm supporter of Kora. He arrives at Veldt with her. They work together to help the villagers to deal with the soldiers of empire. He confesses his feelings to her when he worries that he will be dead in the battle. She reveals her history to him. Is Gunnar alive in Rebel Moon Part 2? Here is what we know.

Is Gunnar Alive in Rebel Moon Part 2?

Gunnar in Rebel Moon Part 2

Gunnar is dead. He is shot by Noble when he helps Kora fight with the scary general. He conceals his injury and he continues to aid Kora until she cuts off Noble’s head. She takes him to her ship. She drives the ship to leave the Imperium’s Dreadnought.

She finds out that he was hurt. But it’s too late. She cries to ask him to stay with her. But she fails to stop the death of him. His sister Devra Bloodaxe arrives. She leads the rebel troops to kill all of the soldiers of empire. Devra tries to give the honor to Kora. But Kora rejects it. She thinks she doesn’t deserve the honor. She reveals she’s the adopted daughter of Balisarius.

Gunnar loves Kora deeply. He stops her when she plans to surrender for saving the villagers of Veldt. He shoots the bell and he informs the villagers that Noble plans to kill them all. He knows Kora will welcome her death if she returns to Motherworld with Nobel.

He takes her to the ship which she concealed it in the cave. She drives her ship to the Dreadnought. They pretend to be the soldiers of the empire. They get in the battleship. They kill the doctors when the doctors are going to check their wounds. Gunnar stays in the ship when Kora goes to set up the charges in the engine room.

She detonates Dreadnought when Noble orders the soldier to shoot Veldt with the cannon. The cannon doesn’t hit Veldt because of the explosion in Dreadnought. Kora goes to face Noble. But she’s not his rival. Gunnar comes to help her.

He stabs Noble from his back with the light sword. But Noble isn’t dead even if he was hurt. Kora cuts off his head in the end. Gunnar is a giver in the love relationship. He still comforts Kora that she saved everyone when he’s going to die. It makes her cry more. Rebel Moon’s director Zack Snyder revealed that he arranged the death of Gunnar for making Kora grow up. But we still feel sad after we saw the role’s death.

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