Why Is Kora Called the Scargiver in Rebel Moon Part 2?

Kora the girl who lands on Veldt. But the empire general Noble finds her and he calls her as the Scargiver. He chooses Kora when he’s asked to make a choice between Kora and the grain. Why is Kora a Scargiver? Here is what we know after we watched Rebel Moon Part 2.

Why Is Kora Called the Scargiver?

Kora Scargiver in Rebel Moon Part 2

Kora is a girl who looks sadness in Rebel Moon Part 2. Nobody knows her past. But she shows her strong fighting skill when she helps the villagers go against Noble. Titus is interested in Kora’s history. He tries to trick her to confess her history after he told his history to her.

But Kora just gives him a vague answer which he’s not satisfied. She’s actually a Scargiver. Her adoptive father Balisarius gave the nickname to her. Her real name is Arthelais. Balisarius killed her parents and he ruined her hometown when she was a child.

He raised her and he let her be the bodyguard of Princess Issa. Kora was loyal to Balisarius because she treated him as her family. She didn’t wish to lose her family again. He wasn’t happy when the emperor decided not to expand the territory of empire.

He thought it was Princess Issa’s mistake. He planned to get rid of Princess Issa. He asked Kora to kill the princess when the princess was going to attend the completion of the new battleship. Kora agreed to her adoptive father’s plan when he persuaded her that he did it for the empire.

But he wronged her for killing the Emperor and the Queen when she only killed the princess. She was furious to leave the battleship after she killed some soldiers. She became a fugitive. Balisarius asked the whole empire to look for her. She arrived at Veldt.

Noble was excited after he found out that Kora is the Scargiver at the end of the part one. He tells the good news to his adjutant in the beginning of part two. He was almost killed by Kora. But he decides to take a risk again. He believes that Balisarius will promote him if he takes Kora to the Motherworld. He wants to see her being killed in front of him.

He drives the battlefield to return to Veldt. Kora is surprised when she saw him. She doesn’t expect that he would be alive. He threatens her with the lives in the village.

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